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  • Mug of Glop

    As I was scrolling down and only the top third of that picture was on my screen, I assumed that thing was huge and far in the background. I was disappointed by my subsequent scrolling. But how awesome would that be at four or five stories tall!

  • It IS really big for where it is, though, too big and too bright, really, in this dark and quiet at night neighborhood. It almost caused an accident a few nights ago when I drove by – I thought it was some police thing going on. There had been a police tower there a few weeks back (I live nearby) though I never found out why.

    • The police tower was probably there for the spring/Easter events at the zoo which have seen incidents of violence over the years and they were being proactive this year with a larger visible presence

    • It really does look out of place in that picture. That stretch of Connecticut Avenue is surprisingly tranquil in the evenings. Having drinks on the patio at the Zoo Bar was so pleasant and peaceful. I can’t imagine this thing contributes to that atmosphere.

      • It’s far enough from Zoo Bar that it shouldn’t be an eyesore. Plus, I think its view may be blocked by a tree.

      • It looks more out of place in person, even driving by in a car. I haven’t walked by it at night yet, but I imagine it is even worse as a pedestrian. It seems so bright that it would bother my eyes. We’ll see. They recently renovated the sidewalk areas of the strip there, so I suspect it was installed by whoever owns or manages that commercial strip. An eyesore, really.

  • Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben!

  • Nice! That clock is lookin’ fresssssssh.

  • What was the thought process behind this clock? It looks so odd there…

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