“Help me find the good samaritan who came to my rescue during an attempted mugging and assault in Bloomingdale”

“Dear PoPville,

I am a resident of Thomas Street NW. Last night around 10:45 I got out of a cab at 2nd and Thomas since my street is currently closed to through traffic. I pulled out my keys, as I have always been told one walking alone at night should, and saw 3 young men walking down the block toward me. They blocked my way and one grabbed my bag and told me to give it up. I held on to it (and yes, I know this is not what you should do, but in the moment my brain could not seem to accept that I would get mugged within sight of my home) and began screaming the name of my partner who I knew was at home. The guy holding onto my bag punched me in the head, knockin me to the ground, and again tried to take my bag which I continued to hold onto. The three young men then suddenly ran away. I ran toward my home and met my partner who had just emerged having heard my screams.

A man who had also heard me came toward us from 2nd Street and explained that the muggers had run away at seeing him. After checking that I was ok and that the police were on the way, he left us. In our shock did not think to ask him to stay, but the police would like to have a statement from this good samaritan. More importantly to me, because I have doubt that the perpetrators will be found, I would like to find him so I can thank him again and more profusely in person for his bravery and kindness in coming to my aid. I know that the assault could have continued and the situation gotten much worse had he not scared them away.

In addition to finding my good samaritan, I write because I hope to reemphasize to the PoPville readership that there has been a great uptick in crime in Bloomingdale. You have previously reported on a rise in burglary in the area. At least three of the MPD officers I spoke to last night told that criminals are especially targeting the immediate area around the sewage construction at Thomas and 1st. Please be careful walking alone after dark, particularly in this area, and even if it is not that late.”

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  • Scary to hear, since I was walking home at about 11:30 last night in that general area.

    So much for the security patrolling the construction sites. Home invasions, muggings abound. I would recommend complaining to DC Water about this too on the 1st street tunnel hotline. Not that it will do anything since they don’t really approach our concerns with genuine interest.

    Be safe out there!

    • This is really scary to hear. Thank goodness for good neighbors.
      At the Adams and Flagler CSA security barricades themselves inside the CSA, where they sleep and watch movies on their phones, so they are 100% unaware of any issues that come up. It’s important to call the “24 hour” hotline to make sure there is a record of an issue, but be ready for the well-meaning, nice operator to tell you “I’m sorry, but I’m not able to get a hold of anyone at the moment. I’ll leave a message and someone will get back to you right away.” Also be prepared for no one to get back to you. Ever.

  • The police are well aware of the uptick of crime in this area? That then begs the obvious question: Why are they not doing more to step up patrols and stop it ?!?!?!?!?!

    • houseintherear

      They like to sit in their patrol cars and play on their phones at 1st and U, which is one block away (but has no visual on the construction area around 1st and Thomas).

      • Seriously, cops in cars are often just sitting there on their phones, doing whatever that isn’t part of law enforcement. Even cops stationed at intersections, theoretically to catch people running reds and whatnot, are wholly involved in their phones. Why are they getting paid again?

        • houseintherear

          In their defense, we used to have an issue with a small group who was suspected of selling drugs at that intersection. But that group has seemingly moved on, likely because of the patrols… so perhaps they could relocate their sitting in patrol cars to 2nd and Thomas!

  • I’m so glad that you’re okay! Yes, crime has been on the rise in Bloomingdale and I’m sorry to see that it has not abated. Thank goodness for good samaritans in the neighborhood–we can all help each other by being vigilant and supportive. I feel for you OP!

  • Is crime on the rise or is your awareness of crime on the rise?

    • Crime is on the rise and Muriel Bowser’s awareness of crime is on the decrease.

    • i’ve lived a block from that mugging for 13 years and crime is on the rise at the moment. We were in a spell of less crime for a while but unfortunately it’s back.

      • I live near there and maybe there is a slight YoY rise, but its not much and its still far lower than it was 5 years ago… overall, my comfort level is still way up and I speculate the per capita incidence is far lower than it ever has been.

    • Sparta

      At the Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting on Monday, the police report said that burglaries are on the rise in Bloomingdale, especially basement apartments–including those whose tenants do not bother to lock the metal doors.

      Nothing was mentioned about robberies. The recent crime stats I’ve seen show low #s of robberies and much higher car thefts and burglaries.

  • emvee

    Ahhhh that’s terrifying. I live around here and had hoped the muggings were becoming less common. I’m so sorry this happened to you and am so glad you’re okay. I hope you find your good samaritan and your muggers. Stay safe out there!

  • DC Water has been hired to protect the construction site and equipment from the neighbors. They don’t care a dammed of anyone walking there. Neighbors are the enemy . And yes, usually they are sleeping or paying visits to each other. Taxpayer money.

    • +1

      I was specifically told by DC Waters community relations team that the security was also there for our safety in light of the decreased visibility. Their actions though indicate otherwise. I’ve complained repeatedly about the security sleeping, never walking around the perimeter, etc. I think the only action that may have occurred was one inept employee was fired. I know this because the employee contacted me personally using my information obtained by their friends still at the security company. That contractor is a joke and the sad part is DC Water doesn’t seem to care.

      • I’m so sorry this happened, and am thankful you are OK. This whole First Street Tunnel construction is a nightmare with entire streets basically condemned by the city. DC Water does not care and will not do anything. The community is on its own, and I’m happy there was a good Samaritan around. We need to watch each other’s backs.

      • “I know this because the employee contacted me personally using my information obtained by their friends still at the security company.” Yikes!!

        • For real. I had to hound dc water and their contractor to address. In the end the security contractor had an idea who passed along my info but couldn’t do anything because of “labor laws,”

          I appreciate what they are working to accomplish with the project, but the community relations and security has been atrocious.

  • When I hear about things like this going on at this location I immediately think of the drug dealing that is going on just around the corner at 1st and U. One block north of there. Those guys are constantly hanging out dealing and no matter how many times you call the police you can’t get rid of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t directly related to this group of thugs that are allowed to operate freely in this area

  • I am Bloomingdale neighbor and I am so sorry that this happened to you. The construction areas are terrible and its true that the “Security” people are always in their cars and behind the fences, usually listening to really loud music and playing on their phones.
    The problem of drugs being sold at the intersection of 1st and U is far from gone–we need to keep the police here in the neighborhood, so when you see that kind of activity please, PLEASE call the cops…I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 9 years and have watched those same guys selling drugs on the corner the whole time.
    The only way we have police presence in the neighborhood is to call, so keep calling, and stay safe everyone.

  • Very sorry this happened to you and glad you are OK and kept your valuables. Just know that there are a lot of good Samaritans in our community that will come to anyone’s aid. So, don’t be thinking about leaving! We will all stay and fight, but most of the time we will be enjoying life.

    BTW, crime often rises with the beginning of good weather. We had a house alarm last night at 3am and the police showed up immediately and were very helpful. So, realize there are a lot of good cops around here also.

  • Please. I live on Thomas St. I walk a white dog with brown spots and am a really tall female. If you see me, stop and say hi. We need to do something. My house was almost broken into on Tuesday and the previous Wed and both were stopped by my neighbor and then a friend.

    • I live on Thomas st and I’d like to say that when I called the cops due to an attempted break-in, they responded w/in a minute. They were super fast. I walk a white dog with brown spots so please stop and say hi. She and I are both extremely friendly and we do our nightime walk all the time around that hour. I’m so happy you are safe and that someone came to your rescue.

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