Another Peek Inside The Royal now Open in LeDroit Park (closed today but open again tomorrow)

the royal
501 Florida Ave, NW

The Royal looking good! Thanks to a reader for sending. Please note that The Royal is “closed today, but will be open tomorrow at 7am for coffee, and dinner/cocktails later that afternoon!”

Anyone else take a taste last night?

“The drinks were fantastic. The blue is AGUARDIENTE PUNCH with blackberry, vanilla, cassis, citrus; the orange is ROYAL CUP with ford’s gin, cucumber, strawberry, ginger beer, the martini-style one was PASSION OF THE SPICE with milagro blanco tequila, jalapeno, passionfruit, lime. Innovative cocktails!”



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  • justinbc

    Looks like nice sized drinks, and refreshing for hot summer nights.

  • FINALLY an AFFORDABLE!!!! restaurant/bar/coffee shop in Shaw. The inside looks really nicely done but not corporate, its got very long open hours, the menu is large and unique and a cup of good coffee plus a refill is only $2.50. I couldn’t be happier. Only thing is the ambulances coming down Florida Ave. are REALLY loud but what are you gonna do… Will sirens be a thing of the past once cars can drive themselves??

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