Metro 2025: “The proposed stations, most of which are in the system’s core, already experience crowding or would reach capacity by 2025”


From Metro 2025:

“This program provides improvements and expansion at high ridership stations to ensure safe and efficient operations and facilitate passenger movements from street to platform and transfers between lines. The proposed stations, most of which are in the system’s core, already experience crowding or would reach capacity by 2025. Proposed improvements vary from adding escalators and stairs to building pedestrian passageways connecting platforms within a station and between stations.

Purpose and Need

Station capacity is the maximum number of passengers that can safely travel through facilities
within a station. Expanding capacity at high ridership stations ensures safe and efficient movements of passengers and trains throughout the Metro system. The strong ridership growth Metro enjoyed since opening has already placed strains on some stations, where travel demand exceeds the designed capacity, especially in the system’s core. Metro 2025 identifies a group of stations that urgently need significant capacity expansions to alleviate current and anticipated congestion and support a strong economy and sustainable development in the region.”

Read more about the proposed planshere.

@KevDC tweets:

“Expect 15-20 year delays in both directions due to routine track maintenance.”

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  • Doesn’t matter how much capacity a station has if the trains going through it are maxed out.

    • Mug of Glop

      “If only station capacity were larger we could get more people waiting for the same number of trains!”

    • 8 car trains are to be implemented in parallel – if they are implemented, the core stations will be the constraint, not the trains.

      • We need more stations in the core as well. Splitting the Blue Line (through Gtown, DuPont, Logan, Capitol Crossing, and on to H St) and the Yellow Line (through Thomas Cir and maybe WHC) would be a good start. But we need to completely overhaul WMATA’s management first. They can’t even get escalators working and keep stations from starting on fire.

  • west_egg

    Hmm, I must be overlooking the column for “get to a point where it’s not a s**tshow on a near-daily basis due to delays, malfunctions or other acts of incompetence.”

    • +1! Yeah, I think I must need new glasses cause I don’t see that column either.

    • This is planning and capital investment, that is general management and operations. While reliability and safety need to be addressed, it does not make sense to do no capacity planning in the meantime, esp with the lead time for capital projects.

  • I think what they mean is at which point will the bodies reach the ceiling.

  • WMATA responded by proposing extending the Silver Line to Pittsburgh.

  • Disappointed to see that adding a southern entrance to Columbia Heights isn’t on the list 🙁

  • A way to transfer from Metro Center to Gallery Place without taking the Red Line (a tunnel, programming the fare machines to recognize the in/out, anything) would help a ton in rush hour.

    • They do this (during rush hour, which isn’t very helpful) at the Farragut stations, so why not Gallery Place and Metro Center?

  • If I recall correctly, the “passageway” b/w the Farragut stations is supposed to be “virtual,” that is, you still have to get out of the station, walk across the square and go down to the other station. So, it’s not like they plan on building a tunnel. However, I expect this to cost more that a tunnel would.

    • The Park Service would have to sign off on any tunnel that was built, and they’ve made it clear to WMATA that they will never support a tunnel. So a non-virtual tunnel isn’t gonna happen.

  • How about an entrance at the far end of the petworth station? Would exit a little south of Grant circle.

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