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Cute inexpensive furniture options

“I’m on the hunt for a small couch and don’t want to spend a ton. What are some options for inexpensive furniture in or near DC beyond the usual suspects (World Market, HomeGoods, PB…)? I’m looking for something kind of trendy, not another bulky beige/brown/olive “contemporary casual” piece. Bonus points if it’s metro accessible. I knew someone once who went to a place where they sold furniture that was used to stage model homes, but I have no idea where that was. And I’ve already been trolling Craigslist with no luck (I have size limitations so that doesn’t help things). Any ideas?”

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  • “I knew someone once who went to a place where they sold furniture that was used to stage model homes, but I have no idea where that was” I wonder if it was the consignment store Gallery St. Elmo in Bethesda. I haven’t been there myself, but know a property manager with excellent taste and he says this is his go-to place to outfit his furnished rentals.
    Also, can I assume that you’ve looked at Good Wood, Modern Mobler, Miss Pixies and Ruff & Ready? All of them are very hit or miss, but they can have some great “finds.”

    • I echo these places. Also Peg Leg Vintage if you have a car. You may also want to consider going into furniture stores and asking if they have any deals on floor models. My husband and I wandered into West Elm one day and they had a 40% off deal on all floor models but weren’t advertising it. Good luck!

    • You’re not gonna find anything inexpensive at Modern Mobler.

  • What’s your budget, OP? Do you value price over quality? How long do you want to own the couch? Ikea is probably the obvious answer.

    • OP here. I’d like to be under $400 for a small loveseat. It’ll be used for lounging and tv watching so I want something relatively comfortable, but I don’t expect it to last forever. It’s for a small studio. I intend to either sell it or relegate to “just there for its looks” furniture when I move, and I don’t see myself here for more than 2 years. I currently have an Ikea Ektorp loveseat that’s super comfy and fairly sturdy, but it’s just too big, so I’ll be selling that. Unfortunately the Ikea options are too big.

      • For what it’s worth… the Karlstad loveseat is 65″ wide, vs. the Ektorp loveseat’s 70.5″. If even the IKEA pieces are too large for you, I think you might have a hard time finding something elsewhere that’s smaller but still comfy (especially at $400 or less) — IKEA is sized for small European spaces, whereas a lot of American stuff isn’t.
        IKEA’s smaller-than-Karlstad options certainly don’t look comfy — the Knopparp “loveseat” (47″ wide) is not really worthy of the name, and the Nipprig “sofa” (40″ wide) is all wicker. The seat of the Stocksund bench (57″ wide) looks reasonably comfy… but it’s a bench, so there’s no back.

      • Some other IKEA items… the Stocksund loveseat is 60 5/8″ wide… but it starts at $579. I’m not particularly into the look of the Knislinge loveseat, but it’s 59″ wide and $279.
        There are a couple of loveseats in your price range that are meant to be outdoor furniture: Arholma, Applaro, and Kungsholmen.

      • Ok, now I want one of these: And surprisingly, Amazon has a number of decent and comfortable-looking options under $400.

        • The OP wanted something smaller than her (?) current 70.5″-wide Ektorp loveseat, though. Maybe a beanbag in a smaller size? (It looks like they have a range of sizes.)

      • HaileUnlikely

        It’s a little more than you want to spend, but I really like the Ikea Kivik. I have the Kivik sofa and love it. The loveseat is $479-$549 depending on the cover. I think it is extremely difficult to do better without spending a whole lot more.

        • The Kivik loveseat is 74.75″ wide, though, and the OP says her existing Ektorp loveseat — 70.5″ wide — is “too big.”

  • Salvation Army on Kenilworth Ave, but not Metro accessible.

  • I bought small couches both at value city furniture and Jennifer convertibles. Hamilton sofa had a cute small one also check west elm. Cort furniture does a lot of staging but also sells New peices

  • Urban Essentials has some nice things

  • My girlfriend and I on the same hunt. The other day we were in World Market, and I commented that for a store with such a feminine aesthetic they have the most masculine upholstery colors. We’ve had our eye on a tufted velvet couch that is currently only in greyish brown but will hopefully be available in a rich dark blue soon.

  • A lot of people pooh-pooh IKEA, but I’ve been very happy with an IKEA Karlstad sofa that I originally intended just as a stopgap.*
    I don’t think all IKEA sofas are created equal, however. Part of the reason I’d ordered a non-IKEA sofa in the first place was that I’d test-sat their Ektorp sofa, and I didn’t think it was well-made (I could feel the wooden frame through the cushion). I didn’t even look at the Karlstad at the time, because I thought it looked too modern.
    Not sure how small you’re looking for, but the Karlstad comes in a loveseat (two-seater) model as well as a three-seater sofa model.
    *Stopgap backstory: I’d ordered a sofa from a place that went out of business a few weeks before my sofa was due to be delivered. Shortly afterward, I spotted a Karlstad on the Freecycle Yahoogroup and was able to get it when the original claimant backed out. I liked it enough (with a new cover from IKEA) that I ended up keeping it rather than replacing it with something brand-new.

    • Not very Metro-friendly, though, according to Shawess’s account of trying to get there (or get back) by bus from the College Park Metro.

    • The Ektorp is fairly sturdy (and looks good) in my opinion. I got one on Craigslist a few years ago and it’s still going strong. The arms might feel a bit thin, but that’s what throw pillows are for. The cushions are holding up great.

      • Hmm… it wasn’t the arms that concerned me in my test-sitting, but the wooden piece at the front — what would be just under/behind your knees when you’re sitting down.
        Maybe the cushions on the display models were more worn/squashed and I could thus more easily feel the the wooden piece through them.

  • CB2 in Georgetown.

    • +1 – they’re really good with small spaces and they have decent sales. If you see something there that you like, ask if they have a discount or sale before paying full price.

  • tt

    My wife and I faced the same problem, so I built Collects the latest inventory from used and vintage furniture all around town.

  • Model Home Clearance Center is in Gaithersburg, MD. They are on FB: If you are willing to wait, try Max Sold, an online auction. I’ve gotten some great lighting, rugs, and more at various auctions over the past year.

  • Industrial Home in Frederick is really great. I remember liking their upholstered pieces A LOT and thinking the prices were reasonable.

    We also just put two Ikea chairs in another house, once was Ektorp and I forget the other but we got it in red. The red one is also available as a love seat and it’s super comfortable.

    Good luck with your search! The comments are really great!

  • Not sure if anyone else posted this already but I am a big fan of Cort. They rent furniture for staging and after a few uses they sanitize it and sell it. You have to travel to either location in Maryland but it is well worth it. We found a great set originally priced at 2000 bucks and bought it for 400.

  • Flea Market Store on North Cap and Q!!!

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