Washington Heights Bar & Lounge coming to 14th and Quincy by Red Derby and Lyman’s

3714 14th Street, NW

From Quik Cash to Washington Heights Bar & Lounge. The liquor license placard says:

“Family-oriented restaurant serving American and French food. Inside seating for 42 patrons and a total occupancy load of 48.”

Stay tuned.

Looking south towards Taqueria Habanero

Looking north towards Red Derby and Lyman’s Tavern

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  • Yeah! Keep it coming.

    • +1000. Live around the corner and all the neighbors I am friendly with are clamoring for more improvements along this stretch. Such a nice streetscape, it’s a shame to see vacancies

      • If you are interested in seeing upper 14th St really take off, I’d suggest you join the Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth (CAUFs). Great economic development group that meets monthly. For more info, can find them on Facebook easily enough.

  • Upper 14th St. is on the verge. With the three existing businesses mentioned in the post and three new condo developments, it’s only a matter of time. People also forget that this strip is only three blocks from the metro.
    Great chance for someone to open more restaurants and not pay the rent required to be on Upshur St or Lower 14th. Seriously people, check out the opportunities here!
    Glad to see this new place is going to have food. Sounds intriguing. Welcome!

    • I agree with you that it’s great to see this part of town picking up, but it’s not “only three blocks.” I live right here and this strip is at least a 10 minute walk from the Metro.

      • Ummmm its exactly three blocks down Quincy. Maybe 3.25 blocks if you count the grassy area at 13th St… I suggest you look google maps.

        • We’ll it might only be 3 blocks, but it’s a full half mile. This is where 12th and 11th streets go missing, so they are long blocks, essentially 14th street to nearly 8th street. We’d call it 6 blocks if it were a little further south.

          • Well, it might only be 3 blocks, but it’s a full half mile. This is north ofwhere 12th and 11th streets go missing, so they are long blocks, essentially 14th street to nearly 8th street. We’d call it 6 blocks if it were a little further south.

      • epric002

        agree- it’s a 10 minute walk straight down quincy.

        • This mini-debate is hilarious. 3 blocks vs 10 min walk. Whatever. It’s closer to get to Red Derby from the Metro than Perworth Citizen!

          • It is a silly argument to be sure, but, one, Petworth Citizen and Red Derby are equidistant from Petworth Metro, almost exactly. Second, the “debate” is about what does 3 blocks indicate. I think the assumption is that it’s significantly less than a 10 minute walk–maybe five? Not that either of those are lengthy by any stretch, but there’s an implicit suggestion that 3 blocks is real close, while we’ve learned from our fellow commenters that 0.5 a mile can be thought of as too far indeed.

    • I see people on here often say “rents are lower than Upshur!” Is that really true? I haven’t tried pricing commercial real estate lately, but I don’t think Upshur commands a particularly high premium.

  • Washington Heights is the historic name for the Kalorama Triangle oriented section of Adams Morgan and used by the historic district there. The owners of this place need a less confusing, more original name.

    • jim_ed

      And see here I was thinking it would be a Dominican themed concept featuring mangu and tables for playing dominoes.

    • To be fair, I don’t think “Washington Heights” has the neighborhood name recognition of, say, Lanier Heights — this is the first time I’ve heard of it, and I used to live in Adams Morgan.
      So it might be confusing/annoying for people who live in that part of Kalorama, but I suspect that’s a pretty small proportion of this place’s target customers.

    • They should change their name because it corresponds to an old name for another neighborhood that nobody other than you has ever heard of?

    • ANXO should also change their name because ANXO is what a few friends and I call the small triangular stretch of houses off the SW corner of Mt Olivet and West Virginia NE which is West of Trinidad yet South of Ivy City.

  • Agree this corridor has tremendous potential. Two more restaurants (Little Coco’s!) are also opening this spring. Upper 14th could use some beautification efforts by DC though. Also, more diverse cuisine choices. I love El Salvadoran, but how about spreading the love! Either way, glad to see a vacant store front being filled. Please be a legit eatery. The “bar & lounge” kinda throws me off despite the awesome description.

  • Taqueria Habanera is fantastic, too!

    • Yes! It is amazing. I too love this stretch, and I think a few more things would be great and not kill the local feel that it currently has.

  • Washington Heights is also the name of a neighborhood north of Harlem. Its inhabitants are mostly Dominican.

    • Maybe used to be mostly Dominican, but my BIL lives there, and it is hands-down the most diverse neighborhood I’ve ever seen.

      • IIRC, I think Sunnyside-Astoria has the most diverse zip codes in the country. But yeah, Washington Heights is also incredibly diverse.

  • epric002

    so, a “family friendly bar & lounge” huh? seems a little at odds with itself. that being said, i’m all for newer/more food options in the area.

  • Has anyone ever tried to play pool at the Billiards place on the block? Just wondering if it’s friendly for non-Salvadorians. I wish we had more pool tables in the neighborhood…

    • I went there once with a friend and they treated us very well! (we’re non-Hispanic) Lots of tequila shots and Salvadorean food.

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