MPD Confirms Shooting at 6th and N St, NW (7th and O St, NW) just before 9pm

7th and O St, NW

Update from MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting that occurred at 6th and N St that occurred about 20 minutes ago. [just before 9pm]

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

@DCPolice Dept tweets:

“Shooting 2051 hrs in the 700 block of O Street, NW. Lookout for B/M, long dreads, last seen on a dirt bike.”

A reader tweets us:

“Shots fired on 7th and O. Careful out there!”

I asked if MPD was on the scene:

“yes along with ambulances…. same spot as usual.”

On the Shaw listserv a resident writes:

“We were just out walking the dogs, and a block away (near 7th & O) a loud shot rang out followed by screams and chaos, and then sirens. There had been a party going on there. There may have been some additional shots. This happens repeatedly in that same area, yet there were on police in the area when it happened.”

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  • From a block over, I heard one shot and just saw two ambulances take off from the scene. This is getting ridiculous. At lease once a week someone getting shot or shot at on the same block. When are the police going to do something comprehensive rather than simply showing up after the fact every time? Cover the place in flood lights and cameras for a while!

  • Agree. This has become absolutely absurd. The city and the surrounding residences must act now.

  • We were the guys walking the dogs – we saw the guy on the dirt bike right after the shot, turned right from O street and headed south on 6th Street. The thing is, as this keeps happening in the same spot, WHY is there not a CONSTANT police presence there?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      People always say this in response to shootings, but is there any proof that a constant police presence actually changes crime rates (and I ask that honestly)? I assume that if you station cops at this location, the people will just hang somewhere else and the same shootings will occur, but in a different location. Maybe that is the cynic in me, but I seriously wonder how much placing a cop car in a location actually fixes crime problems (and If I am wrong, I would be happy here about it). In that Waco shooting, there were cops on hand and a giant gun fight still broke out. While that is obviously an extreme example, it just goes to show that crime happens sometimes no matter what we do. It seems like fixing the societal reasons behind the crime are the best solution to these situations.

  • Do you know if there is an efficient way to learn more details about all of these shootings? For example: Who and why are they shooting? Are they ever caught? I am so over this gun violence, and the sense that no one outside of the blogosphere is acknowledging it. :/

    • The ANC meetings are a good place to get more info. We get some details in a Q&A with precinct representatives at the beginning of ours (ANC6E) every time. They also give the contact info for our district commander/lieutenant to contact the brass directly. It helps having neighbors there asking questions to bring more attention to it, so I think it would be worth your time stopping by.

  • This has to be the fourth shooting in that same spot over the past two months. What can I do to get more reaction from the police/city? I have already contacted my ANC rep and did not receive a response. Shootings have just become normal at this point.

  • For those of you commenting about police presence, there is always a cop sitting at the corner of 5th and N. I know it’s not exactly in the same location, but it is still fairly close to merit a quick response.

    • A police vehicle is not always on O Street. My window looks directly onto that street.

      In past summers, the police had used more innovative techniques to deal with the crowds that gather along O Street. Flood lights. A large balloon that held a camera and filmed the street below. Those techniques seemed to discourage the crowds from gathering. However I have not see any actions like that taken this year. And the shootings continue to happen on a weekly basis… There have to be alternative ways to deal with the issues on that block.

  • i hate the fact that this activity continues to happen directly across from the playground. a very nice playground that is often used by groups of people coming thru to split blunts and smoke weed and roll dice. this is the O street side of Kennedy where this all went down. saw the tape and police activity out there this morning.

    the other side N & 7th isn’t much better. there’s a cute little toddler playground that people often hang out to drink right inside of the gate. we had to stop going there when a man in a group one day decided to get high on god knows what while another fine gentleman decided to film his drug induced episode. scared the living daylight out of me!

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