New Panera to Go Opens Downtown/West End


Thanks to a reader for sending the update on the Panera to go at 20th and L St, NW:

“The new Panera “to go” opened yesterday on 20th between L & M. iPads for ordering, you can still go to the cashiers. No seating, all “order and go”. Interesting alphabetically-grouped cubbies where your bag is delivered by first name. Mostly smooth operation and knowledgable staff.”


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  • Thankfully there’s still cashiers as well. Trying to get a sandwich at the shop that has iPad-only ordering in National Terminal A was agonizing.

    • What made it so tough? WaWa and Sheetz gas stations have been touch-screen only ordering for years and they work perfectly, even with a huge menu.

      • WaWa and Sheetz gas stations have never experienced downtown DC lunchtime traffic.

      • You know how I know you’re a Sheetz person? Because you’re capitalizing the second “w” in Wawa.

      • Easy, the people using it. People walking into WaWa and Sheetz generally know what to expect and how to use the system. Airports are a different animal: Think about all the people you’ve waited behind who are utterly clueless about how to go through security, or how Southwest boarding works, or tried to carry on a massive hatbox. Now put them in front of an iPod based menu.

  • With minimum wage going up and fast food workers demanding $15/hr for flipping burgers, this will eventually be the norm in a lot of restaurants. This looks like a great system to me. Good on Panera for getting a jump on this technology.

  • I work nearby and have used the Panera iPhone app. Very easy to order, settle bill by Apple pay on my phone, and 10 minutes later walk into the store where my order is waiting with my name on it. Super easy & convenient.

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