Parking Notes Vol. 100 “It has been parked here since July 2012”


Thanks to a friend of mine for sending from near H Street, NE.

Ed. Note: I think the answer is, obviously, because this car is so freaking awesome…


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  • justinbc

    What kind of license plate is that? Special exemptions maybe?

  • My guess is that their cousin works in DPW and they can call in a favor. Or they’re someone important to a local pol (perhaps a minister?).
    Does this thing even have updated tags? If it’s been there for 3 years, I can’t imagine they’ve updated their registration sticker.

    • justinbc

      I really wish there was a DC government website where people could submit stuff like this, and the public could see the response there on the site, and judge the level of responsiveness / inactivity.

      • There is an excellent DC website where you can ask for services. I have found them very responsive

      • Why don’t you try being positive and supporting of public services as opposed to the palpable cynicism and excessive criticism? Newsflash: attitudes like yours coming from the public make it harder to keep good employees in the poorer-paying public sector.

  • randomduck

    If the car has been sitting there, unmoved, since 2012, it counts as abandoned property, regardless of whether or not it has a current tag. I suspect there is something to do with having “friends in high places.”

    And while it’s a cool car, it looks to be in terrible disrepair. To my eyes, this is no different than having a wreck on blocks in your front yard. The original inquirer should call it in to DPW, DCPD, his ANC commissioner, and his Council member. Abandoning a wreck – even one with HMV tags – is a waste of a rarefied resource and an abuse of the system.

    • While I agree that this car deserves to be towed as a result of being parked illegally, there’s nothing in these pictures that would indicate the car is in disrepair. Everything visibly necessary to be street-legal seems to be intact, and it looks like the tires have air in them.

  • So interesting it was worth poking around the DVM website for a few minutes. Pre-1968 vehicles are exempt from inspection. Also, “Historical vehicles with the F(II) designation will receive a non-expiring sticker.” They don’t even have to report for a mileage check. So it sounds like as long as the owner pays the registration fee and RPP, they can renew it indefinitely without moving the car. Is there street cleaning on that block?

    • “So it sounds like as long as the owner pays the registration fee and RPP, they can renew it indefinitely without moving the car. ”
      From the note, it seems like there is an “EMERGENCY NO PARKING” sign there.

      • True, but if you visit your car hardly ever, you’d never see the sign. On further thought, and assuming it has non-expiring registration, maybe the city really needs to do a health and welfare check on the owner.

        • justinbc

          I think the point of the note was that even with an emergency no parking sign the car wasn’t towed. Ignorance of the sign isn’t accepted as a defensible excuse (because they are theoretically supposed to be posted in advance).

          • Yeah, my car was parked legally when I went out of the country for a week last year, and while I was gone, the nearby church put up emergency no parking signs for a funeral, so they ticketed and then towed my car. $200. I contested it and lost.

  • When you drive the Batmobile, you park where you want for how ever long you want.

  • Perhaps the owner had fallen in 2012 and can’t get up…someone should check on him or her.

  • Because I’m a dork…

    Actually, the car has moved very recently. It was parked (for 2+ years) in the 700 block of K St in what used to be a no rush hour zone. However, that restriction was dropped a couple years ago. Here’s a pic of the car and the parking signs in its normal spot:

    https:[email protected],-76.995593,3a,75y,324.81h,74.67t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sOkdKsrJQGaKal72upfqQ9w!2e0

    From the post, it looks like the owner actually has moved it to the 900 block of 9th St, around the corner.

    Not saying it’s OK, but looks like the owner got the message, moved it somewhere else, and just left the hand-written note on it…

    • My bad – mistook emergency no parking for rush hour no parking (which that block used to be). Bottom line, the car has very recently changed locations, so either the owner is alive and well and got the message, or it got towed around the corner to 9th St and relocated because it was sitting in front of an Emergency No Parking sign, and someone really should do a welfare check on the owner!

      • I remember seeing this car on K St every damn day on my bike ride to/from work and wondering why it didn’t get towed for the rush hour restriction, but when it finally drove me crazy enough to check for signs I noticed that particular block didn’t have the “no rush hour parking” signs. I moved from the neighborhood a little over a year ago so that is where the saga ended for me

    • Were the “Emergency – No Parking” signs for someone’s move? I think there was a recent discussion on PoPville about how people often ignore these signs, and how it can be difficult to get the cars ticketed/towed when you need to get a moving truck in the space they’re occupying.

      • Just do what everyone else does, and block traffic while you load and unload the truck. Seems to work just fine for local businesses…

  • DC1

    Reminds me of a very old Alfa Romeo with Hawaii plates that has been sitting at the corner of 13th & Underwood St NW for at least 10 years, the car has no ROSA sticker or permit and it has never received one single parking ticket.

    • You get a reciprocity sticker if you need a residential parking permit and qualify for one. That’s not the same as ROSA, which is an exemption from registering your car in the District even though it’s driven/parked here more than x days/year. As far as I know there’s no such thing as a ROSA sticker. So if 13th & Underwood isn’t zoned for residents only, the owner of that car could very well have a ROSA exemption.

    • I keep seeing that car and thinking it looks like it swam here from Hawaii.

  • Anyone else instantly think of the “Scofflaw” Seinfeld episode!?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Fins! I need a car with fins.

  • Plot twist! What if the car is so old that it and its non-expiring registration have been sitting in that spot since before the sign was even erected.

  • I’m starting to think the neighbor applied for a temporary Emergency No Parking zone just to try and ticket/tow this car.

  • As someone who lives across the street from where the car was parked, I can give more details. That car was parked there for over two years. Shortly after the north side of the 700 block was changed from rush hour to normal parking, this car just appeared. My understanding is construction a few blocks away caused it to be moved here.

    After that, it did not move, but was maintained. The registration was kept current and I believe it even received HMV plates along the line (though I can’t be certain). That basically meant that it was legally parked there and could stay as long as they wanted, at least to my understanding of the law. This seemed to be backed up by a couple of 311/SeeClickFix complaints that were opened by others and then closed as the car was in line with the law.

    Finally, after over two years, someone needed the street parking for moving. That brought on the emergency no parking and meant the car was finally moved by the city. Unfortunately, they just moved to somewhere else (we were there when it happened and asked the tow truck driver). Because it was legal, they couldn’t / wouldn’t impound it.

    Guess it’s out of our hair for now, but it does point to an issue with the parking system here. If you can just leave a car parked on the street for years at a time without using it, then parking’s too cheap.

    • +1 on the parking being too cheap. I used to live in a city where any car left in the same place for more than 14 days was considered abandoned, regardless. If you were a resident and the car was being used the patrols and public services were lenient and you could get it dealt with online pretty easily. But seriosuly, if this car were in storage on the outskirts of DC it would be $1200-$2000 a year in fees. This car just takes up space (or a space and a half!) for $35.
      The biggest transgression is that this car is sitting unused. This car needs to be driven. In fact every time it moves anywhere a spontaneous parade should form to celebrate it’s finned awesomeness.

      • as an aside. I do have a car that I don’t drive everyday. I’ve got a sticker in the window with a junk gmail account that forwards to my daily email. If someone has a problem with how I parked or if my car is in the way they can contact me, but if I ever start getting spammed I can delete and change. I’ve been contacted a few times. I ignore the offer to buy, but a dude was moving in day and asked if I could move the car. We worked it out so he could use the spot and I got free beer. you know, like neighbors or humans. I also think everyone should wear name tags. everyone. always.

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