“Guy covered in blood. Apparent stabbing?” by the Convention Center


@cappaert tweets us from 7th and New York Ave, NW by the Convention Center:

“Right outside the @Contactually office right now. Guy covered in blood. Apparent stabbing? cc @PoPville #dctech”

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  • Emmaleigh504

    ugh. It’s never good when someone is covered in blood. Hope he’s ok.

  • 99.9% chance this is related to synthetic weed. 75% chance it’s also related to the 7th and P crew. Hopefully DC will do something about this problem.

    • These numbers are awfully precise for something so speculative. Do we even know if the bloody person was actually stabbed? And do you realize that P Street is actually a decent walk from there — they’re long blocks — and that it is unlikely to be related because the people who hang out of P Street hang out -on- P Street?

      • Scrillin

        Yeah it’s bullshit to ascribe what’s been going on for decades to some dumb new drugs that still aren’t even as crazy as PCP, which this town has been doing, again, for decades.

        You go around blaming it all on synthetic weed, and then all the effort to stop violent crime is misdirected.

  • Yikes! What kind of convention is being held there anyway?

  • skj84

    Am I the only one apallled by the DCtech hashtag? Why is that needed in the post?

  • No activity now, from the looks of it. Didn’t hear any sirens from our office, which is within (farish) eyesight of the corner.

  • From ANC 6E04 commissioner Rachelle Nigro’s Facebook page: “Update from Lt. Pearce: Male was stabbed inside a vehicle and forced out of the vehicle at 7th and Mount Vernon. Lookout for dark SUV. Still investigating.”

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