Scuttlebutt: RPM Italian, SoulCycle and Kapnos all coming to new Building where NPR used to be

601 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Back in April 2014 we first heard that RPM Italian Restaurant, from celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic, would be coming to the former NPR building at 7th and Mass Ave NW. But we hadn’t heard any updates since. Now a tipster sends word that not only is RPM Italian still coming but will be joined by a Kapnos (Market?) as well as a SoulCycle. Updates when/if more info becomes available.

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  • Fabulous — I’ve been sort of dying to join the cult of SoulCycle.
    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what’s going done across the street in the old buildings in the base of the Association of American Medical Colleges building? They’re these gorgeous, refurbished old structures stuck into the modern glass structure and they seem to be vacant.

  • Exponentially better news than CVS coming across the street.

  • SoulCycle must be part of this. MUST!!! If nothing else goes here. You need a SoulCycle.

  • Oh Kapnos, please don’t spread yourself too thin! Love the original, but already hearing not so great things about their Ballston outpost.

  • RPM Italian is disgusting and should stay in Chicago.

  • Excellent news. There’s so much retail going up here with the building across the street and the 395 project.

  • We peered into the AAMC building a few months ago and it seemed like the building closest to the glass housed the elevator to other floors. Other 2 buildings were still empty, but that was months ago.

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