Dunkin Donuts Moving Forward in Petworth

Georgia and Quincy St, NW

A lot of folks have been asking if the Dunkin Donuts is still happening – they are but as folks have mentioned in the rant/revel – the Baskin Robbins part of the coming soon sign has been cut out. They still have a ways to go though:



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  • As a nearby resident, I can tell you that this whole effort by the developer to find retail has been a disaster. These properties sat vacant for years while the developer relieved tax credits. DC was once again slow to act. The ANC was oblivious.
    Now we get a 7-Eleven? A Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins was ok I guess, but more so (at least for my family) because of the Baskin Robnins. Petworth has no ice cream shoppes. And now Baskin Robbins is not coming? What a cluster!
    Where is the economic development leadership? The neighborhood deserves better.

  • I have been wanting to put in an ice cream shop in Petworth but commercial rents just don”t make it viable. 3500-3600 month plus triple net (which is what most the places on Upshur have been asking) for rent means you have to sell a lot of ice cream and I am just not sure the traffic volume is going to be high enough to support that….

    Unfortunately, the only businesses that can pay that kind of rent for 700-800 square feet are selling alcohol.

    • What are the rents for places not on Upshur? Seems like there are a lot of vacant storefronts on Georgia Avenue.

      • Not any better. And frankly, if I was going to do something I would prefer Upshur as it has a concentration of good businesses. There really isn’t much available on Georgia Ave. from Upshur to the Metro.

        I didn’t specifically call on the space so not 100% sure but at one point the owners of the space where Brightwood Market is going in (the temp safeway pharmacy) wanted something like $4600/month.

        • Please open up an ice cream place!! There is such a high demand for it and I for one would come at least 2-3x a week 😉

          • Have you looked into upper 14th Street between Spring Rd & Randolph St. There are several great existing businesses and three new restaurants coming in… Also, four new condo developments within two blocks. Foot traffick may actually be higher than Upshur.

        • That price point for rent would make it nearly impossible for a standalone ice cream shop, I’d imagine. Have you considered sharing space with another business? A lot of people express interest on this site for a bakery in Petworth as well, and some have suggested a bakery/coffee shop pairing with an ice cream shop (the presumption being that a bakery would be more popular in the morning and lunch, and an ice cream shop in the late afternoon). I guess that’s a similar idea as the Dunkin/Baskin concept.

          You could also try to get an existing restaurant to provide you space for ice cream, similar to the Bullfrog Bagel/Star & Shamrock partnership (was an article in the Post earlier this week on this). Slim’s Diner could be a natural fit – could serve your local ice cream there and have a walk up line for cone to go orders?

    • What about an ice cream shop that also sells alcohol? Or even the two mixed together, like the boozy milkshakes at The Diner?

  • This is such a bummer. I was walking along Georgia and said to my friend, “at least we are getting an ice cream shop out of this,” just before we spotted the cut-outs. Can we petition DD to reconsider??

  • Baskin Robbins is not exactly wholesome ice-cream. It is industrial crap. You want good ice cream get Trickling Springs or splurge on Dolcezza.

    • And Dunkin’ Donuts are a dry, disgusting travesties. Bad deal all around! 🙂

    • I’d love a Dolcezza or Trickling Springs ice cream shoppe in the neighborhood. Haskins Robbins is by no mean ideal, but at least it’s something. We have nothing right now. I can’t walk to any decent ice cream shoppe with my family as it is.

  • saf

    I hate this – another unless litter-producing place. We were promised better retail.

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