10-15 cars had tires slashed in Mount Pleasant over the Weekend


A reader tweets us:

“10-15 cars had tires slashed last night in Mount Pleasant. Behind 3000 block of Mt. Pleasant St. and on that block of street itself. My alley is full of tow trucks.”

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  • justinbc

    Wow, that really stinks. Hopefully someone has some security camera footage.

  • samanda_bynes

    “guess the perp put the pop in Popville”

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  • A lot more than 10-15 got hit. Also hit alley behind 3300 block of Mt. Pleasant. 15 cars there alone, many lost 3 tires. There were also at least 10 cars hit on Park Road, the alley behind 3200 block and on Lamont Street.

  • Pointless vandalism like this makes me really mad. If I had them on camera, I think I’d rather go and slash them instead of letting the police deal with it. Okay, not really, but it just makes you wonder what sort of person does something like this.

  • Oddly enough, my roommate’s tires were also slashed over the weekend (all 4) off of Connecticut Ave in Chevy Chase. It looked like no other cars were touched, which made zero sense to us. What is the deal?

    • What street was he/she parked on??

      • She was parked on Chevy Chase Pkwy between Kanawha and Jocelyn Sts. Feels very random in our neighborhood.

        • Does she have out of state tags? I have seen people target a non DC car. It does seem odd that it would be just the one. Recent ex? crazy co workers? someone they cut off who followed and watched where she parked?

  • The person who did it is probably some crazy guy on drugs.

  • Was this on Sat or Sunday? On Saturday evening, around 10pm, there was a group of rowdy kids roaming around the 1400 block of Newton St. They were making a lot of noise and jumping on cars. The police came and posted up in the middle of the block. Unfortunately, the police were only moderately helpful as the group walked (east) by the car (calmly) and then once they got about 100 feet past (behind the car) started jumping on cars again while the officer didn’t even realize what was going on. I had to walk over to patrol car and alert him to what was happening behind him. Anyway he circled around the block to check it out and a few minutes later we saw the same group of kids pass by once more walking west on Newton towards 16th St. Still loud, but not jumping on cars. There were about 10 – 15 black kids, boys & girls, ranging in age from about 11 – 16 yrs old. Not sure if it was the same crew who hit your blocks cars, but it would not be surprising….

  • Tow trucks for flat tires? Doesn’t anybody know how to change a tire anymore?

    • If more than one tire is slashed, the spare won’t do you much good now will it.

    • Mike, I think more than one tire was slashed per car. So apart from propping up the car and removing the tires to be fixed, I dont see any option. Oh and I do not know how to change a tire.

    • How many spares does your car have mike? 3? Idiotic comment.

  • On our block Allison and 4th some guys corvette had all 4 rims stolen….some other guy had his 30 day tags stolen….some people have nothing better to do…what a shame.

    • Those crimes appear to have a point, not that it makes them OK. Resell the rims or use them. Use the temp tags on stolen car. Slashing tires on multiple cars has no possible point other than random anger.

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the parking spots in front of Samber’s that used to be free without paying and didn’t require a resident parking sticker were just made to require paid parking during business hours, to match parking regulations on the rest of the the commercial parts of Mt Pleasant. People who parked there for more than a few consecutive days used to get their car tires slashed. It happened to me three times over the past two years (yes it took me a while to get the message that/those person/s was trying to send). Perhaps whoever is having to pay for parking now was trying to exact revenge for this?? I know it’s far fetched but it it’s also crazy that someone kept slashing people’s tires over and over again over multiple years if they parked in front of Samber’s.

  • Given that Mt Pleasant Street has someone — or several people — walking down it or hanging out on it at virtually all hours of the day and night, I find it difficult to believe that no one saw anything. This took a concerted effort.

    • +1. Agreed. Usually police around too (towards Irving). I live on Mt. P Street and saw a few police on bikes crusing around.

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