Ocopa Peruvian Restaurant Opens Patio on H Street, NE with Frozen Pisco Cocktails and a Cebiche Bar

ocopa patio
Photo courtesy Ocopa

From a press release:

“Ocopa Peruvian Restaurant, located at 1324 H St. NE, has increased its capacity by adding a beautiful all season patio. Nearing their 1 year anniversary on the trendy H St. NE, Ocopa has added over 30 additional seats, as well as a 10 seat bar with Tiki themed cocktails and Pisco, frozen upon request. Chef Carlos Delgado is excited about the additional space and looks forward to offering a late night menu in the near future.

“We are starting with the Cebiche Bar as an added feature to the patio and hopefully, we’ll be able to add on some grill options for those looking to stay later in the evening”, says Delgado.

Ocopa carries on the “wow” factor with the addition of the patio, focusing on incredible Peruvian cuisine and cocktails in a trendy, casual space. Whether it’s Tupac or traditional salsa music that is filling the space, the vibe is cool and energetic. A continuation of graffiti decorated walls by Mas Paz and a rustic, industrial feel is carried from the inside out. Guests are sure to make this a new gathering place for brunch and dinner all year long.

The full menu is available on the patio. The space will also allow Ocopa to accommodate parties of 4 or more. The original interior space is known for its open kitchen and intimate seating. Owners, Italo Rodriguez and Eddie Migues, understood the demand for larger parties and have acted accordingly by doubling the space.

Ocopa will be celebrating the completion of the patio on Saturday, June 27th with specialty cocktails and small plates all evening. The beverage program, led by mixologist Giancarlo Cruz (also a native of Peru), features fun, delicious Peruvian drinks and lots of play time with liquid nitrogen. Expect Pisco Punch sorbet and cocktails that are not only exquisite in flavors but extremely entertaining to watch while made. Chef Carlos and Mixologist Giancarlo both agree that this summer at Ocopa will look a lot like home!”

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  • Skeet Skeet! This is good!

  • Is it just me or does the spelling of cebiche seem a little pretentious? I get that it’s a correct option, but everyone in the US spells it ceviche. Also, a ceviche bar? What does that mean? Self-serve uncooked fish sounds like a public health nightmare.

    • Oyamel added a ceviche bar after their remodel. It’s pretty weird. It’s like a sushi bar, but without the same level of activity. It’s also tucked into the corner and thus isn’t really a showpiece.

    • I’m not a fan of this “Carlos Delgado” business, either. In America you’re called Charlie Thin, chef.

    • lol are you serious? FOH.

    • What drives me nuts is all the ‘taquerias’ that sell meat and bean toasties with spicy tomato dribblins. Don’t we live in AMERICA?

  • Wow. I can’t believe how narrow-minded you people sound. Ceviche vs cebiche? I think I’ll leave it to the resto owner, who is a native Spanish speaker, to choose his preferred option on that term. I don’t think his choice sounds pretentious. Instead it sounds like the commenter above has a chip on their shoulder. As for having a cebiche ceviche bar, it sounds like a great idea to me. Since we have tasting bars, minibars and sushi bars, why not a cebiche bar to show people more about ceviche?? I am looking forward to trying out the patio.

    • lol seriously. Why would he purposely spell a word from his language wrong just because he now lives in a place where they spell it wrong.

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