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  • It begins…

  • Is it possible to request zoning information and exact address for all new “pop-up” projects featured on PoP?

    1300 Block of F Street NE is zoned R-4 according to online DC Zoning Map.

    Therefore it is in an area which was officially downzoned earlier this month.

    Very likely this is a project that was approved before the new downzoning went into effect. If that is the case, then this will be one of the last projects conforming to the old rules.

    Exact address is very helpful in researching permit details.

    • 1366 F Street NE is what it says on the door.

    • That seems to be under the 35 feet height limit, so I don’t think this is a violation of the new rules.

      • Correct- Under 35 feet and permits dated prior to the change.

      • It disrupts the existing roofline, so in the future it would have to be set back

        • The addition is somewhat comparable to older additions on Cap Hill houses which are now barely noticeable. At least initially it looks like they’re trying to make it fit a type of façade/roofline common around the Hill. I’d still reserve judgment until it’s finished.

          • Yeah @dc_anon- A crack den looks much nicer than a non asymmetrical roofline. Can’t even begin to understand that argument.

          • 1) Was this actually a crack den?
            2) The use of a house as a crack den is not a permanent architectural change (unless the whole place burns down in such a way as to include the exterior facade).

  • There is no such thing as a promising pop up.

  • looks like it’s going to be a pretty good looking popup. they left room to put the trim back in below the dormer, which will help with the overall fit. great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Looks good to me. Oh the horror of not allowing one to take advantage of their property rights like this in the future.

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