Red Rocks Delivery Expands – Check Out the new Map


Yes!!! Red Rocks Columbia Heights now delivers to Mount Pleasant, Petworth, Park View, and Crestwood.

Delivery is “from 4pm – 10pm daily! We encourage folks to use ChowNow or download the RedRocks app to place orders online, but, of course, calling works just fine, too. [(202) 506-1402]”

11th and Park Road, NW

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  • Thank You! We’d love to see RR expand (new or same concept) along upper 14th St. We need more sit down places with great food and drinks.

  • Yesss, looks like I’m now in the delivery zone with about 25 feet to spare

  • It’s a little odd that they’ll go about a mile north but only about a half mile south.

    • It’s not odd at all, considering that with traffic and lights it’ll take them the same amount of time to go that half-mile to the south as to go a mile (or more) to the north. It’s perfectly logical.

  • Weird that they go so far north and not nearly as far south. But as long as I make the zone by a few feet, I’ll shut up and order my calzone!

  • Does the Red Rocks on H St deliver?

  • Egad

    How do their pizzas hold up with delivery? I tried carry-out from them a couple of times when they first opened but the pizzas were always so soggy by the time I got them home (I only live 2 blocks away).

    • That’s cuz your pizzas were steaming in the box on the way home. Get a pizza stone and heat it up in your oven at a minimum 400° while you wait for the pizza to be delivered. If you don’t want a pizza stone in your oven, the best way to reheat pizza is in a skillet. But whatever you do, get ’em out of the box ASAP.

  • @E in Rosedale
    The RedRocks on H street absolutely delivers. I run the company that handles delivery for both the H Street and Columbia Heights locations and we’re proud to serve both them and the rest of our great clients in DC. Give them a call or go to their website and order through ChowNow!

    Nailed it, downtown starts to get really dense and can make it more difficult to get around and especially difficult to park. That’s not to say we’re not looking at U street for the future, so keep an eye out.

    The pizzas end up great. We’re using specialty equipment for all of our deliveries so we can make sure they get to you hot and crispy.

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