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  • No way it’ll be uglier than Kendall Row.

  • I live nearby. Just want to point out that this isn’t truly a pop-up. The prior house on the lot was demolished, so this is really new construction.

    The amount of development underway in this area is pretty considerable though, with several large scale projects in the works within a couple blocks of here – mostly along Florida Ave NE.

  • Whoa. At first I couldn’t believe it – everything immediately North and South of H Street is R-4 right!? And that would mean there’s no way (without a zoning variance and a prayer) that they could building higher than 40′. To the zoning map! ….ah yes, I **think** this little diddy is within the random C-2-A dip down off Florida. I wonder why? Well-played, developers. Well-played.

  • I’ve watched this go up and wondered how this is can get by in an area zoned R-4. Including the walk out basement it is 5 levels, plus the 6th level which is not just a penthouse roof access but will clearly be a habitable part of the structure.

    Then I looked it up – it’s is the last lot along that stretch that is zoned C-2-A – the rest of the block is R4. Not sure what that allows but obviously more than 40 feet!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’ll have to wait for it to be further along before I get the pearls out.

  • I think this is several different developments being build at the same time. The one on the opposite side closed to Kendall row will be floor through units with private elevator access, which actually Id love tO have the top floor unit.

  • looks more like an index than middle finger. . . not sure I’d want to live in or next to either digit

    • Why not just step inside your house and turn on your desktop / laptop / tablet / smart phone / smart TV / whatever (or read a book / magazine / newspaper) and enjoy yourself without fretting over how your neighbor’s house looks? Serious question.

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