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  • this is the worst signage ever and the most ridiculous business model (except for maybe sherry & ham), but i’ll be damned if i don’t like that patio. has anyone tried their food/drinks?

    • Agree all around. The signage is just a little funny, and the business model is quirky- but makes me laugh. I like the patio a lot. Huge improvement over the coffee shop IMO. Will definitely stop in for lunch some time. I happen to have gotten a parking ticket lately…

  • palisades

    I think our definitions of “awesome” differ.

  • I’m not a fan of the style, but I have to say it does look like most restaurants in the Caribbean, so they have achieved authenticity.
    Now, time to plan that vacation to Paris.

  • Agreed that the signage/theme is a bit interesting, but the food is GREAT– had lunch there this past weekend and shared a huge plate of red snapper w/ rice and plantains with my partner. Plenty of food, and really inexpensive. Love the patio, the service was great, and (like Azis) they have great coffee. Don’t be distracted by the name, this place is awesome and I hope it does well!

  • The food is incredible. I had the Jerk Chicken sandwich last week and it was fantastic.

  • The food was horrible. Completly tasteless “jerk.”

  • #KeepShawWeird

  • I volunteer at Caribbean Citations at times. The food is great! They’ve gotten a wonderful resopnse to the theme and a lot of people are bringing in their tickets to get their discount. I’m sure the owner (who is from Jamaica) would appreciate all of your comments….good and bad. For those who’ve never been, please check it out before you judge

  • This food is fantastic. I had the curry shrimp and my bf had the jerk chicken. They came with two sides each; we tried the plantains, cabbage, and coco bread (we really like plantains, generally) and they were all super. The coco bread is a lot like King’s Hawaiian bread, if you’ve ever had that.

    Loved the low-key ambiance.

    Super nice people, great value. Totally recommended.

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