“someone is going in at night while people are sleeping just taking wallets and purses”

A reader sends with a rather disconcerting note from a detective attached:

“I have had a few Burglary 1’s in the Petworth area where someone is going in at night while people are sleeping just taking wallets and purses occasionally small laptops or cell phones.”

MPD included with the video above:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying a person of interest in reference to a pair of Burglary I incidents which occurred on Friday, May 29, 2015, in the 900 block of Quincy Street, NW, and on June 12, 2015 in the 1400 block of Monroe Street, NW. The subject was subsequently captured by surveillance cameras.

DO YOUR PART TO HELP PREVENT AND SOLVE CRIME. Crime Solvers of Washington, DC currently offers a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a crime committed in the District of Columbia. Your assistance is appreciated by your community. CCN 15-078-881/15-087-343.

Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident should take no action but call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE at 50411.”

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  • That dude will stick out…

  • Something similar was posted in the Mt. Pleasant Yahoo group: “A house was broken into last night on 19th by Lamont. Resident woke as intruder flashed light into bedroom and just ran off with purse. Contents were strewn in front of my house in 1700 block of Kenyon. Neighborhood has had a number of these night time break ins.”


  • binpetworth

    I’m confused…they’re going in where while people are sleeping? The detective’s note seems to suggest a burglary at a home, but these shots are from the Metro and a place of business. Did they match some home surveillance footage with these?

    • Maybe the footage is from someone who used the victim’s SmartTrip card (metro footage) & credit card (store)?

    • Yes I believe ZetZelle is correct, they’re persons of interest who’ve most likely used the property in some way.

    • Yeah, this isn’t very well written, and agree with ZetteZelle’s suggestion.

  • Emmaleigh504

    gah! this reminds me of Richard Ramirez.

  • there was also a break-in early this morning in the 3800 block of 13th St NW. a wallet was stolen.

  • This exact same thing happened on the 3800 block of 13th St last night. The wallet stolen was of rhe ANC Commisioner.

  • About a month ago, my dog went nuts barking around 2 in the morning. I went downstairs to check it out and I heard rustling on the front porch. A guy who looks like this was leaving when I opened the door. He looked harried and asked if so and so was home. I didn’t think much of it – drunk people stumbled on our doorstop from time to time.

    But the next morning, we found our back window open and a missing TV cord. That was it, but I think the guy was going to take more before getting scared off by our dog.

  • My security system gives me so much peace of mind when I hear about crimes like this. $30-50 a month isn’t too much and I would recommend other people worried about burglaries look into one.

    • what system do you use?

      • Yes! Alarm company recommendations would be much appreciated. Hey, PoP – maybe you could run a column on that?

      • A Vector Security system came with our house so that’s what we went with. A rep will come to your house and you’ll pick out the technology you want. It’s sort of the thing I love now that I never knew I wanted? There are a lot of different options: motion sensors, glass break sensors, monitored smoke detectors, cameras, window sensors etc. etc. We didn’t have to pay for any of the technology or installation so it was a pretty easy sell for us. It’s around $30 a month for monitoring but more if you want to use the app ($40ish). I definitely recommend the app it has cool features like notifications if you forget to set it an if you get a camera you view it remotely.
        This is our first experience with a security system so I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to but I feel much safer with it. When we first got it we accidentally set it off all the time and the people were always so nice and concerned sounding when they called to make sure everything was okay.
        Another thing I would mention is that the Vector Security main office people were much easier to deal with than the local reps that they contract installation out to. I thought the sales guy that came out was pretty sleazy and used lots of scare tactics to try to convince us to keep the system (we had already decided to since we didn’t have to pay for the technology) so don’t let the sleazy sales guy make you annoyed with the whole company. The sales guy also hated ADT with a passion so he talked lots of trash about them but I have nothing to compare Vector to.
        Okay this is much longer than I thought it would be. I’ll probably repost on the thread tomorrow too so let me know if you have any specific questions.

    • Would you mind sharing what company/system you use? Posts like this convince me that it’s worth the money for the peace of mind.

      • I use Petitbon and have been happily using their service for 6 years.

        • SimpliSafe, $15 a month and it is AWESOME! So far the police have responded to two (thankfully false) alarms and they were great.

          • ChenChen

            I use Simplisafe too and the police have responded to two alarms too.

            It’s really easy to set up.

    • A security system is a good thing to have (I have one)… but they don’t actually stop break-ins. They just mean that the burglars know they have only 10 minutes in the house before they have to leave.

      • Well the company gives you yard signs and stickers. I have no clue what kind deterrent those types of things are but I would imagine that if a person sees a house with yard signs vs. without then they will go for the house without signs first possibly? Also one option for a system is a motion sensor camera that will photograph or film a break in which means that the person will be more likely to be caught perhaps?

        • I’d always figured the yard signs acted as deterrents, but the person who led the crime prevention/neighborhood watch training that I went to a few months ago at MPD 4D said otherwise.
          It does seem as though all other things being equal, a burglar would choose a house without a yard sign rather than one with… but apparently an alarm system doesn’t act as much of a deterrent if the burglar can see tempting items (laptop, purse, etc.) through the windows or door.
          Even if an alarm system doesn’t stop burglars from getting into your house, the fact that it limits them to 10 minutes means they don’t have as much time to search the house for all things of value. So that’s a positive.

      • It seems that one with an audible alarm would certainly stop *these* particular break-ins. Presumably, the victims are home at the time of the break in, and if the perps hear the audible alarm and someone yell “oh S**%*(&!” upstairs, they will probably make themselves scarce…
        My old place had an audible alarm that went off one night shortly after I had come home from work (I hadn’t really turned anything on yet, so the house may have appeared unoccupied still). While the back screen was opened, the perp didn’t attempt to go any further when the alarm started buzzing and I ran across the living room to confirm the alarm and grab my cell phone (he would have been able to see me from that window once I crossed the living room, but not while I was standing in the kitchen, where I was when it went off).

  • west_egg

    How are they (/is he) getting in? Breaking windows? Unlocked doors?

  • I don’t post that often but I’m around the corner from the break ins. About 3 months ago I purchased a security system from recommendations from PoP thread; can’t remember which one. I purchased Simplisafe, which is one you install yourself. It’s so easy. They have “used” systems on their site, so I think I got a pretty good deal. The monthly service is around $10-$11 a month. So far it’s been great. We’ve accidentally tripped it and they called immediately to our cell phones. We did miss a call and the Police came in a couple of minutes (we felt awful that happened)

  • so much disparaging over window bars on real estate threads, but I’ve kept mine along with peace of mind. Not a great aesthetic choice and possibly unnecessary, but along with locked security gates they provide ample peace of mind whether I’m home or not.

    • +1. I still keep my bars up. I don’t think I could sleep at night without them. However, if I sell I will take them down to get the higher price.

      • Or just shut your windows at night. Bars are an eye sore and detract from the neighborhood.

        • Seriously? There are window bars in neighborhoods like Dupont Circle.
          As long as the rest of the house is attractive/well-maintained… window bars don’t necessarily detract.
          And I haven’t seen any disparaging of window bars on real estate threads in a while, although maybe that’s because most real estate threads as of late seem to feature flips.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I think break-ins detract from my neighborhood more than window bars do. I’ll make you a deal: get the f*ckers to stop breaking into people’s houses, and *then* I”ll take down my bars. Deal?

  • Grrr. Not only is the guy a burglar, he also took a bicycle on an escalator instead of using the elevator like he should’ve done. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.

    • Hmm, probably not 🙂 Although he did seem courteous enough to still allow passersby room to pass. I chuckled at his repeated attempts to get the turnstile to respond to his smartcard…this happens ALL the time on the handicap-accessible gates.

  • This happened to me about two weeks ago in 1300 block of meridian place in Columbia heights. 4a my alarm went off…must have scared off intruder as I didn’t know my front door was open and my purse was gone until the morning. Alarm helped but didn’t stop them.

  • I’m actually not as concerned about my belongings being stolen as I am the creepiness factor of someone being in my house while I’m asleep!

  • Add now the 3800 block of 13th NW

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