Piratz Tavern closing Sunday after 8 years in Silver Spring – Strong Allegations Against Reality TV Show

Photo via Piratz Tavern facebook

Tough times continue for Silver Spring. From Piratz Tavern facebook:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Piratz Tavern will open it’s doors for the last time on Saturday April 4th. Unfortunately the negative publicity, constant prank calls, vandalism and bogus reviews generated by our unfortunate participation on Bar Rescue have taken their toll. To add insult to injury, late last year Taffer’s crew reached out to me again asking that we participate in a back to the bar episode. They promised that it would be followed by a re-rescue and that they would right all the wrong’s committed during the first episode. Obviously I don’t learn. I believed them. On December 1st we went to the effort to open on a Monday, the one day a week we have been closed for 8 years, with a skeleton staff of former employees who agreed to play the parts. It was basically coerced and staged to be an opening act for a re-rescue. I was told to bring in several changes of clothes to make it appear that filming covered several days. As usual they brought in a bunch of extras to fill the house and we were told what to say and with whom to speak. Throughout the entire shoot the director coached Juciano to curse and say negative things about John Taffer. He referred to me as the “hero”, my daughter as the “victim” and Juciano as the “villan”. Total bullshit frown emoticon Basically we have been fucked by reality TV again and with know one to blame but ourselves, we have decided not to renew our lease. Just can’t take anymore. Director James Agiesta sweet talked me into the deal and then left us behind like carnage, just like the first time. A HUGE thanks to all of you who worked and played so hard to make Piratz Tavern the awesome place it has been for the last 8 years.

-Piratz Tavern

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  • Oh give me a break. One bitten, twice shy. But I guess some folks never learn. And anyway, what in the hell did you expect from “reality TV”? Sorry, seems to me that the problem is that folks don’t like to imbibe at a low rent version of an amusement park ride.

  • Yeah…it’s all Bar Rescue’s fault. Will miss your staff hanging out at Flogging Molly concerts at The Fillmore in full garb though.

  • I also blame all of my problems on Bar Rescue instead of realizing it is me that is the problem

    • I didn’t know about the 2nd one, but you have to admit BS created an awful monstrosity the first time. Not that Piratz was any good on its own.

  • In my opinion, they’re having to close because their service is terrible, mixed drinks (especially frozen) tasted like metal and their staff is more concerned about being a pirate with their pirate friends than waiting on tables.

    I don’t believe they get negative reviews because of the show – it’s because of their service. As far as the other stuff – comes with the territory, but I also believe that how you treat your customers can result in that kind of activity as well.

    The show is what brought them a customer base for this long, I would speculate. That’s why we went and many that we’ve talked to.

  • I wonder if this dude’s related to crazy Amy!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Wasn’t the owner massively in debt and living in her parent’s basement? That’s like blaming Gordon Ramsey when the restaurant fails.

    • I think one of the quotes was something like “do you want to send your daughter to college, or do you want to live in your parents basement and dress up like a pirate?”

  • I went to this place twice because of a friend’s birthday (same friend, both times, a year apart). IT WAS AWFUL, BOTH TIMES. The food was not good (not horrible, but just your standard deep fried bar food), but more importantly, the service was GOD AWFUL. I had a really negative experience there when I wasn’t drinking (sometimes grown ups work weeknights and also drive cars places, crazy!), and was treated like crap by the bartender. Just because I wasn’t drinking didn’t mean I wasn’t going to purchase shots for the birthday girl, but I got so mad (after waiting for 20 minutes at the bar to even get acknowledged by the bartender) that I just bought the shot, and left. While it sucks that they’re losing their business, niche market much? How many people regularly want to go sit around and listen to jaunty pirate tunes in the narrowest bar in the world?

  • I always wanted to try this place because of the campy nature, but it was always closed. Guess that was a sign.

  • I went here once as sort of a joke. It honestly isn’t a “real” bar. It was fun for what it is, but I would never go there other than for a weird, campy pirate experience. The back patio was a good place to drink some grog though.

  • Happy it’s closing. I’m fine with a campy atmosphere, but you should at least do one thing well. The drinks and food at this place were terrible. This was a clubhouse masquerading as a bar, no wonder it didn’t work.

  • I went to this place a bunch of times, mostly due to the publicity from Bar Rescue. Great garden and cheap drinks, should have been a slam dunk. It wasn’t almost entirely due to the terrible management by the owner (Tracy). Twice I was accosted by a drunk customer who they let stay way too long even after he physically put his hands on me and a friend. And, the final straw, when their waitress made a mistake with my credit card. When I complained, the owner, who was drinking at the time, claimed it was my mistake. Then the waitress fessed up and the owner rolled her eyes at me and shrugged. No apology, nothing to make it right. That lady should not be in the service industry. If she wants to sit around and get drunk with her friends, then do it on your own time – that is not the way to run a business. And no, she should not blame bar rescue for any of her problems. If anything, that show gave the place publicity and the potential to reach lots of customers. She messed it up on her own.

  • We went there some time after the original BR episode (not aware there was a second except for a few cameo mentions). Anyways, we just missed a MARC train so decided to check it out and get a later train an hour later. Almost missed the later train after the time to be waited on, get a drink, and then the check. Plus a pirate yelled at me because he noticed I had beer in my backpack (for the train) as if I were going to drink it there. Probably indicative of a problem they see because of slow service.

  • The reality is there’s not that much reality in reality telvision. Of course, the reality is this wasn’t that great of a bar, either. Sometimes, you just have to face reality.

  • The place was losing money long before Bar Rescue got there. The make over was a bust for sure. But the free advertising kept that bar alive much longer than it should have been.

    It’s not hard to just keep a place clean, serve a few drinks, and dish out some edible food. Some people just can’t get out of their own way.

  • My office is nearby so I stopped in once. It was absolutely empty. I tried the grogg which was kind of disgusting, I felt myself getting a hangover while drinking it.

  • Worst pina coladas ever. The were dead to me after serving a sicking sweet fake tasting version of this drink. If you are going to run a bar, have bartenders who know how to make good versions of the kind of drinks that go with your theme.
    This place should have closed years ago.

  • Went once, pre Bar Rescue, and it was freaking packed. It was for a birthday party, I wasn’t into the pirate thing.

  • nah, this place has always sucked. the BR didn’t help any, but blaming the closure on the show is dumb.

  • Why doesn’t quarry tavern move into this space. Seriously, at least people love Quarry Tavern. Piratz went downhill over the last few years.

  • I’m sure it’s closing due to Bar Rescue and not because the food, drinks, and service are all appalling. If the restaurant (and I use that word very loosely) was doing well the owners wouldn’t have had to rely on a TV show to come help them out in the first place. Nice victim mentality.

  • I would like to thank all the other commenters here for the sanity check. This seems to be the only site on the web that actually knows what really went on over there. Some of these posts are almost word-for-word what I have said about this place: bad food, worse service, & absolutely filthy (How many of you saw cockroaches when you were there?)

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