Rental of the Day – Lanier Heights

1726 Lanier Place Northwest

This rental is located at 1726 Lanier Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fabulous new renovation of this 99 yr old end townhouse in Adams Morgan! Completely gutted and redone! Upper floor Penthouse 2BR, 2BA + upstairs Den w/ wet bar, oversized private roof deck. High end appliances, designer finishes, pre-wired sound system and full size washer/dryer in unit. First occupancy after renovation. Assigned, secure parking included, Walk score of 96!!!”

1726 Lanier Place Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,800/Mo.

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  • Yeeeeeaah that’s nice and all but I’ll take my $1600 1BR a few blocks away any day. I can’t imagine throwing away that kind of money on a rental even if I could afford it. Even split two ways, I can’t imagine paying $1400 to have a roommate.

    • I’ve seen 1500-2000/month in U st and Dupont for share situations. Who is paying that, but doesn’t explore studio or 1bd options?

    • I actually think this is a pretty good deal for a roommate situation. The place is gorgeous, the location is great and it comes with a parking spot which would be $200 to rent elsewhere in the neighborhood. The wet bar would be kind of a cool set-up for a bedroom because you could have your own sink and fridge space, plus the closest access to that amazing roof deck. Ok – I’ve talked myself into it – now I just need to find two roommates!

      • Even in a roommate sitation, you can find cheaper places in this neighborhood where the third bedroom has an actual door and wall.

      • I see Admo roommate situations for $1k/per all the time…sometimes less. Maybe this is a bit nicer, but I don’t know if that deserves such a crazy premium.

        • I live in a roommate situation a block away from here for just over $1k. My place is run down and old and I don’t have a parking space, in-unit laundry, central air, or – best of all – outdoor space. I would happily move to this place and pay more.

          • Happy to pay almost double though?
            It’s all about preferences. I pay slightly less than you, and the only thing I don’t have is an off street space (but easy street parking), but I’m in another part of the city yet still NW.

    • $1400?
      $3800 / 2 = $1900.

      That’s $1900… for a bedroom in a house with a roommate. Who’s doing this over a $1600 1br?

      • A definite misread which only made the argument stronger.

      • But if you rent out the den too, $3800/3 = $1266, which you would adjust based on room choice. That’s pretty standard for this area.

      • Yep, I was reading $3800 but doing math as though it were $2800. Now my mind is even more boggled.

    • There are plenty of high-income but transient people in this city who wouldn’t consider it throwing money away. On top of being nicely renovated, the full size WD, off-street parking, roof deck and grocery store proximity are very appealing. It’s got a lot more character, too, than most of the luxury buildings going in around Shaw and 14th where $3800 probably doesn’t get you nearly as much.

    • Edit: My math sucks. $1900 to have a roommate? Holy smokes. This place is nuts.

  • What I find more interesting is that this pop-up unit is being rented out immediately. Is it being rented out by the developer because they couldn’t unload the unit, or did it get snatched up by an investor? And what does that say about the market for pop-ups?

    • It was purchased for I think around $700-$750k within days of going on the market, and is being rented out.

  • i saw this place when it was on the market for sale. 2 roommates would be a squeeze (the bedrooms are small) let alone a third person in the “den.”

  • I looked at this place during the open house and it was nice, but they were asking 700K for it, plus condo fees. That is totally crazy when you realize that you would be toting groceries and everything else up 4 flights of stairs every day. Why would anyone want to pay that kind of money for what is essentially a 4th floor walk up! Developers should realize that no one wants to live in a pop-up!

    • HaileUnlikely

      The developer don’t care if anybody wants to live in a pop up – they didn’t have any trouble getting somebody to *buy* it. Too bad for that sucker, though, apparently nobody wants to rent it for enough to help him pay his bloated mortgage.

    • Yea, walk-ups are a no go. For that much money, I expect one flight of stairs maybe 2 for the roof deck. I hope they find someone to rent it, though.

  • Two bedroom = parents with one or two children or couple with no kids or two single young professionals. Or maybe just one young professional? There are two & three bedroom town houses owned / rented by a single person with no kids, no room mates in this neighborhood. Perhaps a corporate rental for visiting company employees? Money, like the song says, changes everything.

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