This Can’t Be Good – The Pitch Tavern Temporarily Closes in Petworth

4015 Georgia Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“Walked by this tonight, any readers have any details?”

Ach I had such high hopes! The Pitch opened back in January at Georgia just south of Taylor. I’m not totally giving up hope but history has shown this is never good. Anyone happen to hear what happened?

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  • No surprise. I went once and and will never return. The combination of terrible service and low-quality food was not acceptable.

  • Agh. I love having something like this in the neighborhood. However, I suspect that others may not have been as forgiving as me on their terrible service and lackadaisical approach to being a sports bar. Service aside, the food was decent. My main problem was that the owner kept trying to sell this as a sports bar, but rarely had any of the games I wanted to watch on TV. No MLB package, no NBA package, no NFL Sunday ticket… Not to mention the TV’s weren’t placed in the best location for viewing. If you wanna be a sports bar (which is desperately needed!) then be a sports bar. You have to own your identity. I’ll admit several times I didn’t go there because I doubted they would have the game on that I wanted to watch… That sort of uncertainty doesn’t work for a sports bar. I wish them well though. I hope this isn’t permanent. They just need to tweak their approach. Don’t give up!

    • Agree with all of this.

      A properly run sports bar in petworth would do great. Unfortunately the pitch and blue bananna were not well run. Both try to be lots of things other than sports bars (dj nights, live jazz during games), and we’re not reliable for showing even key local games.

    • That’s unfortunate. Other than during the World Cup or the Olympics, soccer remains a niche sport in the US, and most of the good European matches are on earlier in the day. Having baseball on at night, not to mention the NHL and NBA playoffs right now, would certainly help.

      • But with soccer games so early in the day in the U.S., they weren’t even open (or were inconsistently) for the 7am matches. Fado does this the right way… And I applaud the owner for hiring people from the neighborhood, but the first priority needs to be experience in the restaurant industry.

  • Oh no, this is terrible news! The Pitch had become our new go-to in Petworth. I think we’ve been 4 times since they had opened. They did such a good with the renovation, and we enjoyed the food and service was fine. They were great whenever we brought our toddler in (crayons, inexpensive “off-menu” kids options). Hopefully this isn’t permanently. Fingers crossed.

  • Unfortunately I’ll have to agree with the above comment: “My main problem was that the owner kept trying to sell this as a sports bar”….the vibe is stuck between trying to be a sports bar, trying to look upscale, and a staff that is still learning the ropes 4+ months on…

    …but that outdoor patio! That’s what keeps me coming back. If they need any help with their image, I’m here to help!

    • The outdoor patio is great, but badly needs some kind of shade. I sat there on an afternoon a few weeks ago when it was just starting to get warm and the late afternoon sun was almost too much. I can imagine it would be unbearable in the summer.

  • I leave for vacation and THIS happens? I’m there at minimum twice a week… Great staff and great food. Always accommodating. Hopefully “temporary” is really all it is. Love you, Pitch!

  • I suspect this does not have to do with low business. Every time I’ve been there, it seemed like a decent crowd. Despite what some others have said, the service is not that terrible. At times they have been slow, but they are always very friendly and apologetic.

  • So disappointed to see this news! We have been several times to watch NCAA basketball and really enjoyed the vibe, the good food and the friendly service. Also they are always happy to accommodate our toddler with a high chair, not a given in restaurants.

    I really hope this is temporary – we are big fans!

  • I’ve been there a couple of times and I always had a good experience, but I have to agree that the place didn’t really feel like a sports bar. A couple of times I thought about going over there to watch a baseball game, but didn’t feel like taking the chance it wouldn’t be on.

  • I was there on Monday night and didn’t see anything out of order. They were stocking up on booze so this is really surprising.

  • they didn’t open a few hours early the thursday/Friday of the 1st round of the NCAA tourney to show the afternoon games. In my mind, you can’t call yourself a sports bar after that. Would love to see them back, and open those days next spring

  • The service and food were night-and-day better the last time I went. My daughter and I sat on the patio and had a great time out, giving mom a break. The staff was nice and worked as a team. I know it was rusty at first. And the decor is pretty upscale for a Ga Ave joint.
    Met the owners and they seem really nice. Good luck guys!

  • I walk by the Pitch last night and saw the lights on with a few tools and other equipment lying around. It looks like they’re doing repairs or some light construction work.

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