The Pitch Tavern Re-Opening May 27th in Petworth

4015 Georgia Ave, NW

Update from the owner of The Pitch about their temporary closure:

“The Pitch Tavern will be reopening on Wednesday, May 27. We’re taking this time to bring on some new hires, take our staff through a new training program and revise our menu. With The Pitch Tavern being a new establishment, my partners and I being new restaurateurs, and the summer months approaching, we decided it was more effective to close temporarily while we get our house in order. We will continue giving our guests an outstanding experience through the summer and beyond!”

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  • Smart move.

  • This is great, great news. Not closing, plus taking their issues seriously and trying to fix them.

    Also, take some of this time to get the wiring worked out so you can show multiple games on different TVs.

  • Love this move. It’s what The Coupe should have done soon after they opened. Could have fixed a lot of their issues.

  • Good on them! I’ll definitely check them out again after the re-open. I wish them the best.

  • Hooray! Glad to see they are getting the house in order and re-opening. We took our family there twice in the last month for brunch and found the owner and staff super nice and genuine.

  • Outstanding! It’s great to have an establishment that covers niche sports, but with the local teams playing so well they really have to figure a way to consistently show all the local games. While I love the premier league it’s an exciting time to be a DC sports fan. I hope they take that into consideration as well.

  • Good move. I’d love to see more vegetarian options on the menu and some shade on that balcony. It gets intense direct sunlight throughout the day and would be pretty uncomfortable to sit on when it gets hotter.

  • I sure hope “getting their house in order” means they’ll offer something cheaper than a $6 Miller Lite bottle in what feels like an airport bar.

    • Agree with this. $6 for a 12 oz ML is more expensive than at the Verizon Center ($11 for a 24 oz ML)

      • The fact that they use the term “domestic beer” to mean “generic macrobrews” rather than beer produced in the USA annoys me. It shows they are kind of out of touch with the contemporary beer scene in places like DC.

        They had a happy hour discount on domestic beer, so I ordered an Allagash White (brewed in Maine) which came at full price.

        • I love domestic Macrobrews. Miller High Life is delicious. I love Microbr…..I meant Craft brews also. …There are too many to count.

          I learned a valuable lesson about people who criticize others for what they drink, “Don’t let your good taste ruin someone else’s good time.”

  • Great news! As you can see from this blog, you have the support of the neighborhood. We want you to be successful. You also fill a missing component that is in demand – a true sports bar with food.
    I’d encourage you to ensure your wait staff is up to the task and has experience in the food service industry, be sure to think about getting more TVs or re-positioning current ones for better viewing, getting all the professional sports T? packages (MLB, NFL Ticket, NBA Package) so all the games are on TV and tweaking the menu. Have events centered around major sporting events. People don’t expect much beyond a clean, well-run sports bar with solid food and the certainty their game will be on. Your renovation was great. You’ll be fine. Continued success!

  • Hope they fired the “Chef” who lurks at the end of the bar goading people in to arguments about how good the food is and how well it’s priced. Also hope they fixed every other aspect of it. Want this place to work for real.

  • I really like The Pitch and didn’t have any of the negative experiences that some customers described on this and other websites, but maybe my expectations are low, given so few decent bar options in Petworth. I thought the food was fair, the beer fresh, and the staff friendly. I also thought the ambience was quite pleasant, particularly compared to say Torogoz or some other dive on the GA strip.

    I’m concerned though about the prospects for a re-opening. Don’t a lot of bars/restaurants in financial trouble try this move, often with little success?

  • Awesome. I felt guilty that I hadn’t been in here yet. The school year is wrapping up by then, so a good time for a local bar to open so I can celebrate appropriately.

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