Help! “standing water about a foot deep inside the building frame and a port-a-potty that is TIPPED over”


“Dear PoPville,

There is a construction project on 11th St (approx 1435 11th St., NW – just down from the Chinese place and what used to be the Dollar store) – the site is a mess with standing water about a foot deep inside the building frame and a port-a-potty that is TIPPED over. It is so gross and no one seems to be addressing the matter. I have called DCRA and I even talked to someone at public works. Maybe you can help as I am getting nowhere with the City!”


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  • We have a similar abandoned construction site next door to our house. Lots of standing water, and in our case, the porta-potty isn’t tipped, but people keep entering the property to USE it, so it keeps getting worse and worse and never cleaned.
    We’ve reported both the unsecured property and standing water/mosquito larvae several times, and each time says it’s resulted in a site visit and “acknowledgement” but no action has ever been taken.

  • This property has been a blight since I moved to the area 5 years ago. Abandoned for a while, and then this “construction”, which always had the feeling of a sham to avoid paying the abandoned property taxes.

    Reminds me of all the closed store fronts that have the temporary banners – “Chinese deli coming soon.” “Ethiopian coffee”

    I wish the DC gov would do a better job cracking down on this clear fraud.

    • The only “Ethiopian Coffee” banner I’ve ever seen now has an Ethiopian Coffee shop at the location where it was posted.

  • We used to live on that block, now block down….it’s SUCH a shame – the other site is moving along, but generally, these are some of the worst construction sites ever. I don’t understand. The permit is posted, I believe, so you could contact the construction people. But it is ridiculous. We walk on the other side of the street because of the mess – it takes up sidewalk space – and the stench.

  • I realize it only addresses one small part of the problem, but have you called the port-a-potty rental company directly? Their name and phone number are usually displayed prominently. I’m sure those things aren’t cheap. I would think they don’t want to see their property destroyed and would send a crew to remove it.

  • By the way, does anyone know what’s going on at the SE corner of 11th and O? Seems like that building has been under construction for years with no sign of an actual tenant moving in… I feel like 11th street’s revitalization is always justttt around the corner.

    • I believe they’re shopping around for a restaurant tenant at 11th and O. The developer had requested a permit to use the sidewalk space on the side of the building for an outdoor cafe, but was running into issues.

    • supposed to be a restaurant, but they do work on the place regularly. we live down the street and often see folks there. The same guy owns the whole block. Apartments upstairs, retail downstairs. I know nothing more than that, unfortunately.

    • I just said this morning that it finally looks like that corner is coming together. Construction really has been super slow, but it’s starting to look like it’s -finally- almost done.

    • Agreed. Construction on 11th and O St property has been going on in some form since I moved to the neighborhood in 2011. It picked up in the last year or so. I’d love to see something go in there as I think there is plenty of demand for it. I hear Jose Andres is looking to relocate a recent project (j/k).

      • I”d love a good restaurant here. Would love to see 11th street come just a little bit more to life. Tortino is good but a bit pricey for what it is, imo.

  • memories of the swamp from the middle finger house that existed during their construction halt.

  • Can anyone send this to someone who can get this cleaned up? I’ve tried numerous times and am getting nowhere. I can’t see the port-a-potty number, although that’s a great idea. I’m hoping the power of Popville can get this resolved!

  • Scrillin

    Yeah DCRA is a joke – we got a vacant apartment building on the 1300 block of Clifton St that they won’t do anything about, because they deemed it occupied, but the developer who bought it has specifically told the condo associations nearby that they vacated it in April.

    They aren’t slated to begin construction for over a year, and there’s already been squatters and whatnot breaking in.

    DCRA is awful/Bowser is awful.

  • Has anyone tried contacting directly the council member for that area — and/or his/her staff member for constituent services? . . . Someone in Mayor Bowser’s office — or the department of health? . . . Someone from any of the news media? . . . While the Post might not jump on this, the CityPaper or someone from even the Northwest Current might find this of interest and report on it. If the government does not respond, one of the best things to do is embarrass them through widely distributed media

  • Gross. Could it be reported on the DCRA and DDOT twitter pages? Anywhere involving permitting might be helpful, and people always seem responsive on twitter. This is disgusting!

  • That can’t smell good.

  • Call or email Jack Evans office, he’s your Council Member. He’ll have someone on staff who handles these kinds of constituent services and they’ll be able to interface directly w/ DCRA and whomever else needs to be involved. I’ve done this in Ward 1 multiple times, w/ Graham and now Nadeau and have received good service each time.

  • From Councilmember Evans’ office- we did call DCRA and asked for an inspection. They promised to send someone out today (Wednesday) so hopefully this will be cleared up soon. This is not the first time we’ve heard from residents about this site.

    • I was able to call the port-a-potty company today and they were aware that the unit was tipped over and in a ditch. I tweeted the CityPaper, Northwest Current, the Mayor’s office, DDOT, DCRA, the local Washington Post. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, it is unacceptable that has gone on so long.

  • DCRA will do nothing to enforce anything. It’s so aggravating.

  • Water has been sitting in that basement for months… I can’t imagine the wood studs are still in good shape to support the rest of the structure.

  • The port-a-potty is now upright!

  • Great job taking action, @OP!

  • I just received notice that DCRA is viewing this site as an emergency case and hopefully will be handled quickly. Hooray for action!

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