Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

215 8th Street Southeast

This rental is located at 215 8th Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“2 Unit townhouse. totally gutted and updated. Hardwood floors, central air, Berber carpet in bedrooms, lots of closets, fireplace, recessed lighting, open floor plan, washer/dryer in unit, private back yard. Eastern Market metro, Available now.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $3,400/Mo.

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  • “Totally gutted and updated” would lead me to believe that the blue bathroom would have been GUTTED and UPDATED. At least the blue sink matches the blue toilet which matches the blue tub which matches the blue tile?

    • haha exaactly
      same with the black tub etc

      not a bad deal imo though

    • justinbc

      +1 photos do not match impression from text.

    • maxwell smart

      Was the ad supposed to read “READY to be completely gutted and updated?”

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve lived on this block for four years and haven’t seen evidence of any work being done on this house. I did notice them taking down the fence in the backyard last week; maybe that’s being replaced at least?

    • I love that they didn’t even bother to gut all the junk left behind by the previous tenant let alone actually do ANY remodelling.
      Maybe it was a ” Lionel Hutz-ian” error at the printer, “Works on contingency? No! Money Down.”

  • I’ve heard of “before” pictures and “after” pictures, but never “during” pictures

  • Someone graffiti-ed the “For Rent” sign in front of this place with “slumlord” a few weeks ago.

  • someone keeps scrawling the word “SLUMLORD” on the “for rent” sign in front of this house… it looks like it was recently erased but re-written in the last few days.

    • SouthwestDC

      I met the owner once and she struck me as a conscientious landlord. But she lives out in McLean or something, so she probably isn’t around much.

      • Hey Caroline, I live in the downstairs unit of this house. I would love to know if there are any neighborhood resources that could help put pressure on the owner to do something with the outside of the property so it’s not so rundown.


  • Love this–I lived in that house about 10 years ago and the landlord told us at the time that it had “just been renovated” and it looks exactly the same as it did then (the upstairs bathroom is just like the blue one, only the tiles are all browns–it’s lovely). It had rats in the backyard since it backed up to all the dumpsters for Tunnicliffs, and one of those 70s intercom systems where you can talk between floors.

    • The blue bathroom seems like a time capsule from a really bad decade. That the impression that those glass tile backsplashes will make if they don’t get replaced fairly quickly.

  • Yeah, this house is on my walk to work everyday. While the location is great, it is absolutely the eyesore of the block. Renter beware! The sign that folks keeping mentioning (markered with “slum lord”) is barely hanging onto to the sign posts with some plastic ties. And who can’t be bothered to clean up the rooms before taking photos? Seriously?

  • All I need to read was “berber carpet in the bedrooms” to know it was slumlordy. Who else would consider carpeted bedrooms a plus in a rental? Yes, I want to live with the dust and dirt and pet dander and spills trapped in the carpeting used by prior tenants, sure I do.

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