Wild Turkey Chilling on a Mount Pleasant Porch


“Dear PoPville,

I live on Kilbourne Place in Mt. Pleasant. Yesterday morning there was a wild turkey on our street… in fact it was on my neighbor’s porch. (At the bottom of the 1800 block right before you hit 19th Street.) Do we know if there is a large population in Rock Creek?”


More shots after the jump.



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  • I have listened to enough This American Life to know this means nothing but trouble!

  • That’s awesome. Props for the photos!
    I saw a coyote once in MtP and I’m still kicking myself for having stared open-mouthed at it and not taken a picture.

  • I am all about chilling with Wild Turkey on the porch.

  • Seems sketchy to me. I hope you didn’t answer the door and called the cops on this scammer. Probably wanted $20 to clean your gutters. Were you missing any packages?

  • I Dont Get It

    Handsome dude…or is that a girl turkey?

  • EEEEEEEK!!!! Could you imagine coming out your front door and seeing a wild turkey just chillin’ on your porch? Wild turkeys are no bueno.

  • samanda_bynes

    Corbin was a simple bird, but aspiring bird. He was the son of the turkey chieftain, Axel, a bird of tremendous power and influence. He united the tribes several decades ago in the Great Siege of Rock Creek – a horrible bloody battle spanning several weeks. The turkeys were being overrun by deer, with the four legged devils sprawling along the river, gobbling up berries and nuts. There were a few skirmishes here and there, but it wasn’t until Axel (then a young turkey soldier) united the turkey front, that the deer were able to be pushed back onto the Grounds of Many Stones where they belong. Still, even with a tremendous victory, many fathers were shed, much blood was spilled.

    Corbin knew this story growing up and was, to his dismay, constantly reminded that he was the son of the greatest soldier, and first chieftain, of the turkey tribes. Alas, he pined for something more than the wilderness, and longed for true freedom – the freedom to roam far beyond the Grounds of Many Stones that looped through and around the Creek. But, he was constantly told that not only were there metal giants that roomed the grounds, but also terrible white creatures that would visit early in the morning and late at night, armed with strange materials and loud pounding. These creatures lived past the Grounds. But, after years of curiosity got to him – he wandered, and wandered. He saw things he had never seen, giant huts made of stone, embellished with strange shapes and items – he was afraid – but curious. He saw the creatures, sometimes carrying smaller creatures, adorned in strange patterns and equipped with cylinders they would put to what he assumed was their mouths, repeatedly. They got into the metal giants, made bizarre noises from their mouths, and moved quickly. He waited for the last in the area to leave before cautiously approaching the huts made of stone. He pecked at the wooden chips strewn about, climbing onto the stone walls and examined the grass that seemed so randomly placed.
    He could see inside the hut, but could not pass, as there was some sort of force preventing him from entering. What was this place? Some holy ground? Who were these creatures and why did they create so many shapes? He heard a slight click – and noticed, without moving his head, that one of the creatures came back. Even though he was not a warrior, he had Axel’s blood in his veins, and knew that he must act quickly, or face down some unknown enemy.
    Alas, the creature didn’t attack – rather, it made a contorted face, and started to make noises that Corbin had never heard before. He wasn’t afraid…rather…curious. But, then the creature took two massive steps towards him, and it was then that he decided he may have overstayed his welcome. He ran quickly back to the Creek, over the Grounds of Many Stones, and back to his family’s hut. His father was out hunting, his mother out gathering. He would not say anything to them yet…but he knew, in his heart and in his gizzard, that he would be too excited to sleep tonight…and that he would have to return.

  • Local residents have formed a group, “STOP THE GOBBLE DC” claiming the turkeys are commuters from Maryland and taking their precious light and air.

  • Aglets

    my parents have a bunch in their back yard in Pennsylvania. One thanksgiving there was a pack of at least 10-12 that ran across their yard. It still makes me laugh.

  • Is it, in fact, a wild turkey? Or another bird?

  • totally saw this guy (or gal?) walking around in front of a building at 19th & biltmore the other day. we were wondering what it was, but didn’t manage to get a pic.

  • Very cool! I saw what I’m pretty certain were two turkeys on the ramp off North Capitol St to get onto Irving St NW earlier this week. They looked like they weren’t full grown – turkey teenagers?

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