Check Out Flash’s New Retractable (?) Roof on Florida Ave

643 Florida Avenue, NW

Speaking of retractable roofs… Thanks to a reader for sending:

FLASH at FL/GA Aves is installing a 3rd floor glass enclosure w (what appears to be) a retractable roof.”


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  • hmmm
    will most likely chnge the “feel” of flash & will encourage more bros
    which is cool though (i guess) as i only go late night now when the heads are out

    • Honestly the bros are inescapable some nights. Late nights and Thursdays seem to be the nights. Have had fantastic experiences recently on some nights. Marcel Dettmann was fantastic last Thursday and Cassegrain and Tin Man were one of the best weekend sets/crowds I’ve seen there in a long time.

      • yea, the best sets/ crowds have most deff been during the week
        want to say the one that sticks out most recently (even this was some time ago) was the moon boots set… i think it was on a wed
        NYE was a blast too haha… was my last stop for the night/ day

      • Annoyed that I missed Dettmann last week. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Was too jetlagged. Though, I made up for it by going to Robert Johnson in Frankfurt a few night before. 😉
        My guess is that the roof will be utilized for day parties. I can’t imagine glass panels will do a good job containing the sound. Still, I’m all about more space! Flash is too small as it is.

  • Sure wish they were better neighbors. The owners have a complete disregard for the noise issues they cause for homes very near by and refuse to pay any extra money to mitigate the sound problems they cause. An open roof just sounds like a nightmare to the neighborhood.

    • when did you move here? didn’t you know what you were getting into? its a commercial strip.

    • I live on the next block over from Flash (on Florida) and I’ve never had any issues with noise, mainly because Florida Ave is so loud to begin with. Like the person above me said, it’s a commercial strip and you get what you pay for (in my case, much lower rent than if I lived further in a comparable house on a quieter neighborhood street).

    • This is a bar/club/restaurant/party strip and has been for years. Flash also happens to have the best club sound system in the city. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • I’ve never heard of this place. Bros? Like frat bros? Is it a libe music place? Dance place?

    • It’s a dance club, but more geared to underground house and techno. Within the scene people tend to be more open-minded, artsy, or music-nerds, not your typical bottle-popping club clientele at the clubs downtown and in Dupont. A lot of my friends that go to Flash are deeply invested in the house and techno scene in DC and its a great spot bringing in a lot of music and djs that are more common in Europe or NYC. Most of us tend to just go out to hear music and dance.

      Given the trendy factor of Flash, it can bring in a lot of people who may not really be into the music that’s playing, the bros that show up are your usual fratty or yuppy types. The animosity is that they tend to bring aggressive behavior, some homophobia, and the creep factor of trying to get with girls as their main objective of the night. As others have pointed out earlier, late nights are best, because Flash stays open until 4, while most of the more bro crowd is usually long gone by 1-2am. The late night crowd is super friendly and welcoming, and everyone is having a great time.

      • Good summary. I think the word got out on Flash pretty quickly, and there are definitely plenty of champagne-popping rich scenesters there. Flash has conceded to today’s economic reality by actually offering bottle service. I think you just have to do that if you want to stay in business.

        But yes, by last call the scenesters are gone and the (mostly drugged-up) house- and techno-heads, who do really care about the music, are still there. Unfortunately my body just can’t take the whole staying-out-till 4 thing nowadays. Though I did suck it up for Marcel Fengler a couple of months ago, which was **AMAZING**

        It should also be noted that Flash has the hands-down best sound system in the city, custom-built by what’s regarded as the best club sound system engineering firm in the world. It’s astoundingly clear and powerful while not actually being too loud.

  • Love Flash ever since it first opened. Got a chance to talk with one of the owners for awhile one night there. Super cool guy. Talked about the vision behind the place and all thI challenges with trying to open a true dance club that puts the music first (not unlike USMH). He also talked about the efforts and expense they went to to sound proof the place. Maybe he was exaggerating the truth but it sounded like they were sensitive to neighbors and the noise issue.

    Will be interesting to see what this new glass retractable(?) roof is all about and how it impacts the overall dynamics of the place.

    I was a “bro” myself at one point. Probably still am in some ways. But my love for music and the underground scene helped me see what I wanted to be and what I didn’t. The inclusion, positivity, and love I found in the scene, among many other great qualities, helped make that possible. Let’s not forget what the scene is about and share that freely whenever the chance presents itself.

    • Great points. I think the aversion to bros, comes from the fact that many are not as open minded as you are. The bros seem to be the first to start trouble or moan about the music when there. A lot of my girl friends tend to be put off by the bros trolling the dance floor as well.

      House and Techno is a very welcoming community, but people also want to have their place to enjoy it surrounded by others who feel the same. Do your research, find out who’s playing that night and if you will enjoy it. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy themselves, but if its not your thing don’t come expecting things to change according to what you want for the night.

      I love reading the yelp reviews for places like Flash, most of the negative reviews are from people who obviously wouldn’t enjoy it in the first place and had no idea what they were getting themselves into for the night.

      • Great points, as well. Totally agree with doing your homework first. Don’t get me wrong, the bros can bring an unpleasant dynamic with them. But when I see it, I try to use it as an opportunity to educate instead of discriminate. 🙂

  • As someone who moved into the neighborhood before Flash set up shop, I can tell you that they are most certainly not good neighbors. They have often resorted to threats and bullying, all done while hiding behind their lawyer, to get what they want. Not to mention their flagrant violation of the noise ordinances, and ABRA’s willingness to look the other way. They were even granted an outdoor entertainment license by ABRA when they opened the bar, while not having to provide any sort of plans as to what they were going to build. ABRA simply lets bars expand these endorsements to outdoor spaces, which is something that should be stopped, and is completely on ABRA. The only good thing about that rooftop space is that they technically cannot have live music out there, thanks to their Settlement Agreement, but I am sure that they will find a way to get around that as well.

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