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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Yesterday was full of meetings about meetings to communicate about communicating.
    Rave: Walks in the park and discovering a gorgeous space that reminds me of where I was married.
    Rave: Friend who just went through round one of chemo was looking pretty good last night. We hung out, walked to the garden, ate yummy food that I brought along, and enjoyed each other’s company.
    Rant: Not really liking my novel I’m reading now but have to keep on because it’s written by my high school English teacher/soccer coach and he’s kinda a big deal writer now and I want to support him.
    Rave: Time to read, even if the book isn’t all that great.

    • Your former teacher won’t know if you don’t finish the book, will he?

      • No – but I bought it in hardcover (cause he’s a really cool guy and I want to support him and I’m psyched for his success) so I feel like I need to at least read it!

      • Accountering

        Hehe, big +1 here! You bought the book, you supported him, seems like your work here is done.

      • Plus he seemed to have magical powers while I was in school – eyes in the back of his head, seeing any cheating going on… 😉

    • Now’s your chance! Mark it up with a sharpie,throw out three paragraphs of hurried analysis, give it a B+ (“lots of potential!”) and mail it to him.

    • Will you be my friend?!!! I just found out (somewhat crushingly) that one of my oldest and I thought closest friends (also a long ago relationship) has not read or bought any of my last three novels. I was a little annoyed that he hadn’t read drafts of 2 newer works in progress, but it never occurred to me that he hadn’t read the published ones!

    • Emmaleigh504

      What is the book’s title? I might want to read it.

      • It’s called “Love May Fail” by Matthew Quick – he also wrote Silver Lining’s Playbook. All his stuff takes place in my hometown area so that’s tons of fun. He’s a great writer and writes interesting stories but I feel like because I knew him fairly well, little things bother me and magnify as I read.

    • Oh wow, we very likely went to the same High School then, unless Mr. Quick taught somewhere before/after I”m not thinking of. Small world!

  • Rave: Thank you to the person who suggested Hungry Harvest as a CSA type thing. I love it!

  • Rave: summer vacation
    Rave: driving to Michigan. About 40% there
    Rave: impressed that I made it 3 hours before stopping

  • Rave: Got a date for Friday. She seemed bot worthy (very attractive, barely filled in profile) until she gave me her number. And she’s coming to me. Well, all right.
    Rant/rave: Project ending very early, but I have an interview on Monday.
    Rave: Weather is tolerable.

  • Rave: Thanks, Giant Squid, for taking my cookbooks and various cosmetics! Donna Hay books, Redken samples, and OPI – Sunday looks fun for y’all!!!
    Question for the hive: Is there a good site or web-based program to make design boards? I’m renovating our bathroom from afar and want to make a few design boards to show the contractor, but can’t find anything that isn’t also trying to get me to only use their stuff. I have pinterest, but that doesn’t help.

    • GiantSquid

      No problem jindc! However, I AM visiting my parents this weekend and can’t make it myself, so I need someone willing to take both our stuff!
      Try Houzz for home improvement design boards. It’s similar to Pinterest but focused on home stuff.

  • Rant: had a last minute trip to Philly for work yesterday and I overslept and missed my 6:30 am train. I consider myself to be pretty on top of things like that, but luckily my autopilot instincts kicked in as soon as I woke up and I got on the next train to Philly. Sad about the $ though. Glad I currently live 1 stop away from Union Station though, that really saved my butt
    Rave: Philly! a very cool city. I had to stay overnight too which was a neat experience.
    Rant: my firm made me come up to Philly to be a human copy machine. I really don’t understand why?

    • if you missed an Amtrak train, you should be able to get a refund.

      • I bought a non refundable ticket (not making that mistake again) and then I missed the train so they pulled the ticket, when I spoke with a CSR they said they couldn’t do anything about it…I think I’m SOL unless there’s another way around it….

        • That One Guy

          I believe they can give you credit toward some future trip, no?

          • Apparently missing my train without cancelling before means that my whole fare is forfeit and I can’t get credit. It was a value level ticket so, I live and I learn I guess.

        • oh wow – like 25 years of taking amtrak, I’ve never known there were non-refundable tickets. oh well – lesson learned!

    • palisades

      Rant: When people complain about business trips. I don’t get it. I will gladly accept any opportunity to travel ANYWHERE other than my office with free food and lodging.

      • I understand the sentiment and used to agree with you, but three things made me less enthusiastic about work trips: 1. Getting married. 2. Work that you can only do in your office can build up. 3. Taking back to back trips can be tiring. Sucks coming home for 24-48 hours, then leaving again. This is semi-related to #1.

        • palisades

          These responses are fascinating. I totally agree with everyone, but I’m still super young and have nothing tying me down. I’m sure in a few years I’ll be in the exact same boat as ya’ll

          • Don’t you have a cat? What would you do about cat care when you’re out of town? (Or does your girlfriend live close enough to look after your cat?)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Some cats don’t take much effort. I could leave Ashlee alone forever if someone checked on her water and food once a week or so.

          • Even as a younger, single person it can suck depending on how the travel is handled. I don’t travel for work and used to want to until I saw some of my friends.
            For instance, I’ve known people who found out at 2pm on Friday they needed to go home and pack for a 5pm flight to Europe, which meant cancelling any weekend plans. The Europe part at least sounded fun, until he told me he only had time to be at the hotel and in the office, so no sightseeing or even dining out (delivery to the office or hotel). This didn’t just happen once or twice, so eventually he switched jobs so his travel is at least planned a bit more in advance.
            Other friends have travel that isn’t as hectic, but since they might be home for 36 hours in a given month it makes it hard for them to build relationships, see friends/family, or participate in things outside of work. They seem to still like it, but I really value my non-work life and think it would bother me that I couldn’t do a lot of the things I currently enjoy.

      • In my experience, business travel tends to be better in concept than in reality. When I’ve traveled on business, often it’s for all-day meetings where I have to be constantly “on” with no downtime… which is not the case when I’m doing my job at my regular location.

        • +1 to the zero downtime. When you’re home, you can just do your 9-5 and then leave. But on work trips, there is usually a breakfast, a lunch, dinner and drinks built into the day. Yes, it’s all nice that someone else is paying for it, but you’re talking a mandatory 12+ uninterrupted hours with work people. It is really difficult to be on (and charming, and work-appropriate) for that long.

          • Yes, for an introvert like myself it is exhausting having to be “on” for 12+ hours when I’m on a work trip. Sometimes I’ll excuse myself to use the restroom or something and go up to my hotel room and just chill out for 15 minutes.

        • Agree!
          I traveled a lot for work (1 int’l trip per month last year). While it is awesome to see new places, you have to deal with timezones/jetlag, being “on” 24 hrs/day, falling behind on daily work because you’re traveling, etc. It is very tiring. At first, I loved it. But then it wore me down. Now, I am happy with 2 int’l work trips per year and well planned in advance.

          • Bear

            Yeah. My last trip was six weeks of 12-16 hour days and maybe 1-2 days off the whole time. I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered, and it was a few months ago.

      • To each their own. When I was interning/trialling for a job in Richmond, and was told one afternoon “we need people to go to Buffalo tomorrow for two weeks”, I decided right then and there that that job wasn’t for me – you can’t keep up any hobby or outside plans with abrupt travel like that.

      • Lemme guess, you don’t have kids, and don’t have a lot of business travel, right? And possibly don’t have the type of job where two days out of the office means a ton of work has piled up, making the next three days awful?
        I just found out I have to go to Seattle in July. Have to leave on a Sunday, which will eat up part or all of the afternoon. I can’t get the afternoon flight back Monday, which means I have to waste the entire day Tuesday traveling. And I’ll be working in my hotel room Monday afternoon for as long as I can, so I don’t get too far behind (and can prepare for the trip I have to take the following week).
        But hey, someone pays for me to stay in a Hilton for 2 nights, and buys my dinner! Yippee! My family is thrilled, too.

        • palisades

          100% correct. I’d love to take that off your plate

          • I will say, my perspective has changed over the years. About 17 years ago, I spent 2 weeks in Atlanta at the airport Renaissance Hotel, where Delta puts up its flight attendants in training. No complaints about that trip!

      • Everyone thinks business trips are fun but I’m lucky if I get to leave my hotel when I travel. Sometimes I’ll be stuck in a windowless hotel conference room all day somewhere cool like San Francisco, but it feels like I could be anywhere. I try to get outside and do something fun when I”m in a new city, but it doesn’t always work out. The worst is when you have to stay at a hotel that’s not walking distance to anything, like an airport hotel where you can’t even walk anywhere even if you wanted to. Plus hotel food almost always sucks.

      • Trust me, it is only fun for about 1 year tops. I am going on year 6 and hate it.

        • Agreed – I took a trip a month for a few years. I really liked it the first year, got to see some cool new places and was able to build time around the trips to see the city. Then you start traveling over and over to the same ‘conference cities’ and it’s really hard to get any type of routine down. Glad I did it when I was younger though.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I love business trips. Stay in a quiet hotel room, eat food I didn’t cook, and see a new place? Sign me up!

        But, my trips are usually only 2-3 nights. By the time I’m really starting to miss the kids/Mr. Zelda, I’m back. Plus, my trips tend to include interesting meetings (and sometimes “field trips”) that I really enjoy.

      • I think it really depends on the nature of your work and your office’s travel policies. In my case, I love my business trips. They are usually to NYC or somewhere vaguely foreign and luxurious. However, I know I’m lucky. My friend was working for Accenture and doing 4 days a week in Milwaukee for a year. She hated her life. I have other friends who have to go to Haiti or Angola for two weeks, where it’s non-stop work 16 hours per day and emotionally exhausting. They do development work and often come home totally drained of life.
        For example, in May and June I did three roundtrips to Europe over the course of 5 weeks, with each trip lasting 7 nights. The jetlag is absolutely brutal. Even 3 weeks since my last trip (returned on June 6), I’m still not sleeping regularly. I get tired early in the evening, so it’s difficult to stay awake and hang out with my girlfriend. And frankly, my girlfriend was getting annoyed that I was gone so long and missed some important stuff.
        The plus side is that I banked a metric ass-load of hotel points and airlines. Which I will use to take my GF on vacation….so she will eventually appreciate it 😉 Due to the timing of flights in & out of Europe, I often have to fly out a day early and leave the day after my meetings end, so I usually have plenty of personal time for a bit of tourist activities. However, I am usually always hanging out with my international colleagues, so I rarely get enough time to work out, eat healthy, or enjoy some “alone time.” 7 days of per diem is like getting an extra bonus each paycheck, so I’m banking a lot of extra money this year.
        But yes, you should do this while you’re young. If you want to travel but can’t do it in your current job, get a new job! Life’s too short to be chained to a desk.

  • This new Kitchen Aid ad that appears second on the right-hand ad bar (and plays a video) is making PopVille a *nightmare* for me. Every time I scroll down, the page automatically jumps back up to the ad once it loads (and it refreshes over and over again).

    • YES, that is happening to me and it is driving me crazy. I’m not seeing the Kitchenaid ad, so maybe it it happening with all of the ads?

      • Yeah, I had to switch to viewing PopVille in IE rather than chrome to help stop that nonsense, although it sometimes does it in IE, too.

    • YES!!! I HATE IT! Every time I scroll down, the page automatically jumps back up to the ad once it loads and it keeps refreshing dragging my screen up over and over.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes – very sorry about this – we are aware of the problem and are trying to fix asap. I think it only messes up Chrome but are trying to isolate it.

      • Bear

        I have Chrome and no issues here – but I have ad block installed.

      • Somewhat related, disabling video auto-play on my browser (Chrome) has been a positive change. PCWorld has instructions on how to do this (how to stop autoplay video)

  • Rant: I drove to work today and think DC could do a better job making it safer for drivers and bikes to be on the rode together. There are many places where the bike lanes cross over driving lanes, but there is no signage (ex: yield or stop), so I was constantly looking at the side mirror to make sure there were no bikers when crossing over the bike lanes (ex: making a right hand turn). We all need to use the same road, and to make it as safe as possible, DC should institute some better signage…
    Revel: Thursday, and next weekend is a long weekend!

    • Accountering

      Better yet, separated lanes, like they have on 15th and several other places. Currently, all you can do is keep an eye out and be careful when making right turns. Even by doing that little bit, you are already in the 90th percentile of DC/MD drivers! 🙂

      • My concern about separate lanes is that not everywhere can have them, so a driver may forget to look for a biker when driving in a small neighborhood street…. I’m afraid that the lanes will breed laziness/lack of caution in other location. Not sure if this is true though!
        My husband was hit by a car 2 days ago. He is fine, just scratches. His bike need repairs. The driver made a u-turn (didn’t signal) and didn’t see him riding behind the car.

    • When you’re turning right, you’re actually supposed to merge into the bike lane (where the line goes from solid to dotted) first, and _then_ turn. (This came up on PoPville a while ago… will see if I can find the link.)

    • Uh, you are always supposed to look in the lane/area next to you before you merge or cross into anything, so… uh… that shouldn’t be anything new.

      Everyone (bikers, pedestrians & cars alike) just needs to be active users of the road and remain aware of the surroundings. Get off the phones, stop staring at the gps like it’s the actual road in front of you, get your head out of the clouds, etc. and pay attention. That will solve most of these problems. But yes, DC signs suck too.

      • oh, and everyone needs to use their signals. Cyclists and cars both suck and this. Using proper signals would clear up a lot of confusion, frustration, and close calls.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Pedestrians need to check their blind spots before they merge and pay attention when they are in the “fast lane.” Oblivious peds drive me nuts.

  • Rave: Bachelor party weekend. Medium Rare then Shelly’s tomorrow. Saturday evening for the Tribe v. Orioles at Camden with the Cleveland crowd.
    Rant: These Popville ad videos go off randomly.

  • Rant: On Red Line train that broke down for half an hour at Farragut North yesterday evening. Waited about five minutes after offload for it to move. Nothing. I suppose I should just be thankful I wasn’t one of the folks actually stuck onboard the train.
    Rave: Felt much better after always good cocktails and dinner at Bar Charely. They rock.
    Rant: Stuck again on a Yellow Line this morning. This is getting old.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday.
    Rant: I realized that there is zero chance of me sleeping in tomorrow because contractors will be working at the house probably starting at 8am. womp womp
    Rant: I am in another terrible mood today.
    Rave: I was able to suck it up and get through my mid-year review with flying colors.
    Rave: Blinds ordered (thanks for whoever recommended Select Blinds, after some comparison shopping we pulled the trigger with them. Fingers crossed!)
    Rave: HH tonight, hopefully with a delicious summer cocktail

    • Forgotten rant: The newly deceased super mouse/small rat that ended up in the dogs mouth this morning in the back yard. I don’t think she killed it, but she was certainly happy to carry it around. So nasty.
      Associated rave: At least it wasn’t fossilized/super dead like the last one?

  • Rant: Permitting delays. Aargh.
    Rant/Rave: Appliance shopping part 1. At odds with my wife over range. As the cook in the family (not the person who cooks most often, just the person who enjoys it the most), I covet the Blue Star range (and more generally, open burner gas ranges). But, as the baker in the family, she is not enamored with the minimalistic approach Blue Star takes to their ovens. Not even an internal thermometer, to let you know when it comes up to temp? Not a fan. Any suggestions?
    Rant – Appliance shopping, part 2. I had no flippin’ idea refrigeration cost so much. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. Ouch.

    • As a renter, it makes me glad that, in the U.S., it is standard for kitchen appliances to be supplied by the landlord – in Europe, the tenant has to supply their own fridge, oven, and cabinets (of course, residential leases there usually run much longer than a year).

    • Any chance you can do a Blue Star cooktop and then put an oven, or double ovens, somewhere else?

      • I liked this idea. Also, aren’t electric ovens supposed to be better than gas ovens?

      • @TMT – I wish, but we’d sacrifice too much cabinet space. The kitchen only has 2 walls, and space is at a premium. Plus, that’s a significant bump in price (see point about refrigeration).

        @textdoc – yes, Electric is better, but dual fuel ranges kick up the price at least a grand, and no open burner ranges (that I know of) come in dual fuel anyway. We’d have to do a cooktop plus oven

        • Right — I was thinking cooktop plus oven (as TooMuchTuna was suggesting). Dual-fuel ranges sound complicated/expensive.

    • No experience with these, but as someone that bakes I really kicked myself during my last renovation that I didn’t get a better oven, and made sure to remedy that this time around.

    • Admittedly I know jack-squat about ranges and am only a basic (but competent) cook, but shouldn’t you go for the most practical solution for your home? Like how will you use it most often and get one with the optimal features for that? And perhaps this ‘Blue Star’ range has captured your imagination but couldn’t you consider a different brand whose features actually match what you need?

      • Absolutely. Problem is, the Blue Star is ideal for one purpose – anything on the range top – while a different oven (ideally an electric) is ideal for another purpose. (Most baking.) There are solutions, but they are either expensive and/or space constrained.

    • My mom has a bluestar cooktop and double wall ovens. I know she WANTS the Wolf ones that open out instead of down since it’s easier to get items in and out (especially at their age), but they don’t have the space for it.

      • During this process, at least two knowledgeable people have told me that Wolf is a mid-level product with a fabulous marketing campaign that has made those little red knobs status symbols. And frankly, the fact that the range tops out at 15,000 BTUs supports that theory.

        • but I think Wolf is the only one with the doors that open out and my mom liked that to avoid bending over (they’re in their late 60s). But they got GE profile.

  • Rave: Uber customer service. Husband took an uber to DCA this morning but the driver didn’t end the ride until after he went to Crystal City. I complained, got an email back within 5 minutes, a refund etc. That was fast!

  • Big rant: The freakin’ OPM director and CIO both still have jobs at OPM. Wow- seriously, what does it take to get fired in this town? These idiots have a lot of nerve to not budge from their jobs when 75% of Feds want them gone, and 80% think their performance is “poor.” Reading about their nonchalance/inaction/slowness in the face of repeated findings from the auditors is beyond angering.
    Rave: Finished the second book in Rick Atkinson’s WWII history trilogy, The Day of Battle. Atkinson uses a lot of million-dollar words, which can be distracting, but his history is solid. Looking forward to Book 3, The Guns at Last Light.
    Rave: Also looking forward to reading Play It Again, a book from The Guardian’s lead editor. Apparently, after quitting piano as a teen, he got back into it in his 50s and managed to learn and play Chopin’s first Ballade in g minor over the course of 18 months while working full time. Sounds like an inspiring read. I just began working on the first Ballade, so this will be very interesting indeed!!

    • The OPM director hasn’t been there long. Not to defend her, but I wouldn’t say she’s really the cause of OPM’s f-up. CIO, yeah, that’s another story, especially if it is a SES (as opposed to political appointee).

      I am not familiar at all with OPM’s budget, and I know that my agency hates OPM for not doing squat on work we fund them to do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the blame can be placed on Congress not providing sufficient funds to make OPM’s systems more secure and up to date. I know Congress has basically castrated the IRS in recent years, and while OPM isn’t hated like the IRS is, it also isn’t a “sexy” agency that probably gets shafted compared to other agencies and departments.

      • msus, I’m going to respectfully disagree. If you’re reading the reports I’m reading, it’s super hard to excuse Archuleta. If it was a funding issue, she should have forcefully spoken up and made a huge stink about it. She didn’t. Period. She was at the helm when the IG reports were pouring in. The auditors were finding a lot of bad stuff- a “suitcase full,” according to the IG office, but she and her team were kicking the can down the road. They were even given emergency recommendations that told them certain systems were insecure and they should be shut down until they could be protected (and actually, you know, comply with FISMA). That too was ignored. The gov has no business suing private businesses for cyber breaches/insecurities when it cannot be bothered to comply with its own Federal regulations. Archuleta’s background, which is political, is not inspiring, and her response has been abysmal. No confidence at all in her- she needs to go. I don’t like being told no one is really responsible for losing all my info. There’s no incentive, then, to have anyone responsible for anything in the future. We gave OPM everything, and they let us down in a huge way.

    • They’re likely keeping her for all the hearings, then they’ll ax her. Why fire her before she has to look like an idiot at the hearings and make someone else have to do them?

  • Rave: Work event that I’ve been working on since early February was yesterday and went off with nary a hitch, received a lot of positive feedback and am so relieved it’s over!
    Rant: Having the hardest time motivating myself to clean my messy apartment – I’m so tired by the time I get home that I just sort of step around the various shoes I’ve kicked off in the entryway and ignore the pile of laundry on my bedroom floor. Maybe I just need to mainline some espresso and go on a spree.
    Rave: Weather has been a bit better, so that’s a plus!
    Rave: Short week next week! Going to Longwood Gardens for their Nightscapes display!

    • I was just there! It’s gorgeous! Please report back about the nightscapes!

      • I can’t wait to go there somewhat regularly once we’re situated – I remember fondly their Christmas display

        • jindc, are you moving to the Philly area? If so, consider a Longwood membership – it pays for itself with just a visit or two, and you get a 10% discount on food and items from the gift store. And they do a lot of Members-only events, which are great. Oh, and I believe they now have a beer garden, a recent addition!

          • Yes – we probably will because my parents enjoy it also! Nice to know about the beer garden! There are so many great places like that which I remember from my childhood that I can’t wait to share with my kid as he grows 🙂

          • jindc, I’ve been going to Longwood Gardens ever since I can remember, I have so many wonderful memories of being a little kid crawling around in the Children’s Garden (they did an AMAZING renovation about 5 years ago, it’s incredible now!), rolling down the hill near the entrance/exit to the gardens (can’t roll down them now, unfortunately, they’ve been roped off). I grew up in and then outside of Philadelphia and we went there at least once, often twice or more, per year for many many years, and I still love going back, there’s always something new and beautiful!

          • That One Guy

            ^Can you also visit the Barnes Foundation and report back what it’s like? A friend and I tried to go but they were all sold out the day we went.

          • I’ve been to the Barnes in both locations. The new building is pretty spectacular and it gives them room for additional exhibits and it’s just so much more accessible. You really do have to buy tickets in advance, but I think I bought mine within a week of going last summer.
            All of the rooms are the same, somewhat overwhelming, you just get more space to decompress between some of them. I like it a lot. Hopefully you can get tickets next time you’re there.

          • I grew up basically around the corner from the old Barnes. Haven’t been back, but I kind of dislike that they moved it – I thought the original had so much character. But, you know, people were annoyed that folks were going so….

      • will do, CarmieCarms!

    • That One Guy

      May I suggest a Nespresso machine like a Pixie. They’re fairly inexpensive right now and the espresso are good and there’s a boutique in Tyson’s Corner you can go to to buy pods. They’re pretty awesome.

      • I have a nespresso I might be willing to part with (instead of moving it yet again)….got it for my wedding, used it like 6 times….4 were for making affogato!

        • Oh no it’s fine, I have a little Italian stovetop espresso maker, quick (enough) and easy, cheap and more environmentally friendly. I’ll be breaking that out over the next day or two. I just meant I need to get hyped up on a lot of caffeine and see if that helps overcome my energy/motivational issues!

    • For motivation/cleaning up, one thing that’s worked for me is setting a timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Do what you can in that time window and then give yourself permission to stop. It’s actually pretty surprising what you can get done in such a short time and makes the whole process less daunting.

      • I have tried that before, sometimes with success but sometimes not, it depends on if I get sucked into perfecting one tiny aspect of something – i.e., I go to put my jewelry back in the box, instead of all over my dresser, but notice “hey, this needs a good cleaning!” and suddenly I’m breaking out my ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and spending 45 minutes on something that should have taken 2 minutes max. I tend to hyper-focus on one area, neglecting the sprawling mess elsewhere!

  • Huge rave: Finally getting SUPER excited about our move. I got great, great job news yesterday so it looks like that transition will be totally seamless (yay!) and we won’t go totally broke paying for our apartment. Now I can focus a bit more on the fun parts and less on worrying. As of August 2, we’ll be SF residents!
    Surprise rave: Cafe Phillips. I went there thinking it was basically a deli was was surprised to find they have all of these great options, like a “kale aid” blended juice and avocado toast. I’m a little bummed I didn’t realize this earlier but know know have a new lunch option for the next month.
    Rave: Scotusblog. Healthcare decision is in! Obamacare upheld.

  • rave: have really enjoyed being single for past six months. i have been able to focus on work, improving myself, and reconnecting with friends.
    rant: think i might be getting ready to date again… so my question to the PoP universe- what dating sites/apps are big now? i always used OKC in the past but that seems to have dried up.

    • OKC, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel… TBH, OKC and Tinder have been most rewarding in my book. Especially with that added mod you can download in Chrome to sort OKC matches differently.

    • Hinge is a gold mine for a lot of my friends (late 20s/early 30s crowd).

  • Revel: Nothing but support coming from my family, friends, and coworkers while I’m navigating the crazy year this has been. Friends especially.
    Rave: Cooking up a business plan with my best friend to start laying the foundation for what we hope will be a fulfilling side hustle. Last night involved cocktails and legal pads.
    Rave: Reconnected with a fellow I lost contact with earlier this year when life instantly turned crazy. Plans set for getting together early in July to see if there’s still a connection.

  • Rave: beautiful day for early morning stroll at the Zoo. Cats and birds and lemurs, oh my!
    Query: if I want to get a good spot for fireworks-watching at Cardozo High School on July 4, how early should I show up?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: SCOTUS!

    • +1 (Six of them, anyway.)

    • Beat me to it! Man, I can’t wait to hear the wingnuts after this . . .

    • This is huge for so many people. Awesome news.

    • Some of Scalia’s quotes from the dissent are hilarious. Apparently he feels the law should now be called “SCOTUScare”.

    • That One Guy

      There is hope…

    • There is one down side – this is an absolute gift to House and Senate Republicans and GOP presidential candidates. No matter what they say, they are all relieved (except for Ted Cruz, who may just believe his own BS.) Now, instead of having to come up with a solution or an alternative (and being outed that they have none), they can continue to rail against the Court/ACA/Obama/socialism/tyranny of the judiciary/whatever. On balance, it’s better from a policy standpoint that the state exchanges still receive subsidies, but I think a decision the other way would have led to a clarifying moment for the country.

      • I think you give the general population too much credit. The republicans would spin the loss of insurance (mostly in red states by the way) that would have come from an adverse decision as just another product of Obamacare. Their constituents would believe them.

        • That’s hilarious. I have never, ever been accused of giving the general population too much credit in my entire life. I think the general public is quite stupid (present company excluded). But you may be right.

    • Yay!! A win for Affordable Health Care and Fair Housing!

  • Rant: In a bad, cranky mood.
    Rant: Why do people send MS Word attachments for text that could perfectly easily be pasted into the body of an e-mail message?
    Rant: House is a mess.
    Rave: The weather is better than it was earlier in the week.

  • Rave: RomCom is pretty fantastic as a human, so that’s going well. Apparently he sails? I see some sailing lessons in my future.
    Rant: Learning things about my company that I’m not authorized to know is seriously wracking my nerves.
    Rave: Officemate and I are getting on very well! (Very important as I spend so much time with her).

  • Rave: Got notice last night my rent is being rolled-back due to paper work being misfiled, and we are getting money back!
    Rave: Affordable Care Act still lives!
    Rave: Finally got pre-approved for a loan, and we are now officially on the house hunt!

  • laduvet

    Rave: Today is my Friday!

    Rave: Booked tickets to go home, Cville, next weekend for another long weekend! Taking a British friend with me to Cville, where I get to play hostess and Thomas Jefferson historical nerd.

    Rant: Getting organized to do more craigslist postings of household furniture and art… bye bye apartment.

  • Rant: How did 4th of July sneak up so fast? I have to plan, shop, prep meal for 125 people at our annual Assateague Island camp-out. Plus dig out all my camping gear and sort out the animals.

    If anyone has friends that might want to visit DC for the 4th and not sleep on your couch, I’m looking for a pet-sitter for the weekend. Nice house on Irving St. 1/2 block to Metro.

    • Columbia Heights metro, right? Our plans for that weekend fell through so I might be able to swing by for cat care in a pinch. I’m likely just a few blocks away.

      • Thanks – since I’ll probably still have 2 foster kittens that need feeding a few times a day, I’m hoping for someone to actually stay here. (To also water the garden!) I have had luck in past years with neighbors who had visiting family or friends stay here. I just haven’t posted it on any of the local listserves yet.

  • Rave: Saw Tartuffe at Shakespeare Theater last night. Wow, that was intense. And extremely well done. Also yay to the actor who called out someone looking at his phone in the dark theater, and then went on to deliver her lines.
    Rave: New babysitter (another day care teacher) worked out great. Apparently kiddo cried for us at bedtime but settled quickly and otherwise did great.
    Rave: parents have signed contracts on both the house they’re selling and the house they put an offer on the same day. Fingers crossed both inspections go well!
    RANT: Somehow, the floor mat in front of the drivers’ seat is soaked with something clear and odorless. (maybe water?) Nothing else is affected. Better prioritize getting the car in for its next checkup.

    • If you park your car on a slanted road (slanted side to side), rain water will collect in the door, and sometimes on the floor. (It comes on from the bottom of the window opening, I believe.) It drains out of holes at the bottom of the door when the car is on a level surface and you open the door. Sometimes there are rubber plugs in the bottom of the door you need to open to get all the water to drain out. Checking for water in the door may give you a clue as to whether the substance is water. I have this problem all the time, on the passenger side, as my parking space behind my condo building is not level. Never had this problem before living here. Is not a malfunction of the car, just of the surface of the parking space.

      • That’s good to know. Though our car is parked on a level surface, so it wouldn’t be coming from a slant. I don’t think there’s been water in the door, but I haven’t checked for sure. Thanks for the idea!

        • Well, we’ve had a lot of rain lately – maybe there is some crack where the water gets in even when your car is level. If it is a worn rubber seal or some such thing, perhaps you can fix it. My dealership says my problem is not something fixable. Luckily mine is on the passenger side, given the direction I park in, so it doesn’t get in my way much (I rarely have passengers.)

          • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Wouldn’t the seat get wet too then? Water leakage is better than other things. The main trouble is that the wet mat gets the driver’s shoe wet, which leads to driver’s foot slipping on the clutch pedal periodically, which can be startling and scary. We thought it was something tracked in on my wife’s shoe several weeks ago, but then it persisted even after she wiped off the clutch this morning (we don’t drive often)–and then she realized about the wet mat on further inspection this morning. But–like I said–water leakage is better than something car-related leaking, so fingers crossed it’s just that!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had a car that had a puddle from ac condensation. It was really only a problem when it was humid out.
      There’s a drain hose or something that should send the water out, but it kept detaching. It’s an easy fix.

    • Mtpresident, is your car a VW? Seems like everyone I’ve ever known who had a VW had problems with water leaking in.

      • It is a VW, but it’s also 14 years old and we haven’t had this problem before. So it took quite awhile to crop up as an issue if that’s the case!

    • That One Guy

      Does your car have a sunroof? They can allow water to get in. If the exit vent location becomes clogged then the water empties inside your car instead of flowing outside. This happened to me before.

      • I’ve heard of that issue before. Another thing to mention–though would that only hit the floor? No other part of the car seems wet.

  • Rave: I went to a really well done and fascinating talk at work this morning. I love hearing from people who not only really understand huge, complex issues, but who can explain them and get you to relate to them well.
    Rant: dating is giving me anxiety. There are so many decisions made with so little info on both sides that there is little to no predictability. Also, my lack of wild international travel plans is making me feel self conscious.

    Rave: maybe I will have wild travel plans, I can apply to take a trip to shadow another department to do some cool stuff in South East Asia. I’m really excited about the opportunity.
    Rave: today is my Friday and I have some awesome stuff coming up.

  • Rave: My CVS MinuteClinic experience
    Rant: I have a stupid viral sinus infection. Also: ow.
    Rave: but it’s not bacterial, so I don’t have to worry about being around my immuno-suppressed father
    Rave: Lots of medications so hopefully I start feeling relief today?
    Rave: It’s my Friday
    Rant: SO much to do before I fly out tomorrow morning.
    Rave: I get to spend good, quality time with my father. Not sure how many more of these visits I’ll get to have.
    Rant: I know I’m going to send that email to the Boy, and I have to accept the consequences of it, but it doesn’t make it easier. UGH. I just want it to be easier.

    • So glad you can still spend time with your dad. Hope you have more visits than you’re expecting.
      As for the email, just do it. Unless you’ve got a good reason to delay, the agony of anticipation isn’t worth putting off the fallout. You can do it!

      • I am also hoping that I will, mtpresident.

        The only issue with the email is that the boy has been battling major health issues for months now. He *should* be feeling a bit better by this weekend, but I essentially said in the email that if he wants to move forward with me, he needs to pick me up from the airport (because I have heard people who are dating sometimes pick people up at airports) when I return home from this trip. If he’s there, great, no awkward conversations necessary. And if he chooses not to go forward with me, then he should definitely not be at the airport, and no awkward conversations are necessary. Therapist said that it doesn’t matter that he’s been sick, he can be sick and still think about this at the same time – she’s not accepting excuses from me about him anymore.
        We’ll see how it goes.

        • Your therapist has a point. And if the email specifically deals with this weekend, it might be good to give him more notice rather than less, health issues or not. Good luck!

    • Sorry to hear about the viral sinus infection. Glad that you got an answer/diagnosis, though — now you know how to treat it.
      And good luck with sending that e-mail!

      • Me too, but I think you were one of the ones that suggested Mucinex? (I had to get it from behind the pharmacy counter). Took all the things the Minute Clinc person said and have *just* started to experience less pain/pressure (it’s still there, but I can now focus on other things besides that). So thank you!!! (And for the good luck. I’ll either know, or I won’t.)

        • I was suggesting decongestant and antihistamine in case it were allergy-related. I think it was Eggs who suggested Mucinex.

        • Emmaleigh504

          How long have you taken the Mucinex? I’m curious TMI COMING UP because it made my pee smell like chemicals. Has that happened to you?

          • I have taken the Mucinex only once, so far, and nothing has smelled like chemicals yet (I can report back…?)

          • YES.
            Not as alarming as beets, thank goodness 😉
            Motrin is also good for helping drain your sinuses because it reduces inflammation. I always throw it in the mix when I have a sinus infection.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Beets never turn my pee red. 🙁 My mom used to take this drug (forgot the name) that turned her pee bright teal. It was shocking.

          • I Dont Get It


        • Yep that was me (how do you remember this stuff textdoc??) and I’m glad it’s helping! Only reason I know that specific symptom is because Mr. Eggs used to get awful sinus infections, and now as soon as he starts to get that same pain, he has to start taking something with that active ingredient in it (the mucus thinner) or else it gets bad. Feel better!

    • I hope those medications include a lot of mucus thinner – if it doesn’t drain out, bacteria can grow. That’s how a simple viral sinus infection turns into a worse bacterial one. Been there, more times than I can count. Guafenesin (the only muscus thinner out there) and irrigation of the sinuses have made me able to nip them in the bud so they don’t turn bacterial and need antibiotics. In fact, if I start the irrigation and guafenesin as soon as I have symptoms, I never have to go the doctor for sinuses any more.

      • She has me on: Advil, Flonase, Mucinex D, Afrin (for plane takeoff/landing) and Benedryl (for at night so I can sleep). She said there was definitely an allergy component to this as well (I’m already taking the costco Zytec every day). And she said it was good that I caught this so early because it has all the markers for turning into a bacterial infection in a few days (which is when I normally would have finally sucked it up and gone in, but the whole having to fly tomorrow morning got me in gear to fix it up earlier).

  • Rant: Lazy people at work who seem perfectly content to do nothing all day, and don’t even have the courtesy to hide or be discreet with their laziness. Yesterday the worker bees were subjected to 4 hours of YouTube (complete with the person laughing out loud and talking back to the computer), this morning lazy person spends the first 2 hours of the day just chatting because she now has a virus on the computer. Middle Management has been informed, and basically doesn’t care. I’ve spoken to the person directly and told her in as nice a way possible that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to watch YouTube all day, that we could all hear it. Her response? Turning the speakers down a little. Any advice on next steps?

    • “Any advice on next steps?”
      Mind your own business?
      Take care of your work and don’t worry about this other person. They aren’t worth the mental energy.

      • This is the tactic that I have been taking (and the rest of us) for the last few months. I should add that we are in a cube farm, headphones are against policy, and it is disruptive.

        • I’d ask your manager to revise the policy and speak with the other person. Just explain that XXXX listens to music audibly at his desk and it’s become a big distraction at getting your work done. Don’t mention anything about his work output, just keep it strictly to the nuisance factor. Then suggest a direct course of action: (i) speak with XXXX about the noise and (ii) can you relax the policy on no headphones?
          It’s such a dumb, nanny’ish, belittling policy anyways. Who instituted it and why? Seems really demoralizing to control your employees in such a manner.

        • If headphones are against policy, any audible audio ought to be too.

          • I guess I mean that audible audio ought to be against policy pretty much anywhere, unless everyone is agreed on it. Restricting headphones seems odd unless it’s a customer-facing position, and if it’s customer-facing, audible audio seems like it would be out of place too.

          • We work in a health system, and we were all considered “customer facing” employees, though we are back end…. of course, the argument is that our co-workers are also our customers, and particularly the doctors we work for. The manager can’t change the policy, it is driven by corporate. Audible audio is also not allowed, but management does nothing about it.
            Honestly, we are probably just being wusses and need to specifically say to management, hey, this person needs to stop watching shit on her computer (also against policy).

    • Whoa- is this a gov’t employee? Unfortunately, depending on certain factors, I’ve heard of management not being willing to take on employees like this because they fear repercussions in their own careers. When I was in grad school, I heard horror stories from my prof, a former SESer, who told us about the more-than-one-year process of firing a ridiculously incompetent and chronically absent employee. It would make your head spin if you knew what he and other managers had to go through to finally fire the guy. It was not without threats, either- the said employee threatened to sue on EEO grounds, so they had to document and document and document everything! When people hear “EEO,” most run, rather than attempt to correct or fire the offending employee.

      • Not government, and employee is new and would be fairly easy to get rid of (still in probationary period). The issue is, none of us want her fired, we just want her to stop and work. She was a temp with us and was excellent before… it’s almost like she got the job and is now like, lemme sit back. It’s just a frustrating situation, probably made worse by the fact that we’re all bleeding hearts and don’t want to cause someone to lose their job..

        • Sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is fire them. They hopefully learn a valuable lesson, and it can actually help them avoid bad stuff in the future. Sounds like this person isn’t serious about working at your place.

        • That One Guy

          you should turn the volume on her speakers to the maximum and glue it there so she can’t touch it. If you can make sure her computer volume is turned up too. Then wait until she goes to watch the next YouTube. I’m sure the sound will get management’s attention then.

    • .. :/ Get headphones?

  • Anyone around Upshur & NH Ave hear a series of gunshots last night around 3:45am?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Middle Zelda sucks at flossing her teeth. Yesterday’s checkup at the dentist was Not Good.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda was the one who took her. The dentist brings out my bad parent guilt like nothing else.
    Rave: Wearing a lovely piece of antique jewelry. Thank goodness for ancestors who were packrats. (I love you, Aunt Alice!)

  • Rave: Finally ended the epic game of phone tag I’ve been playing with one of my best friends. So nice to catch up last night and hear how well things are going with his girlfriend and new job.
    Rave: Boyfriend planned when he will be visiting me in the fall. Getting all of the breaks and visits on the calendar really makes the semester seem short.
    Rant: Battling a major case of wanderlust.

  • Rave: Amazon returns – they refunded me for a purchase & said no need to return the purchase.
    Rant: Standing on my porch with pup on leash, neighborhood dog walked by and started barking and lunging at my dog, tearing up part of my flower bed in the process. Goodbye lavender plant that I’ve had for years, annual plants that I grew from seed.
    Rave: Only minor rants. Plants are replaceable, and perhaps I’ll plant new lavender in another spot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      bad dog! Your garden rant reminds me of my garden rant: the cosmos don’t want to bloom b/c I made the soil too good. they like bad soil. I do have a pot with bad soil so next year I’ll only plant them in that pot.
      Garden Rave: my violets (native and fancy) are doing well b/c I fertilized the soil.

      • Yes, seems odd to be instructed to plant flowers (etc) in poor soil. Don’t all plants want rich, loamy soil full of micro-nutrients? Apparently not.
        Glad your violets are doing well!

    • Rave-Rant: Live chat with Verizon and Amazon at the same time.
      Verizon is in the rant column – continued connectivity issue, not resolved from prior contact w/Verizon
      Amazon is in the rave column – follow up on previous chat, resolved in 3 minutes

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally got my DC tax return last week (filed mid-January). All it took was contacting the CFO, my ANC’s general counsel, local listserv, etc.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: my doctor is awesome. I’m taking a new (non-generic), expensive drug and she was ready to fight my insurance company to let me have it.
    Rave: I have good insurance & they cover it. Yay Obamacare/Scotuscare!
    Rant: the very necessary drug makes me gain weight.

  • Rave: Surprise visitors. One of my favorite people is in town unexpectedly.
    Rave: I have a new apartment! I am so glad to be able to stop looking.
    No rants today. Life is good.

  • Rave: Yesterday I watched a car pull up along the curb and the passenger tossed a plastic carry-out food bag that looked it it was stuffed with styrofoam food contains and a drink/straw into a… public trash can! Good job! It’s really not that hard!
    Rant: That video everyone was talking about yesterday that keeps bouncing the screen up to the top. I only read a couple rants and raves today because I got tired of trying to find my place again only to get pulled back up to the top of the screen.

  • GiantSquid

    HELP! Is anyone available early tomorrow morning to take mine & jindc’s contributions to the cookbook/cosmetic exchange this Sunday? Just found out I need to visit my parents this weekend and I may not make it back in time on Sunday to attend. I have to head out by 9am tomorrow and I’m happy to drive by to drop stuff off if you’re in SE/NE. I can do near NW as well but trekking up to the hinterlands of NW is in the wrong direction. Please let me know if you’re able to help some neighbors out. (and you get first dibs on our stuff…)
    Rant: Feeling super down this week. Hoping it’s just hormones.
    Revel: Hoping for some quality Assateague Beach time on Saturday to recharge my batteries.
    Revel: Dinner tonight at friends’ place who now live only an hour away rather than 5+!

  • Rave: My band was selected (apparently) to play at Fort Reno! This is a dream come true… and it’s only our fifth gig!
    Rant: Not only do we risk getting rained out, but now it’s also necessary to bribe the NPS.
    Rave: New issue of Berlin arrives at Big Planet Comics in Bethesda this coming Wednesday! I recommend this series to everyone.
    Rant: Damn flies keep getting in the house.
    Combined rant and rave: Reminders of all the reasons I don’t use Facebook.

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