1300 Block of R Street, NW Getting Potholepalooza Plus April 3rd-18th – Make Sure You Move Your Car


A reader reports:

“It seems they have decided to mill and pave the 1300 block of R street. See current bumpy road after the potholpallosa. The notices (attached) were just placed on cars today and no parking signs 4/3-4/18 7am-5pm. I am glad they are doing the milling, but I believe they need to give more advance notice before they ticket. Many people may be out of town for the holiday weekend.”


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  • This is without a doubt the worst, most town up street block in the city – I ride by bike on this block from work. I was just thinking the other day patching would be of no use — good to see this happening.

  • So glad they closed this block a week ago to do a terrible job patching it. Time and money well spent!

    • hopefully there was some sort of “warranty” or workmanship guarantee so the cost this time around is borne by Ft Myer, at least partially.

  • Fort Myer Construction dump trucks — rumbling around the “No Trucks” streets in the District all day. No wonder those streets have potholes. Pretty good racket for them, eh?

  • They need to do this on 15th St. NW between Varnum and Webster, as well. Awful.

  • They have patched twice since our block was featured on nbc4. At that time, DDOT pledged that they would be repaving the block. The weather and scheduling prevented them from doing it instantly. I’m actually impressed at how quickly the hard getting to it. Looking forward to my house not shaking anymore!

  • I can’t stop picturing the Mario Bros doing the work “we’ll be paving YOU street.”

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