Notes to Car2Go Vol. 44


A reader sends from Cleveland Park. We spoke about Car2Go and “a breach of residential etiquette?” in Shepherd Park back in July of last year. As best I can tell this note says:

“Please do not Block Park in front of my house. I am expecting people from several embassies. Thanks.”

Does Car2Go and/or District government need to do some better outreach explaining how it works?

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  • Are there any No Parking signs or anything of that nature?

  • Assuming it’s a public street then it really doesn’t matter who you’re expecting.

  • I think the bigger thing is people realizing that you don’t own/control street parking spaces, even in front of your house.

    • +1. This is the real issue. If people do not want to deal with the inconvenience of street parking, there are plenty of places in the District with off-street parking.

  • The horror. Whatever will the people from the EMBASSIES think?

  • This is why I love Cleveland Park. Guests from the EMBASSIES!?!?

  • I’m trying to figure out what the note-leaver meant by “Block Park.” Were there several Cars2Go parked in a row? The Car2Go wasn’t parked blocking a driveway, right?

    • perhaps it was supposed to read “block park[ing]?”

      • Yeah, but I don’t understand what parking is being “blocked.” Maybe the writer is not a native speaker of English.

    • I”m guessing the writer started to write a more aggressive tone with block and awkwardly adapted. Still cracks me up that he thinks people from embassies are supposed to make us jump.
      We live in DC. We’re not impressed.

      • In fact, I’d be more encouraged to park in ways to block people from EMBASSIES on my street. Unlike all other city residents, EMBASSIES get reserved parking directly in front of the EMBASSIES, usually 24/7, and they don’t pay anything to DC for the privilege. Maybe they’re spoiled into thinking they deserve to park in front of wherever their EMBASSIES parties wind up being, but frankly as a DC taxpayer who pays to pave and clean the streets in front of all of those EMBASSIES, I could give a rat’s ass about where EMBASSIES have to park when they’re away from their gilded EMBASSIES!!!!!

  • to the OP was this from williamsburg lane off porter street? I park there occasionally to walk my dog in the park that the street dead ends at. A couple of times the old man that lives there has waddled out in his robe and slippers and told me I couldnt park there because he was expecting senators at any minute. Now it seems he is waiting on his embassy pals. I think he is a little loopy. and no there is no parking restriction there so I think everyone should go park there after work and take a walk in the park.

    • We have a similar neighbor: a long-time resident who gets upset when the neighbors’ toddlers play on the sidewalk in front of her house (fully supervised by their parents). I hope someone puts me out of my misery if I ever get that old and cranky.

      • In my experience, it’s usually long-time residents who are trying to control what they can of a rapidly changing city. They got used to a time when there was little demand to live in DC and ample room for cars. Not so true anymore and they don’t like that.

    • Even if he were waiting for a senator or embassy staff, unless a space is specifically restricted for them they have no greater privilege than anyone else to a public spot. You snooze, you lose.

    • I’d love to have the address, because I’d move every Car2Go in the neighborhood to that block.

  • I’ve heard of this before. Some people think it’s OK to park your rental porsche or even four of your own cars on the street, but not a cheap “rental” car2go. It’s absurd, but some people are actually against them because they think they are losing parking spaces. They don’t realize that many people choose not to own a car and use Car3go instead, thereby making more parking spaces available.

  • Mug of Glop

    “World’s largest SmartCar selfishly takes up entire block full of spaces; you won’t believe what happens next!”

  • Where did people get the idea they own / control the public parking in front of their building?
    They don’t. We can park wherever we want. Deal with it.

  • If the homeowner really is expecting VIPs at his residence and would like to block off part of the street, couldn’t he go to his local precinct to request no parking signs (like everyone who has ever needed to reserve space for a moving truck has done)?

  • Putting a note on a Car2go is absolutely useless. A driver won’t look at the car until he/she has reserved it, which means he/she was going to drive the car to a different spot anyway.

    • Easy money the person writing the note doesn’t actually understand what “Car 2 Go” is or how it works.

  • I’m a DC car driver who frequently has trouble finding parking on my residential street — but honestly, people need to GET OVER this and realize Car2Go can park there too (just like if their neighbor had overnight guests).

    • I used to be a DC driver who frequently had trouble finding parking on my residential street. That’s one of the main reasons that I got rid of my car. I realize not everyone has the luxury to do that. But yeah, when I park a Car2Go on the street, it takes up much less space than my previous SUV.

  • This person is either crazy or a foreigner. If crazy, obviously not a note to take seriously. If foreigner, they’re probably a diplomat, and is projecting their own cultural norms and not realizing the realities here.

    Not everyone has waged a war on Car2Go. Sometimes there are just strange things that happen.

  • The person complaining must know that the availability of car2go on the block means there is at least one person, and probably multiple, who would otherwise have to buy and subsequently park a full-sized vehicle on the block, and instead are sharing a little tiny half-car, right?

    … Right?

    • I don’t think everyone in D.C. as as aware of Car2Go as PoPville’s readership is — Councilmember Jack Evans sort of popped into a transportation-related lecture I was attending, and he couldn’t even remember their name. (Or maybe it was Capital Bikeshare.)
      And for the sake of argument, I don’t think every Car2Go can be pointed to as representing one or more “people who would otherwise have a full-size car.” That might be true in many cases, but I think there’s also a population of Car2Go users who would never consider having a full-time car but use Cars2Go in lieu of taxis.

      • And sometimes people use car2gos to get to places they don’t want (or can’t) park their own cars. So the argument that another car would be there if the car2go wasn’t there is also not sound logic.

        • I’m not arguing against Cars2Go — just saying that I don’t think it’s sound to say that the presence of Cars2Go means an overall reduction in the numbers of cars on the street.
          The point in this situation is that street parking is not private parking, and Cars2Go are eligible to park in any zoned or metered space when restrictions (rush hour, street sweeping) don’t apply.

  • People with diplomat plates can park wherever they want… they don’t need anyone to save street spaces for them.

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