“What course of action can someone take to make sure that there aren’t any other puppies inside that house?”

“Dear PoPville,

Friends of ours found this baby (only 5 weeks old) suffering from dehydration in front of a house at 13th and Maryland Ave, NE. The The neighbor said that our friend should probably take the puppy because it wouldn’t make it. Animal control has been called to that house before and they have beware of dog signs all around the yard. What course of action can someone take to make sure that there aren’t any other puppies inside that house?”

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  • Did you call animal control about this incident? Enough repeat offenses and something can be done.

  • Call animal control again. I’ve found them to be very responsive, but they are likely understaffed and can only operate in a reactive manner. Good for your friend for being proactive and taking in the pup!

  • I believe you can call the Washington Humane Society to report a possible case of animal abuse and even call the police

  • please immediately take the puppy to WHS or a vet and call animal control again (and every time) to investigate. their number is (202) 723-5730.

  • I’d let animal control or spca know about the puppy. They may be able to get a warrant to search for others inside.

  • Contact the Humane Law Enforcement section of the Washington Humane Society and report a neglected litter of puppies with one found wandering and dehydrated.

    Report Cruelty/Neglect and Animal Emergencies
    24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week


  • Was this a large brown house on a corner lot? Largely dirt yard? I feel like we walked past here last weekend and there were a lot of puppies, with mom and dad (I presumed) dogs present. Definitely a new litter. I would certainly request that the appropriate authorities be contacted.

  • Omg poor little baby! Thank you so much for saving him/her! I’ll echo what others have said to let animal control know about the situation.

  • Yes, please call animal control and humane society about the house. Where there’s smoke…

    Thanks to your friend for taking this little one. The puppy is too young to not be on a regular feeding schedule. Please seek guidance from a vet if you are unsure of how to care for it. Also, please be careful about surrendering it otherwise it could end up in the wrong hands. Thank you!!

  • Animal control has been great in my experience as well. How this animal was treated (no protection from the elements/no access to water) falls under DC animal cruelty laws and that gives them reason to visit the house.

  • Second all of the responses saying to call Animal Control and the Humane Society. Dehydrated puppy means that they may be deliberately trying to kill the pups, so report it as such.

  • justinbc

    Is this the house on the corner with the pitbulls? If so they’ve been breeding these for years.

  • I know this EXACT house, that dog had another litter of puppies just a few months ago. You are 100% right to call animal control, the female they keep is very sweet but the male is hyper aggressive.

  • ALSO, I require an update on this puppy’s condition and will definitely help take care of it if need be!

  • if you need someone to look after that puppy or adopt him, please let me know. Im looking for a pup. 202-207-3619 (please call or text). I will give him a good and excellent home.

  • Another vote for calling animal control, though you’ll have a lot more success if you can get multiple people to call. Also, there are restrictions on breeding dogs (you need a license, and can be fined for breeding without one) – you may want to look into that as well. That way if the HS can’t establish abuse the owner may at least be hit with a fine. And keep going until you put them out of “business”!

    • I’m not sure what the D.C.-specific regulations on dog breeding are, but the Animal Welfare Act requires breeders to be licensed with USDA only if they have more than a certain minimum number of breeding females (I think four?)… which means that backyard breeders like these can fall through the regulatory cracks.

      • Don’t know too much about it except that it’s based on the number of animals produced. There are also rules about dangerous dogs, if that’s relevant. IMO the best thing to do with someone like this is to make their life miserable until they give up on the illegal/nuisance activity. The more avenues, the better.

        • All I can find on the D.C. DOH website (other than the basic information about dog licensing) related to dog breeding is a requirement for people to obtain a “hobby license” if they have 5 or more animals. The license is a mere $20/year.
          “DC Code § 8-1804 states that: ‘No person shall own or keep 5 or more mammals, larger than a guinea pig and over the age of 4 months, without obtaining an animal hobby permit.’ “

  • oh my gosh, thank you for saving this poor beautiful baby!

  • I despise people who breed their dogs (esp. pitbulls with so many killed daily). And frankly, if there is one I’m sure the others aren’t in great shape.

    I agree that WHS Animal Control is the first route of action. And because the dog was dehydrated, they should be able to enteer the premises.

    Other thoughts:
    Their dogs should have licenses and be registered – this is an annual requirement. Especially if they are breeding. DPH, I believe, regulates that. This is important because registration requires proof of vaccinations – which is a public health issue.

    I believe there is a limit to how many dogs one household may have – else they may have to enlist as a “commercial breeder” – suggest bringing this up with WHS.

    • justinbc

      “And because the dog was dehydrated, they should be able to enteer the premises.”
      Wouldn’t they actually have to witness it themselves though? I can’t imagine they would go off of the word of someone else for entering a home.

      • You might be right, but what’s the point of reporting something if AC needs to see it for themselves? Would you rather keep the puppy dehydrated and on the point of death until two or so hours later when AC can actually get there? This kind of story is very disturbing to me, especially because I know it happens all the time in inner city neighborhoods and rural, backwoods places in the South where these morons breed fighting dogs. So sad for the dogs and pathetic for the humans involved.

  • “The neighbor said that our friend should probably take the puppy because it wouldn’t make it.”

    Was the “neighbor” the idiotic pit breeders? I wasn’t clear about that. Regardless, to echo everyone else, please call Animal Control. Breeding pit bulls, some of which (most of which???) will likely go on to fighting- I’m guess based on the high numbers of people coming and going at a sketchy house where the owner would leave a puppy to die because it’s the runt or whatever. This is the kind of crap that most of us can’t do anything about when it occurs EOTR because we don’t see it. However, they’re doing this kind of stuff around people on Capitol Hill takes some cajones. Time to shut them down- times have changed, and they need a wakeup call!

  • Off-topic (because I don’t have anything to add to all the good comments already here): Pit Bull puppies are SO ADORABLE. (I love the picture above) I encountered one for the first time ever a couple months ago as I was randomly walking down a street. She was the sweetest little thing and was well-loved by her adoring human “dad”. She was social, friendly, and while playing with her she nipped my hand and arm — but totally in a playful, puppy way — and I was shocked by how sharp her baby teeth were. She didn’t draw blood on me but she could have easily. Those chompers were like little knives! They were NOT like other puppy teeth at all. I can only imagine what a full-grown Pit Bull on the attack must feel like. Terrifying. But I loved playing with that cute baby.

  • I live a block away and if it’s the same house that the rest of the commentariat seems to think it is, I see a couple of adult pitbulls in their yard constantly. I drove by yesterday and saw one out in their yard (well, dirt) and thought to myself “I hope they have a water dish out somewhere, it’s so hot out.” And to echo anon at 1:04, their fence worries me as well. The dogs could likely jump that fence very easily if provoked. I do hope someone has called Animal Control.

  • Unless the home owners grant permission, the police or animal control would have to show probable cause that a crime is occurring/ongoing and obtain a warrant from a judge. The relevant authorities would be DC Animal Services – http://doh.dc.gov/service/animal-services

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    I too live a block away; HEY NEIGHBORS

    I hope the proper organization(s) gets several calls about this house from readers. I too know that house. That fence is way too low. Their yard is dirty and unkept. Poor lil puppies.

  • I’ve actually seen the mother of these puppies. I was walking passed the house with my son when I saw the female dog (obviously still nursing) being humped by a male dog. It was so sad to watch. I fear for all of these dogs.

  • For all that are wondering, the puppy is doing very well after a day of recovery.

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