Here’s Where District Winery is coming to in Navy Yard


Last week we learned that District Winery had applied for a liquor license at 385 Water Street, SE:

“Multi-Purpose Facility with 450 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 750. Requesting an Entertainment Endorsement to include dancing, wine pub and summer garden with 100 seats.”

I just saw where that actually is – holy smokes this has some pretty amazing potential.

Right by the Lumber Shed:


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  • I was just there last weekend and figured that is the plot of land they were building on. I’m guessing the two surface parking lots nearby will have something built on them within the next few years too.

  • that’s interesting. I assumed they were going to put it on the surface lot across from this plot, or on the trapeze school land. I always thought this plot and the one next to it were actually a part of the park so they’d stay as grass.

  • Not going to be much green space left. It was nice while it lasted.

    • This was never officially part of Yards Park. Yards Park will remain, as will Canal Park. This area will remain fairly well served in terms of parks and views.

  • Stop taking much green space. I like much of the development but don’t take away he grass.

  • The trapeze school is moving so that lot can be turned into an apt building. That’s the whole reason they have to move.

  • There ain’t much money to be made in a park

  • maxwell smart

    Terrible location – shouldn’t be taking away greenspace for development when there are plenty of other sites down here that could be developed instead. If I was the tenants in the lumbershed I would be furious – so much for those great views.

  • Where do we take our children on Friday nights so they can run around and act the fool if there is going to be a winery there?

    Maybe they are open to the idea of 500 capitol hill toddlers running a muck.

  • Looks like no one on this comment thread ever paid attention to the original Yards development plans which have ALWAYS shown retail pavilions on this green space. Just be thankful that they decided to make it green space temporarily instead of more temporary surface lots.

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