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  • What is a Starbucks “Reserve”?
    Actually I just googled it for myself because I’m not THAT lazy. In an article talking about the first one in Seattle:
    “Over the next five years, the company will roll out more than 100 new stores dedicated to its line of Reserve coffees, which, as the name suggests, appear in limited editions and smaller batches than its other blends.”
    “…the company will create a specialized store experience devoted to highlighting these rare, limited availability coffees in at least 100 locations in the next five years. The first stores will open in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.”

  • maxwell smart

    There’s one in Disleyland. So there’s that.

  • So I wt need a reservation to buy a cup of coffee at this location?

    • west_egg

      Reservations are soooo 2013. Nowadays we wait in line for an hour.
      Wait, no — waiting in line for an hour is soooo 2014. Now we pay someone else to stand in line on our behalf.

  • The Starbucks Reserve Tasting Room in Seattle is INSANE. From design standpoint it’s gorgeous and so well done with no details overlooked. But from moral standpoint – it’s pretty overwhelming how ostentatious it is. Especially the quotes etched into wood bar that say “experience distance cultures”.

  • I had a friend buy 1 lb of Starbucks Reserve whole beans at the Seattle flagship location. Pretty amazing stuff. Well worth the price.
    The NY Times did a great article on the flagship SR in Seattle. $30 million on a coffee shop. It shows too.

  • I’ve tried their $60/lb coffee. It was absolutely delicious, but I felt no urge to buy more.

  • ah

    So I can pay even more for a cup of joe?

    (That said, I’ve bought some of their reserve, or special, or something coffee beans and they were pretty good)

  • oooooh, Starbucks you so FANCY!

  • Stopped by the one in Abu Dhabi and was quite nice. I guess they needed to upgrade the Starbucks experience there when competing with cappuccino served with actual gold flakes sprinkled on it!

  • I assume this will have the Clover machine? SBUX is getting crazy with all these new concepts.

  • I went to the one in Seattle when it first opened last year. Fun destination as a tourist but I don’t know that I’d visit regularly if I lived there. Beans I bought were quite good, and their collection of coffee equipment for sale was impressive. I’ll probably check it out when it opens in DC too.

  • In the Starbucks Reserve locations I’ve been to (outside of Seattle) they brew their Reserve coffees on the Clover machine. The Clover can do a decent job as long as it’s calibrated correctly, however sometimes it’s not. I work for a local roaster in DC. Recently I was in a specialty coffee desert (small-town Arkansas) and I was eternally grateful for the Starbucks Reserve I found there. Their brews won’t be the best in DC, but certainly better than their house blends, and most likely better than anything else within a 4 block radius (Chinatown coffee is 5 blocks away; La Colombe is also 5 blocks away).

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