From the Forum – Local slide scanning service?

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Local slide scanning service?

“Has anyone had any experiences – good or bad – with having slides scanned locally? My dad has hundreds of old slides of random family events and trips spanning about 20 years. I’d like to get at least some of them digitized in time for a family gathering later this month, so I don’t have time to send them out to a web-based service. I have a car so getting to non-Metro-friendly locations is not an issue. Thanks!”

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  • Check with your library. Local history centers usually have high-end scanning equipment. If they don’t let you use it for free, I’m sure the cost will be at least nominal. Plus if the slides are old enough maybe they’d be interested in including them in their archives.

    • The OP said they are from the last 20 years, which would be 1990-present. I don’t think that counts as historically significant but maybe the OP is Sasha Obama or something. Embassy Camera will scan them, but it’s not as cheap as an online service.

  • Costco does it.

  • I would be interested to know as well…. I have a bunch of old glass slides from @ early 1900s give or take, a bit bigger than the ones we grew up with [bigger than a matchbook], so normal scanners don’t work. Any suggestions would be of help. THX!

  • Check out Dodge Chrome — they did great work creating a CD of old prints.

  • Not DC, but “The Video Editor” in Rockville….

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