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  • Maybe he can sign on a 7-11 instead.

  • How about a Subway instead

  • Gonna be an Olive Garden at this point…

  • Sadly I bet Olive Garden would do well. haha

  • Or Paula Deen?

  • I acknowledge up front: Trump’s message could have been delivered better/clearer, generalities are dangerous (and often inaccurate) but there are some facts lurking in his message. It makes me sad to see that we, as a country, get hung up on delivery and completely discount or ignore what the individual is trying to say. Let’s push past this all-or-nothing mentality. Let’s push past hearing uncomfortable things (delivered in a less-than-flawless manner) and get the facts on the table so we can have healthy debate. There are big issues impacting this wonderful country…and we will never get around to addressing these challenges if we are too focused on our reaction, image, personal hurt, etc. This is selfish of the receiver of the message.

    To put a different spin on this, did you know that Jerry Seinfeld will not do stand-up at college campuses b/c the attendees are “too PC”. Seinfeld is not an evil man…and he has brought a lot of joy to many of us. Are we now saying that having a character called the ‘soup nazi’ is racist? That this is a racist portrayal of another human being? Should TBS and Hulu cancel their contracts?

    If college students are not able to separate delivery from fact at a Seinfeld comedy show…then I know that we (that is, those of us out of college) have not set the right example.

    • People can make fun of Nazis whenever they want. They rightfully earned their status as punching bags.

      • [This is directed at anon, not OP Anon]
        Your point that we should ignore the message is completely off-base, especially in this case. This buffoon is (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) one of the leading GOP candidates for president. So I think I am going to get “hung up on his delivery” – when you want that job, how you say things matters.
        Plus, what everyone else said below.

    • I knew from the first word of your sentence there would a “but”. Also, huh?

    • Is there evidence to suggest that Donald Trump is correct? Are Mexican immigrants any more likely to be diseased and/or rapists than the population at large? Or are you saying that he is correct because in the history of immigration from Mexico, there have been instances of rapists and/or people afflicted with disease?

    • Every single thing that Trump said was completely devoid of facts. There are no facts lurking in his message and he knows it. He is using xenophobia to stir up votes and to attract attention.

      Here’s the uncomfortable thing: racist are getting called out on being racist. Too bad. You want to support and enjoy racists, more power to you. But this whole crying about PC crap is just whining because people have more of a platform to rightfully take action to offensive speech. If you want to defend Trump or Seinfield, have at it. No one is stopping you. But let’s not deny this “anti-PC” crusade is really all about the fact that you and others are uncomfortable seeing people you like being called out on racism. It’s your discomfort.

      • Very well stated.

        • http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/07/illegal-immigrants-accounted-for-nearly-37-percent-of-federal-sentences-in-fy-2014/ Jump on me for posting a Breitbart link but that is an inordinate amount of crime being committed by a small group of people.

          Sure Trump is a blow hard and is making a mockery of everything by running for office but I agree with anon. He said it in an entirely ridiculous way but there is some truth to what he said regarding illegal immigrants and crime.

          • From that article: “Eliminating all immigration violations [which are federal crimes], illegal immigrants would account for 13.6 percent of all the offenders.” It’s larger than their percentage of the population, but nowhere near 37%, and probably even more inflated considering they’re already in federal custody, probably lack access to good representation, and are therefore easier to convict.

            Not all immigrants are good, but Trump’s speech implied the vast majority were criminals – that Mexico is “sending us their worst.” That’s wildly inaccurate. If we want to bring down those numbers, how about we pass immigration reform and reform the drug war while we’re at it, so fewer people cross the border (relying on coyotes) because they’d otherwise have to wait 20 years to be reunited with family legally, or become entrenched in poverty and crime because they can’t work legally. That’s not what he was talking about. He’s trying to scare people using the worst of stereotypes.

          • This data includes sentences for immigration violations (30% of total federal crimes reported), so of course illegal immigrants are going to make up a disproportionate amount of the sentences.

          • News flash! Illegal immigrants account for the overwhelming number of immigration violations. And murders accounts for 100 percent of murders.

          • http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2015/07/08/donald-trumps-false-comments-connecting-mexican-immigrants-and-crime/

            This addresses that 38% stat.

            “Of 78,022 primary offense cases in fiscal year 2013, 38.6 percent were illegal immigrant offenders. The majority of their cases (76 percent) were immigration related. Of total primary offenses, 17.6 percent of drug trafficking offenses and 3.8 percent of sex abuse were illegal immigrants. Of 22,878 drug crime cases, 17.2 percent were illegal immigrants.”

            76% of those offenses were immigration related. Re-do the math. So, not really.

      • I heard Anderson Cooper’s interview with The Donald this morning, and, not surprisingly, Trump refused to even acknowledge that Cooper was providing facts that disproved Trump’s absolutely racist statements. Trump merely went on, claiming “everyone” knew he was speaking the truth, and continuing to accuse the Mexican government of deliberately sending criminals to the US – without any shred of proof. Then he claimed he was such a master negotiator that, as President, he would be able to build an impenetrable wall on the Southern border AND make Mexico pay the cost of construction. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

        As for the one case that Trump is using to “prove” his point, if one case can define an entire class, can we assume that millionaires are incapable of fidelity because Trump’s a serial adulterer?

    • Your Seinfeld analogy is completely illogical.

    • -1 what are you talking about?

    • I think the point you are missing is that we should not waste our time separating nuggets of truth from piles of nonsense delivered by a raging buffoon when there are so many other smart people talking about the same issues in more useful and accessible ways. It’s not like Trump is breaking new ground here, he’s just treading old ground it in a fantastically dickish manner.

    • All this is missing is a “goes both ways” and a “people forget that”

    • We will never get around to addressing the challenges of understanding your message unless you let us know what these supposed lurking “facts” are. I think we’re all waiting with an open mind if you’d like to list them.

      • Have to wonder this too. The only “lurking fact” I know of is immigrants (including those from Latin America both legal and illegal) are statistically less likely to commit a crime then their US born counterparts.

        Makes sense too. You risk so much trying to get over here why would you throw it all away committing petty crime? You can do that easier back home.

    • As the Daily Show made very clear recently (yet comically), Trump’s message was not unclear. It was very simple and direct. Mexico is not sending the best and brightest. They send murders and rapists, but some of those people may be good people. Trump is very clear that the murders and rapists are coming, but he is unsure if some of those people ‘may be good people’. I reject anyone who could watch the speech and say it was only poorly worded or badly delivered. It also ignores all of Trump’s statements after the speech which have only reinforced what he was trying to say.

    • Personally, I feel that the delivered message was exactly what he was trying to say. The facts are already on the table. Immigrants from Mexico have been in this country for a while now and enough data has been collected on them to know how they behave.

    • How would calling someone a soup nazi be racist anyway? I didn’t realize nazi was an ethnic or racial designation?

      Everyone else has rightfully picked apart your message here. I’ll just note that if Jerry Seinfeld and other comics cannot play at colleges because it is too “PC” then maybe they should stop blaming college kids and question whether they are actually talented enough to be funny without gutter humor. Or maybe he should question whether he is even funny at all. I, for one, have never found him particularly humorous, but college kids are not the problem here.

    • Trump would have come out of these remarks unscathed, or a least less scathed, if he weren’t running for president. Because that, for me, is the thing. Any individual can spout whatever nonsense he likes, and I personally can decide whether it affects me, my buying behavior, etc.
      It’s not just that he got more publicity for his remarks because of his current campaign. It’s that a person with hateful racist opinions has delusions of becoming the commander in chief, influencing policy, and representing me on the world stage. There is no smackdown too harsh.
      So I really don’t see where Jerry Seinfeld comes into it, unless he’s got a bunch of lobbyists in his pocket.

      • He’s also garnering attention because there appears to be some percentage of the population of this country that is responding favorably to his racist comments. He’s doing quite well in the polls considering I think that is short lived, but it is very telling to me that while his business partners are scrambling to distance themselves from him, many Americans are not.

    • Who let the Virginian in?

    • Are you seriously comparing Trump’s remarks (Mexico is sending us their rapists and murderers) to a Seinfeld joke about an overly strict soup purveyor? Like, with a straight face you are making this comparison?
      Even if your analagy worked, the expectations for each are different. Seinfeld is a comedian, Trump is supposedly running for office.

  • Trump has surrounded himself with yes-men for so many decades, that he no longer has a realistic view of anything. I think he totally believes that his views represent more than those of just the lunatic fringe. The man cannot even make a coherent argument. When challenged, his rebuttal is a loud, angry, dismissive exclamation of “everyone knows I’m right”. In all his years of business, the man has never learned to debate, certainly doesn’t understand what compromise is, and uses his money to bully other people and believes that’s a negotiation.

    Newsflash, Donald: you didn’t hit a home run…you were born on third base and leveraged your daddy’s power and money to create more wealth. The one thing you did succeed at was self-promotion and some of us find that rather off-putting. bleck.

  • OMG, this karma is so very swift

  • Sure Trump is a clown. We have known this for decades. Trump does not care. He has been in bankruptcy before, literally the guy gives zero f***s about anyone or anything. The real loser in these restaurants backing out is not Trump. It is the owners of these restaurants, the prospective employees, and the prospective patrons. Jose Andres and the servers, bartenders etc…would have all made a lot of cash in this location. And a lot of people would have loved to eat at these restaurants. It’s bigger than chump i mean trump.

    • They pulled out because associating with Trump would’ve hurt their other restaraunts. While it’s good to see they stood up, at the end of the day this decision was to protect the profitability of their own companies.

  • Here’s a fact: immigrant women are probably at greater risk of harrassment and rape at work, often from their supervisors, and if they take the risk to report it, they are often ignored. This is why he makes me angry.

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