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  • I was there this weekend and got the cheese press. It was delicious but small. (And there was no bisque.) I would go back.

  • I am beyond excited for this place. The sandwich menu looks amazing. Chef Mateo is a very talented man.

  • The Bizet is DELISH. Super excited about a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Popped into this place Saturday with a friend (we both live 5-10 min away)- everyone was super friendly, very inviting atmosphere, and the smashed potatoes were awesome. Great addition to the neighborhood

  • randomduck

    Nice, but needs more vegetarian options. Two is OK, but culinary creativity isn’t limited to animal-based proteins! I hope that Chef Mateo looks into more than just the cheese press and the muffaletta – potential patrons want more options!

    • Totally agree — would love to check this place out and it looks like they’re onto some great flavor profiles, but there’s not much there for me!

    • Ditto. The two veggie options don’t look bad, but they are really just the same grilled cheese and roasted vegetable sandwiches that most places reluctantly offer as their veggie option.

    • And Halal options.

  • Looks delicious. Small nitpick, but someone should really tell them that “au” already means “with”.

    • “Au” is a contraction of “a le.” “With” is “avec.” But I dig people that incorrectly point out new restaurant menu errors on the Internet. We should hang.

      • Dude, epic fail. I speak fluent French and have worked as a translator. “A” usually translates to “to,” of course, but in the context of restaurant menus, the best translation is usually “with.” Boeuf au jous= beef with juice.

    • Actually “Au” does not mean “with”, it means “in”. (the French word for “with” is “avec.”) The sandwich comes with a red wine au jus (translated as “in juice”) referring to the sauce of wine and the natural juices produced by the beef during the roasting process.

  • Dropped in this weekend and was surprised they didn’t open until 10. Got an excellent iced coffee and loved the space. Can’t wait until they open up the music room next door!

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