Rental of the Day – 2 bed/2 bath in Shaw


This rental is located at 447 Ridge Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Completely Remodeled and Landlord is renting FULLY FURNISHED! Hardwoods and Recessed Lighting throughout entire home! Kit w/New Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances and Granite Counter tops! Remodeled Bathrooms with Ceramic Tile and New Vanity. Ample Storage to include Custom Walk In Closet in Master! New Furnace, New Water Heater and Parking in Rear!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,295/Mo.

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    Seems like a stellar deal.

    • Seriously…what’s the catch?

      • I thought the same!

        Granted it’s not Logan as the guy in the video claims but it’s huge, has parking…I’m racking my brain on this one.

      • It’s surrounded by a bunch of low income housing and is in the most crime-prone area of Shaw.

      • Only thing that jumps out at me is the small living/dining space with a lack of windows. Seemed a little dark.

      • I actually think that this location is great, but the catch is that this is a dark basement unit from what I can tell.

    • I live pretty close to hear and they just approved a 26 unit development on the corner of Ridge and 4th. I imagine parking will be tight with a complex in an area of mostly rowhouses and that the construction equipment will make the street crowded.

  • Looks like the catch is that it’s in a basement! 2 levels on the front side, 3 levels on the back side.

  • They don’t understand the market. There is a market for cheaply (because even the very expensive ones leased and furnished by the large providers used by corporate relocation companies for corporations are furnished with broken furniture from Cort and the cheapest coulple-of-inches-deep-unsleepable-on mattresses, I found out) but COMPLETELY furnished apartments as corporate rentals by people here temporarily. That includes ready to live in, with kitchen supplies, linens, towels, lamps, dressers, nightstands, a desk, etc.

    The market for partially and furnished apartments full of cheap junk is not that large, really. Maybe as dorm alternative. But they are popular really close to campuses, not elsewhere.

  • Maybe not a bad deal. It’s a great neighborhood and is definitely not surrounded by public housing. But this is a new construction house built a couple of years ago on a foundation, quite literally, of gravel and trash. Lots of stop work orders, lots of failed inspections (and we all know how hard it is to fail a DC inspection). Renter beware. But maybe worth the price.

  • Not sure about the value of the rent, but might have to do with the fact that they haven’t been able to sell it since it was built two years ago.

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