NY Pizza and McCormick Paint coming to New Building at 15th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE

15th and Penn
15th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Yesterday Capitol Hill Corner finally found out who will become to the new retail spaces at 15th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE next to Wisdom:

“McCormick Paints and New York Pizza – have been signed to occupy the first floor retail space.

The majority of the first floor retail space will be occupied by McCormick Paints. This will be the third paint store in SE Capitol Hill which already has Frager’s Paint Store at 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue, and Duron Paints on Barracks Row.”

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  • meh. is this the same NY Pizza that’s on Florida and North Cap? If so, that pizza is awful.

    • This is the relocated NY Pizza that is sort of across the street – though it may be the same chain. That building is going to be demoed and they are putting in a large condo or apartment building.

  • With how long this has been without tenants, they could have done worse. A paint store may not be glamorous but anything related to home improvement does well in the area and NY Pizza has been a neighborhood mainstay, and a rare late night option, so I’m glad they found a new home. I can’t recommend the pizza, but their subs are your classic Italian carry-out type of thing. I think with a new space and better outdoor seating it could be a good fit. Jenkins Row ended up with a Gamestop that traffics stolen phones, not to mention a Subway that never has customers, so I’d say they did better than that even if this isn’t the most exciting announcement.

    • What kind of person eats at Subway with Mangialardo’s around the corner? Madness!

      • True Mangialardo’s is fantastic, but it’s open what, 6 hours a day, five days a week? A rare treat when you are home on a work day.

        • Agreed – their hours are something like 7-3… hard for most to get there unless you don’t work/work from home…

      • Mangialardo’s is the clear winner for those who can make it there for weekday lunches (cops agree!) but even the Harris Teeter subs have it over Subway. Weekday lunchtime and weekday post-work hours always have a line at the HT sub counter while the Subway next door sits empty, $5 foot longs and all.

  • We need a coffee shop at this end of PA Ave before the bridge.

    • When I rode past there about a month ago – it looked like there was a vacant retail space on the corner of PA Ave and Potomac. That would be a perfect spot for a coffee shop!

  • This pizza place is awful and their current location across the street is filthy. Capitol Hill will now have three paint stores, two of them on PA Ave between 12th and 15th.

  • Not thrilled with these choices, but as a resident of that block I am just happy to see something going into that building. It’s been vacant for quite a while now…

  • Welp… this is deeply disappointing.

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