Multiple Trees Down Around Town


@saracurtin tweets us:

“Enormous tree down on Hobart St in Mt. Pleasant.”


“This used to be sidewalk. Enormous tree down on Hobart St. Mt. Pleasant.”

Thanks to all who tweeted @PoPville.

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@RyanChiachiere tweets us:

“downed tree hit a metro bus in McPherson Square. Part of 15th St NW closed.”


@JoshFatzickDCNF tweets us:

“So this big ass tree just fell in front of my house… 16th and T”

@WeinDC tweets us:

16th and T St, NW

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  • Mug of Glop

    We ran by the one on the bus at McPherson Square last night while the rain was still on. Looked like it killed the sign, but not that much damage to the bus. On the way back a half hour later, after then rain let up, there were half a dozen news cameras filming the underwhelming and very static scene. I guess it was a slow news day.

  • I don’t remember it being super-windy last night… just super-rainy. Were these trees directly hit by lightning? Or was it more windy out than I realized?

    • I think there were some localized gusts. I was sitting on the shuttle bus at 4:15 and there were several huge bursts of wind bringing down two large branches that almost hit the bus.

      • What (cough) Xanthippe said. Inside my office the rain seemed pretty much like the usual summer storm, but when I start walking around 6:30 pm, I felt some pretty huge wind gusts and decided it was better not to risk the walk.

  • phl2dc

    That rain was no joke, eh?

  • I wonder what happened to the poster (from last week?) who was worried about the dangerous tree over their house…

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