Bareburger coming to former Cosi space in Dupont

1647 20th St, NW (at R just off Connecticut Ave.)

Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us word of the new restaurant signage.


Cosi abruptly closed back in October 2014. Eater DC reported that a Bareburger will be taking over the space. You can check out Bareburger’s menus here.

Interesting to note that this is right next door the to the former five guys burger spot that permanently closed in August. Also not far from where the smashburger closed in December.


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  • justinbc

    The big burger lobby will not be kept out of DC!

  • The track record on this street is not good, especially with franchises. This is a higher end version of five guys with $12 dollar burgers. Someone should contact their management and save them the renovation expense.

  • Is it just bad luck that so many places closed in this part of Dupont or were they pushed out? The Potbelly closed and became a Fuel which closed. Cosi, Five Guys, Sprint Store, and the HRC are all gone or going. Smashburger around the corner didn’t last long. I think the only holdouts on that corner right now are Larry’s Ice Cream, Haircuttery, and maybe Sleepy’s and the yoga studio?

  • “Interesting to note that this is right next door the to the former five guys burger spot that permanently closed in August. Also not far from where the smashburger closed in December.” My thoughts exactly.

  • How do I convince dumb investors who conduct zero due diligence to give me their money?
    Serious question.

  • I actually like Bareburger — they have great salads and a range of veggie and healthier options in addition to gutbusters. It’s vastly superior to Good Stuff.

  • Aglets

    I would eat burgers every day if my wallet and health would allow me- but are there really enough burger eaters in DC to support all this?

    • I’m sure there’s plenty of burger eaters. Unfortunately for all these higher-end chains, in general, the people who can afford regularly spending $10-15 on lunch are probably much less likely to eat them several times a week.

  • My hunch is that landlords in Dupont are still trying to charge 14th St and U St rents and are in denial that they’re not the best neighborhood east of Rock Creek anymore. Until they accept the reality of Dupont and lower their rents, they’ll be facing vacancies. When one store closes, it can reflect a business model that doesn’t work in the neighborhood; when lots of stores in an area close it reflects that retail rents have become unrealistically high.

    • Definitely agree with this. I still think there is a lot of potential and room for thriving retail in Dupont, but not at the same rents (comparatively) they have historically charged.

    • I think it also reflects the changing demographic: most of the people who can afford to live in Dupont now have more expensive tastes than mediocre burger shops.

      • This too…Sadly they have not caught on to give the area a more upscale resturants. It is not the social center of DC anymore.

  • This should be welcome news to the person from last week who was complaining about the lack of food options in the north-of-Dupont-Circle area.

  • justinbc

    I would like this place more if they sold a variety of bear meat burgers.

  • The track record kn this street more likely is due to the serious rat problem and not lack of burger interest.

    • People keep dragging out this tired old rumor that is completely unsubstantiated. There’s no evidence all of these individual stores had a rat problem and, if they did, that that was the cause of their closing. The only business that opened and quickly closed was the pizza place. Cosi had been there for 15+ years. The issue is Cosi is a tired concept and the quality and cleanliness of that particular location had declined. The pizza place suffered because frankly the pizza was terrible compared to &pizza and other competitors.

      I don’t see people avoiding the Chipotle that is literally three doors down and which shares an alley.

      I don’t know that this Bare Burger will work, but it sounds like it is a little nicer than the other burger joints that have opened up and/or closed around the city. I think the Cosi space really needs something that promotes the use of that outdoor patio space. A full service restaurant would probably do well there if done nicely.

      I also find it hard to say the rents need to go down when the rental market for living in Dupont hasn’t declined in the immediate neighborhood much. Maybe they cannot increase as quickly as they used to, but not sure why they need to go down. It costs as much to rent in Dupont Circle per square foot as it ever has, it just may not cost as much compared to Logan and other neighborhoods east of there as it ever has. But it’s still pretty expensive.

    • Seriously why perpetuate this rumor? This came about years ago prior to enclosed outdoor trash compactors when there were more open dumpsters in the alley, there was a higher rat population. Things have changed. These places can easily work out rodent control. Build a business that serves the neighborhood and it will stick, otherwise good luck paying the premium rent.

  • The Dupont Burger wars are back on.
    With that being said empty spaces depress me, and botique burgers are as good as anything else.

  • Is it possible to sell alcohol at any of these locations or are they held to a moratorium? If they could sell booze maybe some of these places could pay the rent?

  • Another Burger place?? Why??

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