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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: This weather
    Rave: Intense weekend, loved the Funk Parade
    Rave: Battle of 2 Marching bands on 11th St. after the Funk Parade, that was amazing!
    Rave: Love my apartment
    Rant-ish: Need introvert me time to recover, just wanted to stay home this morning.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Successfully completed the my first American Odyssey Relay! Eleven of us took 28 hours and 38 minutes to run from Gettysburg to DC!
    Rant: Only slept an hour on Thursday night before the race and about fifteen minutes on Friday night during the race.
    Rave: Slept twelve hours straight when I got back on Saturday night.
    Rant: It was pretty tough.
    Rave: I didn’t hate it as much as I’d expected.
    Rant: When I got back to work this morning, I found some sort of horrorbug had crawled into the dregs of my leftover coffee and died over the weekend. Nice gross surprise…

    • Congrats! I was surprised at how much fun I had, too. My naps had naps yesterday.

      • Mug of Glop

        Congratulations to you, too! That was pretty much the most tired I’ve ever been. I’m surprised I even managed to stay up until 8 pm after the race.

    • Congrats on the race!
      Eeeewwwww! about the bug in the coffee.

      • Mug of Glop

        Washed out my mug and made new coffee this morning. Very tasty and extremely free of horror.

  • Rave: Excellent amazing wonderful fantastic date this weekend. WOOOHOOO!
    Rave: Last final due today and it’s all done and ready to be turned in after one last glance to make sure there are no glaring typos. WOOOHOOO!
    Rant: Arguments on PoPville over “car accident” vs. “car collision” — come on guys! PoPville is PoPville, not a government offical or something. Do we need to debate semantics as long as we all understand what’s going on? How about from now on we just say “There was a car. The car flipped. Now the car is sideways.” Wording crisis avoided.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hurray on your raves! Totally agree with your rant. Collision vs. Accident is a silly arguement to have here. Everyone knows what accident means in this situation.

    • Hahahaha +10000000 on your rant.

    • Not to re-start the debate, but I think it was more about absolving a driver and implying they’re not at fault (accident), vs recognizing that most accidents are caused by negligent or reckless behavior. Yes, most people around here use the word accident loosely, but I also think we need a change in the attitudes of and toward drivers.

      • But its still semantics. I hear people say “That person needs to get off their phone or they’re going to cause an accident” (for example) all the time. I don’t think that anyone is implying that drivers aren’t sometimes (if not often!) at fault. It’s great that we have people on PoPville who are smart and aware of how the language we use can affect our perception and vice versa, but unfortunately that’s not going to change society’s use of the word “accident” to describe anything involving a car wrecking itself or other things.

      • If you check the dictionary you will find that the incident in question was indeed an accident. I think the main problem is there are too many people trying to attach their own meanings to words, too many people who read between the lines without ever just reading the actual words first. That “debate” (or at least what I read of it) was pretty ridiculous.

        • Attaching meanings to words is pretty important on the whole and quite important here. I’m of the mind that people really like to call car accidents just that, “accidents,” because Americans love their cars and fancy themselves pretty good at driving them. When you see people are hurt or killed in car accidents it’s easy to rationalize that it wouldn’t happen to you because you’re a good driver and you would have avoided it or not put yourself in that situation. We don’t want to acknowledge that getting in a car is far and away the most dangerous thing most people in this country do regularly.
          Vehicular deaths have been between about 30,000 and 50,000 per year since 1930. That’s 85 years (obv population and vehicle miles driven have grown in that time, but deaths have held fairly consistent recently). If we ascribed blame to them more often we might care to work on that.

          • *work on it more, as in collectively. I don’t want to suggest no one is working on it.

          • It’s not important to attach meaning to words when you’re just letting people know that something happened. If *you* want to take it further and add your own interpretations and speculations, that’s fine, but don’t say that the original information was improperly stated because it didn’t provide the meaning that you want to be there. Again, check the dictionary and you’ll see that you’re attaching too much of your own personal meaning to the word “accident”; that’s on you, not on the person who wrote that the car flip was an accident.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t think anyone is implying the driver is not a fault when they use accident. That’s not really how people (not legalese or insurance speak) use accident. It’s is used for a whole slew of things including car crashes, kitchen mishaps, falling off a curb and shattering one’s thumb, etc.

        • Wow, that last accident was very specific. Haha. Thanks for giving me a laugh today, Emilie!

  • Rave: awesome weekend complete with finding the perfect place to move!
    Question: which movers did you use and would you recommend them?

    • Congrats on your rave!!! That’s great news.

    • I had a great experience with Any Time Movers DC. Great rate and service.

      • I second and third Anytime Movers! Very professional and friendly, with great rates! They were wonderful and accommodating when I had to reschedule at the last minute due to a family emergency, and when I recommended them to a friend a couple of months ago (who had a complex situation involving three different loading locations), she was thrilled with their service too.

    • We used Beltway, but it was about 8 years ago. Good customer service. Careful. Did a great job with a grand piano. Even had to store stuff for a while, and they helped with that.

    • I moved my 1 bedroom worth of stuff with mytruckbuddy; I had a very positive experience, one guy showed up about 15 min early than my appointment and got started moving my stuff (without his partner who was still on the way) and didn’t charge me for the time, I had a quick neighborhood move so it only took an hour, but I think its a very good deal. Friendly and accommodating staff, I had to reschedule and move my day up by a week or something and they had no problem.

    • Bookstore Movers. They are fantastic!

    • I used gulliver’s movers- they were very professional and I was able to negotiate a bit on price.

    • AWESOME experience with Two Marines Moving

    • I just moved and used Great Scott Movers. I chose them because they were one of the top rated companies on Consumers Checkbook, and they didn’t disappoint. Their rates were lower than the other quotes we got, and they moved everything quickly and efficiently and broke nothing.

    • I used ALS Movers. They were on time, professional, and packed my things more carefully than I would have. The price was reasonable and they even bumped it down a bit because the move went over the estimated time (not their fault) and ended up being more than I’d expected. I would recommend them highly, with one caveat: they are better if you’ve used movers before and have some idea how large of a team you need. What the booker recommended vs. how large of a team my movers would have chosen for the job were two different things.

  • Rave: beautiful biking weather!
    Rant: saw a dad on a bike this morning with his kid in tow on one of those attached little covered things. He was biking so aggressively, running red lights, posting up in the middle of the street! Terrible bike behavior in general, but reckless with a toddler on board! It would have been so easy for him to misjudge one of the cars he was swerving around and have them just take off the kid carrier thing. Ugh it gave me so much anxiety.

    • Reminds me of the time I was almost hit in the crosswalk by a guy running a stop sign with a kid in tow. Broad daylight, no excuses. He then yelled at me. Why risk your child’s safety then show such bad behavior? Second, I’ve never felt good about this little kid wagon things. They seem way too flimsy to carry a person.

  • Rave: Wearing shorts to/from the office again rocks.
    Rave: Taste of 8th St SE was terrific on Saturday. Well run, some really yummy bites, and not at all crowded.
    Rave: Didn’t feel like searching for veal scaloppini, so made chicken schnitzel instead and it was awesome!

  • Rave: Made bagels, black & white cookies, baked ziti for friends with a new baby, banana bread for teachers’ appreciation week plus regular weekend stuff.
    Rave: Two yoga class, softball game, and trip to Meridian Hill park to check out the drummers.
    Rave: The bagels. OMG amazing. Thanks for the recipe, RabitRabitRabit! (I think I’m attributing to the correct source)
    Rant: Too late to the funk parade & missed most of it.
    Rave: Lovely weekend!
    Rant: I may have overdone it. At least I’m not super tired. Yet.

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend in Atlanta for nephew’s wedding. Wedding, plus visiting the Botanical Gardens and Oakland Cemetery and walking around different neighborhoods
    Rave: Flying back into National from the north/down the Potomac, seeing all the monuments from the air and the full moon rising
    Rave: Less than 30 minutes from walking off the plane to walking into my house
    Rave: Sleeping with the windows open
    No rants on this sunny Monday 🙂

  • Rave: Great date this weekend. Play was very funny. but
    Rant: Lady was a bit down in the dumps earlier in the week, but we never got to talk about it. Hopefully, she’s back on the positive side now.
    Rave: Turning in my bar app today and having an informational coffee.
    Rant: Allergies, cold…I don’t even know anymore.

    • Good raves! And I feel you on the last rant. My allergies mixed in with a cold, so I’m taking all these medications. Still alive, so I think I’m good.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant/Rave: had a lot of nervous energy over the weekend so I cleaned my apartment very slowly b/c I’m still esxhasted from the virus I had a couple of weeks ago. When they said I would have extreme exhaustion they really meant it.
    Rave: Amazing waffles and nectar ice cream at my country house. Thanks Schwesti!
    Rant: we got so engrossed in binge watching The Americans that we forgot to have ice cream.
    Rave: I licked the ice cream paddle, so I still got some. I think nectar is my favorite ice cream flavor.

  • Rant: This weather. The season of comfortably being outside has ended for me. I would happily trade each humid 80°+ day for another week of winter.

  • Rave: Saturday’s weather. And the embassy tour, although my bf and I only went to 1 embassy that morning because the lines were just nuts. Expected, but had a nice morning walk so it was good.
    Rave: getting to wear cute dresses to work now that suddenly we’re in summer mode. thanks dc
    rant/rave: every weekend this month is booked with something; its all good stuff I’m looking forward to (mostly) but its pre-exhausting me to think about it now.

    • emvee

      I finally unpacked all my spring/summer dresses this weekend since it seems like winter is officially gone. It’s been pretty wonderful.

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend visiting BF – three great dinners and lots of time outside.
    Rant: Missed connecting flight on the way up so I had to drive – which meant leaving at 430am this morning…
    Rave: Coffee
    Rave: Next trip is for ten days!!!

  • emvee

    Rave: Sunshine! Warmth! Greenery!
    Question: I want to do a weekend in WV, maybe around Seneca Rocks, with the SO and dog. Sadly for me, SO is very against camping in a tent, but pro-cabin. Any suggestions for good/not too fancy cabins that accept dogs in WV? I haven’t been too blown away by what’s on AirBNB and Homeaway.

    • Potomac Appalachian Trail Club has a bunch of cabins that allow dogs. They run the gamut from primitive to full-service (i.e., electricity, full kitchen, and running water). You do have to be a member of the PATC, though, to rent most of their cabins. I think the individual membership runs about $35 a year. I’ve been to four or five of their cabins and have enjoyed all of them. Their website is patc DOT net.

  • Rave: Great time wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping with a friend last night. She’s such an easygoing bride and I love the current bridesmaid dress front runner.
    Rave: Just registered to run the Capitol Hill Classic 10K the weekend before my half. Apparently I need to boost my t-shirt collection.
    Rant People in my office who love the word “myself” and use it incorrectly all.the.time.

    • How do you use “myself” wrong?

      • In the place of “me”. “Please contact myself if you have any questions” or “A, B, and myself are managing the project”.

    • New Rave: I love that Will and Kate went with Princess Charlotte.

      • Allison

        Buh, they stole the name I was planning on for my potential future daughter. I don’t want people to think I named my baby out of royal baby mania!

        • Eh I think it’s classic enough that you can get away with it! It’s such a pretty name.

    • Rave: AliceInDC reminded me I had been thinking about signing up for the Capitol Hill Classic, so I went ahead and did it just now! Hoping for better weather than my last 10K (St. Patrick’s Day 10K, when it hailed during parts of the race).

  • Rave: the kid’s sweet face in this photo!
    Rave: beautiful weather all weekend continues today
    Rant: A B-I-G a@@ raccoon climbing a really tall tree in my backyard yesterday, about 5 yards from me. Scared me indoors, then every time I would open 2nd floor window to look at it high up in tree, it would stare me down and scare me again! Finally 2 giant crows flew into the tree and squawked it out of that tree, across my fence, and into the next tall tree where I lost sight of it. I live near downtown Silver Spring 2 blocks from Sligo Creek trail, so a bit of wildlife around here. I like cardinals better:)

  • Rave: Sundress Fest was as amazing as I expected. Bonus points for running into fellow hippies from alma mater.
    Rave: Weekend! The weather, the hats (Va Gold Cup), the everything.
    Rant: I think I have to end things with my main squeeze. I like him, but I don’t think he’s really into me. It’s the adult thing to do, right?

    • Anonynon

      Haha i don’t know about the logic on the last rant! If you like him try to see if you are on the same page, that would be a good conversation to have 🙂

      • Now accepting suggestions for how to have this conversation. Ugh. Sometimes I wish people were telepathic.

        • More info would help. Why do you feel he’s not really into you? What would make you feel more comfortable about the relationship?

          • Eh, I’m pretty sure I just have to end it. It’s causing me anxiety and that’s silly. I also am pretty sure I shouldn’t be instigating 95% of our dates. If he wanted to see me he would do just that.

          • CarmieCarms — you do what you feel most comfortable with. I tend to think that talking about things that you feel like you have a good read on is pointless. Actions speak louder than words.

        • topscallop

          I had to have this conversation with my ex after several months of not knowing if we had plans, waiting around to hear from him, and generally feeling like I was way more into it than he was. I finally ova’d up and asked what we were doing. Depending on the answer, I was ready to move on. The conversation worked out though (he became an ex about 6 months later, for different reasons, and in the interim he was a great bf. We’re still friends).

  • Rant: I had the most antisocial, quiet weekend ever while everyone else was enjoying themselves. Basically left the house twice all weekend long. I sort of feel like a vampire.
    Rave: … because I was being super productive on a personal project. I’m really proud of what I accomplished.
    Rant: I’m super behind on other personal projects of all kinds. I hate having unanswered emails in my inbox and I have so many unanswered emails in my inbox. I would love to have another weekend to recover from this weekend!

  • Rant: Dating is rather squashing my self esteem.
    Rave: Great weekend with friends apart from that. Passport DC (the lack of lines at the Van Ness embassies were great), Dacha for the first time, new Avengers movie.
    Rave: Loving this weather.
    Rant: Constant coughing from allergies. Gah.

  • Rant: I did not sleep well last night.
    Rave: I had a fun, friend-filled weekend. Such perfect weather!
    Rant: This is going to be a very busy week.

  • Rave: awesome weekend, so much going on yet was able to get home and prep meals and relax before the week started
    Rave: two great back to back long runs, love this weather before the humidity fully kicks in
    Rant: I know it’s just being highlighted so I’m picking up on it, but what’s up with the uptick in shootings, the nice weather? As someone who lives a block from the recent CoHi shooting (and no further information to be found) I just want an answer to make it stop (ok realistically lessen). As a community member I’ll do what it takes, how do we inspire others to want a safer neighborhood too?

  • Rave: had a wonderful weekend full of embassies, board games, and a bridal shower
    Rave: somehow everyone I work with is pissing me off. Yes I know technology well but I cannot be the IT guy when I have another job that I’m struggling with
    Rant: feeling super broke this week

  • Rave: Amazing weekend with my friend – the chihuahua races were ridiculous fun!
    Rave: This weather!
    Rave: Full schedule this week – and looking forward to all manner of fun
    Rave: Booked my mom’s flight out here to visit this summer, which is super exciting
    Rave: Saw and loved the Avengers movie

  • One more rant: hotel won’t let me add nights to my reservation because it’s “nonrefundable”. Come on people, I’m trying to give you more money.

    • Have you tried calling? It sounds like a website programming quirk. If they won’t let you do it over the phone, that’s really silly.

      • They won’t. They’re telling me to make another reservation separately. Another quirk is that my confirmation email has a different date in it than does their system. I’m wondering if this is cause for a charge back?

        • Is the reservation with a national hotel chain?

        • That’s obnoxious.

        • Make your second reservation then call and they can connect them in the system (though to you it will still look separate). If you can, start a frequent traveler acct with them and add the number to both reservations and then call. It’s an easy way for the hotel to know that you are indeed the same Suzy Johnson and even if they can’t help over the phone, once your reservation has been transferred to the hotel itself, they’ll be able to see it and adjust accordingly.

    • I’ve had this happen before where I”ve made a reservation for a wedding block but decided to stay longer so the reservation extended before or after the block period (I can’t remember which). I had to end up making two reservations, but when I got there I asked about it and they said their system was set up in a way that didn’t let them accommodate it (and this was a super-nice small hotel chain). So the morning it was set to switch out, I went to the front desk and they checked me out and then checked me in again immediately to the same room. It wasn’t a big deal, but I did have to remember when one reservation ended.

  • palisades

    Rave: Awesome weekend in OBX for my brother’s wedding. Had been dreading giving the best man’s speech, and was nervous as hell, but all I heard was how much people liked it.
    Double-rave: Always amazing seeing your entire family in the same room. So many drunken songs and dancing.

  • Rave: Royals didn’t steal our baby name for a girl! Sounds petty, I know, but I was really annoyed at the new princess this weekend.
    Rave: the weather and gardening. Put in tomatoes, basil, eggplant, and zucchini this weekend.
    Rant: soooo tired. I stopped watching the Walking Dead about a year ago because it was giving me crazy nightmares, but I still had a crazy nightmare with zombies last night. Boo.

  • Rave: South Mountain Creamery festival – Kiddo got to hold a baby chick, pet cows (kiss them!), and enjoy running around in beautiful weather
    Rave: Yummy lunch at Family Meal – my f’in Volt gift card is so old, they had to re-issue it because they had changed gift card providers. And I’m not even 1/3 of the way through it!
    Rave: The new gift card will now work at Range (old one wouldn’t), so it’s moderately more likely we’ll use it even though it’s not that great of a restaurant…but $250 of alcohol sounds good to me
    Rant: All this violence in the city. It’s getting ridiculous – the text alerts are always considerably after the event, so “on the look out” is useless an hour later.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Missed the embassy tour again….because
    Rave: I got to play with a newborn! Who is, of course, the cutest baby ever! Wif the cutest iddle biddy baby toesies. Despite my rave, there actually was a minimum of baby talk while we adored her and welcomed her to the world.
    Rave: Amazon customer service. Not quite up there with Zappos, but excellent.
    Rave: I saw a great version of the “No Justice, No Peace” slogan: “Know Justice, Know Peace”. Yes!!!
    Rave: Playing with cellophane noodles. It wasn’t quite pancit, or pad woon sen, but it was good. Yum.
    Rant?: Wondering why cooked rotisserie chicken costs less per pound than raw chicken at the same market.

    • Re: your last rant. I constantly wonder this. It’s really common (I’ve noticed) for cooked rotisserie chickens to be cheaper than buying raw chicken breasts. It’s a great way to cut your grocery bill if you’re making a few things that all require shredded chicken!

      • Great question! I wonder if this is because rotisserie chickens contain a lot of inedible parts like bones? Usually the raw chicken is only the “choice” parts, no?

        • I think they use chickens close to being when they can no longer sell them….and also, for many places, they’re loss leaders – they know you’ll buy sides and other items that have a much higher mark up.

        • Blithe

          No, a whole raw chicken costs less than a whole cooked chicken — which is why I’m curious/not-curious about the pricing.

          • Blithe

            Oops — I said that backwards. The whole Cooked chicken costs less than the Whole raw chicken. Which presumably has labor and spices added. Which makes me wonder.

          • Out of curiosity, was this at Whole Foods? I’ve noticed that WF sells several different kinds of whole chicken, each with different “welfare ratings.” It’s sort of like their egg selection, where you can get “plain” eggs or certified humane eggs that cost nearly twice as much. They don’t always have all of the types of chicken at all times, so sometimes they only have the $20 whole chickens with a high welfare rating.

          • Blithe

            Shawess, yes, this was Whole Foods, but I’ve noticed the same pricing pattern at other markets. I hadn’t thought to compare the welfare ratings though — so that might account for it. I like that explanation and jindc’s point about loss leaders MUCH better than my assumption re: the sell-by dates.

          • FWIW, I think the loss-leader theory and the sell-by-date theory make a lot of sense.

      • Blithe

        My guess is that they’re taking all the chickens right at the “sell by” date that no one would buy, and roasting them. So instead of taking a loss, it’s profit. It IS a great way to cut my grocery bill — but the icky-ness of hand shredding does make me appreciate pre-cut parts.

    • You didn’t miss much with the embassy tours. We managed to hit the Dominican Republic and Japan. By the time we finally finished with Japan (sorta fun, nice little bites), the crowds everywhere were ridiculous. Between the weather and tour buses dropping folks off by the hundreds, it just wasn’t worth standing in hour long lines anywhere. We might try to get to Belgium early next Saturday for waffles and beer, but actual brunch in a nice Belgian restaurant is looking a lot more appealing!

      • You should try the embassies up by Van Ness sometime – there were no lines at any of them, I hit all 6 or 7. 🙂 The ones on embassy row can be pretty fun, but just so crazy…

        • Or Georgetown. I had lunch at the African Union mission — including my fave fried plantains — and then moved on to the Embassy of Qatar for oud music, dress-up, calligraphy, a cooked sheep head, and henna. No lines.

          • Blithe

            These sound great! So for next year, I’ll plan a “no lines” list of embassies to tour.

        • Costa Rica also didn’t have a line despite being right off of embassy row. And they had free rum tastings too. 🙂 I think I’ll check out the Van Ness ones next year, though!

          • Yes, I went to that one last year – lots of fun! No alcohol around the Van Ness embassies, unfortunately (a number of them were Muslim countries). Malaysia went all out, they had a ton of food and drinks (not free though), a really elaborate fashion show, traditional clothes to try on… Very fun.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Got my garden planted this weekend
    Rave: Lot of drinking with friends in lots of places this weekend
    Rant: When did American Ice Company become so posh? It felt a little stuffy with all the fashionista’s in there friday during HH
    Rave: Show tonight 🙂

    • What did you plant?! I ordered some potting mix on Woot.com and it’s coming in today, and I hit up Home Depot for ferns / violets / seedlings, but I was at a loss for what would do well here. Any tips appreciated!

      • Anonynon

        I planted a whole variety of stuff, mostly lettuce and kale. I have 1 tomato plan and then some dill and basil. I plan to add a cucumber plant as well. I am trying to plant stuff that people don’t want to steal (like a plump red juicy tomato would likely get plucked from the garden, which is open to the community)

    • Haven’t been to American Ice Co. in a while. I hope it really isn’t stuffy now. Nothing wrong with being fashionable but just don’t have an attitude.

      • Anonynon

        Agreed, people didn’t have attitudes…it just seemed more like a ‘destination’ spot than i remember it being. We just decided to go because they have good beer on tap and its not too far away. Others looked like they were going to the club after ^.^

  • Rant: Vince, I wish I could have met up with you earlier – I’m kicking myself now. With my dog so sick, it just got too nuts to meet up. I was waiting till after things settled down to call you….and then I gave my IPhone an unintentional bath. I hadn’t back up my phone in over a moth – needless to say, I lost your number. I would love to say thanks for being so nice about my dog! If you happen to see this – please text me!
    Rave: I have started swimming again – 4 times last week and already got one in this morning – I’m on a roll!

  • Rave: Finally went to the Mingering Mike exhibition at the American Art Museum. It’s hilarious and wonderful. Definitely check it out!

    • Thanks for the reminder — I’ve been meaning to check this out!
      (For anyone else who was wondering, the Mingering Mike exhibition runs through August 2.)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Gardening
    Rant: Sunburn
    Rant: I think I’ve harvested the last of my asparagus for this year. Until next spring!
    Rave: White dress acquired for my college reunion. I am so ready!

  • RANT: Well sh!t. Just got an email that I have to pick up my kid by 1pm because they found a rat in the preschool room, so they have to close the center. You have GOT to be kidding me.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • Are you more shocked by the rat or their closing of the whole center for a rat? Just curious…

    • Keep in mind that if licensing were to come by they’d be in big trouble. I worked in a daycare for a while and the list of regs is crazy.

    • I’m shocked that there are rats. I agree that they absolutely have to close down to deal with the issue. It is absolutely a public health hazard. I guess I expected that there would have been something in place to ensure that there weren’t rats in the first place.
      And partly–I was home with my kid two days in the last pay period and was looking forward to actually working a full week in the office this week. My wife is totally on duty if daycare is closed tomorrow!!!!

  • Rave: Getting married this weekend. I feel like we’re totally different people from 10 years ago, but somehow we are still the same together.

  • All raves today. Foster kitty (formerly Licorice, now Cole) doing really well with my cats. Yesterday there was nose touching! He’s available for adoption through 4paws.
    Successful building cleanup day, new plants procured and it will look even better next weekend when they are in.
    A tour of the Patuxent Wildlife whooping crane observatory and bird watching with a friend. Such fun to nerd out identifying the birds!

    • Yay! So glad to hear about Cole (nee Licorice) I just sent two foster kittens off to their new home on Sat. then 20 min. later got a nursing mom with 4 tiny babies. There are so very many kittens & cats right now!

  • Rave: Made the best shrimp and grits that I have ever made in my life this weekend. Like life-changing type of meal. It was the perfect date night dinner while watching Steel Magnolias.
    Rave: We bought our first ever grown up dining table. It’s absolutely beautiful.
    Rant: I broke my promise to not bake cookies for the next few months. But the resulting bittersweet chocolate chip and toasted pecan cookies were exactly what was needed at the moment.
    Rant: I feel like my entire life has turned into a waiting game and I’m not entirely sure what (if anything) I can do about it.
    Rant: A 16 year old kid wasn’t paying attention while driving and rammed into my parents’ car while they were driving my nephew home from lunch yesterday. He had his first ambulance ride but fortunately should be okay after a few days of rest. Apparently my mother had the police officers cracking up as she proceeded to lecture the young driver. Go mom.

    • Oo, could you share the shrimp and grits recipe? I could eat grits at every meal and not get sick of them.. yum.
      Glad your nephew is going to be okay!

      • I didn’t actually follow a recipe on this one but here’s pretty much what I did:
        Prepared the grits as directed on the package. Towards the end of the cooking time, I threw in 1/4 cup half and half, 1/4 cup mascarpone cheese, and 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Then I let it continue cooking until thickened.
        For the shrimp, I sprinkled some lime chili rub on them and let them sit for a few minutes. Then I cooked some bacon until crisp. Removed bacon from pan and threw in 1 diced onion and 1 link of dried chorizo sausage diced up into the bacon fat. Let that get all golden in the pan and then tossed in the shrimp to cook until pink. Then I chopped up the bacon and threw that in the pan. Toss it to combine and then dish it over the grits.
        It was the first time I added the mascarpone cheese to grits and I’m amazed at how it added this smooth richness to the grits.

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