H Street NE to Launch “Twilight” Farmers Market at Starburst Plaza


“Due to the possibility of inclement weather this afternoon, the inaugural Twilight Farmers Market at Starburst Plaza will be postponed until Thursday, July 2, 2015.”

From a press release:

“The H Street NE Corridor’s inaugural Twilight Farmers Market will take place on Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Starburst Plaza Intersection. Organized by H Street Main Street, the weekly market will feature 10 to 20 local vendors offering fresh, locally grown seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants, artisan baked goods, natural meats, food products and food-related products.

Stop by and browse the food offerings, including artisanal breads, delectable desserts and savory, sampler-sized, portable portions from local downtown and area restaurants. Beverages from the beer and wine garden will also be available to sip and stroll, while shopping inside the event area.

In recent years, the rising demand for fresh and local produce and sustainable grocery practices have caused farmers markets to pop up all over the nation. Their latest evolution takes advantage of the fact that for many people, the evening hours are the best time for a shopping expedition. Nighttime farmers markets are blurring the lines between grocery shopping and entertainment—a fun night out that speaks to urban citizens of every age. And with summer temperatures soaring across the country, these markets are catching on at just the right time.

The Starburst Twilight Market will take place every Thursday from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. starting this Thursday, June 25 through mid-September at the Starburst Plaza Intersection, where H Street NE, Bladensburg Road NE, Benning Road NE, Maryland Ave. NE and Florida Ave. NE meet (1500 block of H Street NE).

There’s even more to look forward to this summer at the Starburst Plaza! The Twilight Farmers Market is just the first taste of all the exciting programming planned for the intersection this summer. In the coming weeks, area residents can look forward to the launch of a weekly live entertainment series, a weekend market, rotating art exhibitions and more all at this exciting location.”

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  • They’re going to have some competition with the hundreds of people that hang out there from morning until late at night.

  • this is a sketchy block to have a market, no?

  • Curious as to where all the loitering, card playing, beer drinking people will go?

  • Where will all the colorful degenerate drunks go?

  • Oh good, now I won’t have to make an extra stop in the evening to pick up artisanal muffins and drugs. I love the convenience of one-stop shopping!

  • Awesome, because that is a great place to be around the “twilight” hours of the day.

  • This is great news that corner could really use some help.

  • The block is beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s usually occupied by the disenfranchised, forgotten, poorest, intoxicated people.

  • Just needs a little help and s purpose.

  • ….and get shot or shoot up. Whatever floats your boat. $5 for the rhubarb but for $20 I’ll throw in a dip cigarette. SMDH

  • It seems that H Street Main Street is going to sell beer. Not sure how that happens in public space. Especially since ANC commissioner Henderson has gotten the police to to chase off people for drinking in that exact space.

  • love the idea but not the location I ready avoid this area in the day i don’t think I want to be there at twilight

  • Do the organizers know this corner is already occupied by folks who have their own wares for sale?

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Like another poster said–great concept but the location might deter me from going.

    Was walking in that area today and came in contact with a group smoking Scoopy Snacks (synthetic weed). I had a headache after walking by and remembered the story on the news about folks tripping out on it! I increased my speed in getting away from them lol

  • My first thought was I would never go to the Starburst Plaza on purpose…especially at “twilight”. But hopefully events like this will help clean it up. If more non-drunk, non-drug dealing people start hanging out there, maybe the aforementioned people will move on and the area will become safer.

  • justinbc

    I just hope the offerings are better than what you can find at the farmers market that’s on 13th and H every Saturday. That’s got to be one of the most pathetic in the District. Once the Apollo construction is done and the Whole Foods crowd moves in they’ll likely get their act together.

  • Does this mean that the next farmers market will be in North Capitol and Florida?

    • You laugh, but that’s exactly where the handful of complainers for the Bloomingdale market wanted it to move!

  • This is such a great idea. Get people using the Starburst Intersection. The city put a lot of money into that intersection and it hasn’t gotten any use, besides loitering, since the redesign. Even if you don’t buy anything I think it might be a good idea to wander over and hang out. That space won’t improve until we make it improve.

    • justinbc

      +1, things don’t get better through apathy.

    • +1. Also, this just sounds like a fun concept in general. Excited to check it out.

    • Finally a reasonable response at the bottom of this thread. Yes, the plaza has problems– but this is a very good idea that indirectly addresses them. I’d rather see advocates for positive use than increased policing. Once people see this is not their public toilet/drug market/trash heap they will stop using it as such.

      I will be there tonight, and I encourage everyone else who is interested to do so as well. Don’t let vague fears stop you from enjoying your neighborhood and participating in something to make it better. Who knows, maybe they can even get the fountain running again (dare to dream).

      I only wish they had given everyone more than 24 hours notice.

    • Thank you. I was feeling both anger and sadness at the amount of negativity in these comments. This is a positive change not just for that intersection but for the neighborhood. Can’t we just have a little bit of positivity here???

      On a side note, I wouldn’t go hanging around the Starburst intersection at midnight (or really any random intersection for that matter), but there is nothing scary about going there during the day. Sure, there are some interesting characters, but let’s stop acting like its Hampsterdam over there.

  • This may be the most aggressive act of gentrification yet. There will be artisanal war painting and vintage weaponry training at (hipster bar) on Wednesday July 1st in preparation for the ensuing raid.

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