More Shots Fired by 7th and O St, NW at 10am?!? UPDATE: Confirmed Shooting at 8th and N St, NW

From the MPD-3D Listserv:

“Shots fired Monday morning just after 10:00am near corner of 7th & O NW. Folks coming out of Cambria Suites and at the nearby Starbucks scurried for cover. Considerable police response. Any connection with the events from Saturday night??”

Updates when more info is available.


“Shooting, 1005 hrs, 1300 B/O 8th St NW, LOF a 4D, sadan, gray. B/M 19yr, 180lbs., dark skin, blk hoodie, jeans./2237″

Update from MPD:

“Metropolitan Police Department units on routine patrol heard the sound of gunshots in the area of 8th and O Streets, NW. Units canvassing the area found a 41 year old male, suffering from a gunshot wounds to the arm and groin areas. They rendered medical assistance and an ambulance was requested.

A witness in the area reported that the victim had been observed arguing with another male. That male subsequently fled after firing a handgun at the victim. An additional witness observed the suspect running from the scene. He enter a car a short distance away. The second witness had the presence of mind to record the tag number of the fleeing vehicle.

A lookout was broadcast, and the suspect vehicle was subsequently stopped. At the time of the stop, the vehicle was occupied by three persons, one of whom fit the description of the shooter. Detectives are on both scene and are continuing to investigate. There is a strong likelihood that this will be a closed case.

There are no indications that this case is related to any other event(s) from the recent past in that same area.

Anyone having additional information regarding this incident can call the Metropolitan Police Department’s Command Information Center at 202-727-9099.”

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  • good grief. what the heck is going on in Shaw. and North Petworth and H Street for that matter. Its not even that warm out and the blocks are already smoking hot. Tell me again why everyone is fighting gentrification? Random shots at 10am is too much.

    • +1

    • Gentrification solves crime problems?

      Tell that to Columbine students, or to victims of Jared Lee Loughner, or Timothy Mc Veigh.

      The problem I have is that you somehow think the perpetrators of these crimes are the same people that are being gentrified. People who commit these crimes often don’t live in the neighborhoods where they happen. Be a bit more reasonable and less knee-jerk.

      • no one ever said gentirfication solves crime problems, but it certainly reduces crime. Take a look at the crime statistics for the city over the last 20 yrs and how the economic and cultural demographics have changed during that time period. Direct correlation.

      • Gentrification doesn’t end crime, but it does affect it. Initially gentrification actually causes a rise in crime that can last up to a couple of years. In the long term, overall crime does fall once a city is gentrified.

      • One can certainly dispute the merits of gentrification as it pertains to crime rates, but bringing up crimes committed by mentally disturbed individuals that are tantamount to terrorism (i.e. mass casualty) doesn’t really apply when day-to-day violent crime we see in this city is usually targeted and related to other problems (e.g. drugs) within those communities.

      • Terrible examples. Those are very clearly incidences with the intent of large-scale terrorism; this appears to be a one-off (perhaps even random) shooting. Not speculating, but your examples are not good.

      • Accountering

        Serious question? Arlington, just across the border from DC, is essentially 100% gentrified. They average about 1 murder per year. DC, again, just across the river, despite only being 3X the population, has 100X as many murders.

        • Actually in several recent years Arlington has had ZERO murders.

          It’s a really stark comparison

          • Accountering

            I mean, I said 1. To average 1 per year, that means you often are going to have zero, but yes, they have very little crime. I only looked at murder, I am sure if we looked at other crime, it is significantly less on a per capita basis as well.

  • Summer has arrived a bit early to Shaw this year.

  • I think its a little odd that we always put more emphasis on earlier shootings. Someone that is going to shoot a gun in the city or try to commit a crime has issues to begin with, and I don’t think they are rationalizing it may be too early in the morning to commit such an act.

    • I think there’s a huge difference between shootings in broad daylight and shootings at night. i’m curious why you don’t think there’s a difference.

      • it’s not like the same good for nothhing deadbeats who shoot up our streets at night go to law firm jobs during the day. they 24h criminals aping gangsta’s on teevee.

    • The main difference to me is that there are more likely to be more people out and about during the daylight hours so more chances for innocent bystanders to be injured.

  • Realistically, Shaw is always going to be like Columbia Heights. A few nice new multi-family buildings, quaint rowhouses gradually being bought up by upper middle class yuppies and then massive a concentration of public housing.

    I hate to sound fatalistic, but Shaw is always going to be a neighborhood where muggings and break-ins and the occasional shooting or massive brawl is just par for the course. The public housing isn’t going anywhere regardless of how many wine bars open.

    • I don’t know if I agree that it will always be like this, but it definitely will for sometime. It seems like people who move in don’t realize that we are not that far removed from Shaw being one of the worst (if not the worst) neighborhoods in NW. Huge open air drug markets on 7th and O, constant violence, gangs, huge police stings, etc. Yes it has changed a ton, especially in the past 4 years, but the very recent history is still just below the surface/on the edges.

      • “I don’t know if I agree that it will always be like this, but it definitely will for sometime.”

        I agree. Look at Old Town Alexandria (closest to the water front) for example. When I moved to Alexandria In 1997, there were numerous blocks with rows of government assisted housing. Today a large number of those units have been razed and replaced with townhomes and condos. The few units that remain are quiet, clean, no loitering and high police presence. I suspect that those remaining units will eventually disappear also. Same thing is happening in DC.

        Something has to be done about these youth that don’t finish school, don’t have any plans for their life and don’t care about anything or any one but themselves. This lifestyle is being passed on for generations. I watch it everyday in my neighborhood. These kids don’t have a chance because their parents are young, uneducated and unmotivated.

    • But again, the people committing the crimes are not the same people who live in the public housing. The vast majority of the people who live in the public housing are just as scared of the thugs as you or me. And I like that the public housing preserves some of the economic diversity of the neighborhood. There was very, very little “shots fired” crime in Shaw last summer. I’ve lived there 7 years and last summer was the quietest by far. By the numbers, crime is way down. I’m not happy about the crime that persists, but I don’t think your conflation of public housing and neighborhood gang activity is entirely fair.

      • Tom @11:17 above is absolutely correct. And that is why I am so opposed to Brianne Nadeau. Until some public housing is built over near Friendship Heights or Tenleytown, enough is enough in Columbia Heights. Unfortunately when you see every added unit as another vote, and thus guaranteeing your $120,000/year salary, there isn’t much incentive to worry about quality of life for those that you represent.

        • What’s Nadeau doing (I don’t follow that closely)? Also, is it really the case that Columbia Heights is adding affordable housing? I’d guess surely there’s less affordable housing every year in Columbia Heights but perhaps my impressions are off?

      • I agree most people that live in the housing projects don’t commit crime. But, I’m willing to bet that a good deal of crime is linked to the projects. Either by the young adults who live there (even if it is just a small minority of them) or their friends.

        Sure, if the projects were moved out of Shaw, there would be some trouble makers who come into the area to rob people like in Dupont or Capitol Hill. But, the crime rate would almost certainly go way down in Shaw. Now of course that isn’t realistic or necessarily desirable from a social standpoint. But, it is a reality, that Shaw will never be as safe as Dupont or Woodley Park.

        More realistic, is redeveloping the projects as mixed-use developments. The Alexandria model was pointed out, but we would need a lot of market rate density to “dilute” the deep concentrations of poverty.

  • I tend to agree with Dogg. Ideally, people should feel safe from violence in their neighborhoods at any hour. Implying that overnight shootings are somehow more “normal” comes dangerously close to victim-blaming.

    • It’s definitely gutsier to shoot someone in broad daylight when you’re more visible and there are likely to be more witnesses around.

  • I wonder what Mayor Muriel Bowser is doing or saying behind the scene regarding all the violence going on? It doesn’t look like she’s the mayor of the people. You can’t get her to respond to emails. Politicians no longer serve the people. They serve themselves and corporate donors.

    • Dude, you post the same crap every time a shooting or crime is mentioned. I’m sure she’s saying something along of the lines of “This sucks, the MPD is investigating.”
      Not sure what else will soothe your tortured soul….

      • Is that you Brandon? A Mayor is suppose to be visible during times like this, and he or she should be accessible to the citizenry.

  • So which is it this time? 5th and O crew mad at the 7th and O crew? Or vice versa? Or maybe some beef with the Lincoln-Westmoreland fellas? At least Kelsey Gardens is out of the equation now.

    Ridiculous how these ‘beefs’ perpetuate over generations Hatfield-McCormick style, to the point where no one probably has any idea why anymore. The guns seem to come out as soon as the weather gets warmer in Shaw, just like clockwork. And the reality is its a hand-full of knuckleheads who make the neighborhood less safe for everyone.

    • relax, we’ve been assured by the naive posters above that this has absolutely nothing to do with these housing facilities and could just as easily happen in Cleveland Park or Bethesda.

  • These ATV gangs are out of control. When will th city council pass (or update) a statute to deal with these maniacs. It’s so dangerous. And I agree on Bowser. She has been silent. Violent crime in Ward 4 has been constant since late last year and all she’s done is a “crime walk” in which nothing happened. Anita Bonds has done more lately for crime in Ward 4 than Bowser!
    MPD is supposed to be working on a strategic plan. I’ll believe it when I see it. The same houses and same intersections are constant problems, but MPD does nothing. How can you not make an arrest? Do a stake out, video surveillance, undercover… It’s ridiculous.

  • Days like this make me want Morning AND Afternoon Animal Fixes.

  • I live in what I guess would be considered North Petworth and I’ve seen a lot more police presence at night in the last week than I’ve seen all winter. I think the cops associate a rise in temperature with a rise in crime too. This could also be a result of all that’s been going on in the area lately. A lot of Popville’s “Shots Fired” notices are within 5-10 minutes from my house, according to the embedded Google maps.

  • Props to the cops on this one – I was going into the Starbucks when this happened, and the first squad car showed up within three minutes of the shots (a bunch of us called, but maybe the ShotSpotter on the pole by City Market also dispatched them as soon as it happened?) and there were a dozen cops there roping off the whole block and an ambulance on scene loading the guy up within six or eight minutes.
    The whole thing, from the shooting to the guy getting loaded into the ambulance, barely took longer than my typical coffee order. I was quite impressed with such an amazing response time – that’s the type of effort that closes cases quickly!

  • There is no public housing in Shaw. Public Housing is owned and operated by the city. 1330 and 1301 7th, 1730 7th, 1200 blocks of 5th, 6th, 7th, 1300 blocks of 6th and 8 and R are all a mix of people , but not public housing

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