Heat Da Spot Cafe opening in former Tibet Shop on Georgia Ave Soon – Peek Inside

3213 Georgia Avenue, NW

It’s been about a year since we first heard Heat Da Spot would be replacing the former Tibet shop (near the former Mothership space.) Owners say they should be open in a couple of weeks.

Now if their fireplace logo is not to your taste:


Fear not, the inside has some great details:




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  • Ha! I love it! Very clever.

  • To be honest, not a fan of the name. That and the cheap-looking logo would have probably have kept me from checking it out, but the interior look great actually. Maybe I’ll stop by.

  • samanda_bynes

    just glad to have stuff around that end that isn’t condos….that side needs more foot traffic.

  • looks good, best of luck to them

  • Looking forward to trying this place too. Good coffee/breakfast/baked goods and I’m there. I actually like the name, logo, and look. Lower GA Ave is funky/eclectic and this place fits the bill. Some of the new places in Petworth + Columbia Hts look like they were airlifted from Georgetown or Williamsburg, Bklyn—a bit out of synch with the neighborhood.

  • Looks nice, I hope it does well.

    Unfortunately, I hate to say it but I bet the milk crates slowly disappear from the patio and slowly reappear along GA as stoops for our fine loiters.

  • Not a fan of the name, but the interior looks promising!

  • I would like to see EatsPlace host breakfast more often. If lower Georgia can handle Heat Da Spot, Harrar, and Colony Club within 3 blocks of each other, the area around the metro could use more than just Qualia and the Safeway’s Starbucks North of the metro. Especially since we can give up (so pissed) on any coffee place or anything coming in to the building sitting on top of the Metro elevators.

    • Why are we giving up on anything coming to the building above the Georgia Ave Metro? What’s going on with that strip?

      • At first we were being told that a disagreement between investors was causing the paralysis. When one bought out the other, it looked like it would move, but nothing happened. Then I thought once the Safeway comes in, something would move but nothing happened.
        They apparently can’t be slapped with a vacant property tax rate either, as an incentive to fill the space up because of some sweet deal they got on taxes as an incentive to build.

        Anyone else with more info please feel free to correct/supplement what I just wrote.

        • Ahhh, okay. Disappointing…but not surprised. I figured there was some story behind the vacancies. Thanks for the info!

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