Riccardi Clothier Going Out of Business in Dupont

1300 Connecticut Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“Riccardi Clothier (1300 Connecticut) appears to be going out of business. It looks like a nice store, so I’m sad for them. But I will not miss the TERRIFYING moving advertising mannequin they have out front. Seriously, this thing scares the heck out of me, and I see it at least twice a day. I’ve never understood it, since it doesn’t seem in line with the pleasant professional style of the store.”

Ed. Note: Riccardi Clothier moved from Georgetown to southern Dupont back in 2012.

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  • I pass by this shop on my way to work every day too, there have been days where I definitely did a double take at the mannequin until I stopped recognizing it as a person.

    That said I should go in and see if there are any significant discounts…

  • I feel like this place has had that mannequin and signs for several months now. WHEN are you going out of business?

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