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  • Nope, that’s 17th. That pillar at the left of the image is part of the National Geographic Building.

  • The busted the water line last Friday at M and Connecticut Ave. Something is majorly screwed up with the water lines in this two block radius.

  • gotryit

    You don’t need a mini-geyser to keep me away from the M street bike lane-like thing.

  • *Swim lane

  • maxwell smart

    It’s the newest thing WABA has implemented in bike lanes – bike-thru bike wash stations!

  • Word at the scene is DC Water is draining a fire hydrant. Called DC Water Command Center they had no idea what I was talking about and thanked me for the update. They are looking into it further… hmmmm

  • DC Water confirmed that they are draining the hydrant to prepare for the major project they will start along M Street.


  • Becks

    You mean, DC’s newest water feature?

  • Raft Lane

  • Hey everyone – We’re draining a 36″ water main which is 4 times the size of an average water main in a residential neighborhood. That just means that there’s a lot of water to drain before we can make some scheduled joint repairs. Sorry for the inconvenience and for the record, it’s a whitewater kayak course.


  • Our office (corner of 18th and M) had to close last Thursday (3/19) due to whatever water issue was happening at M and Connecticut — the water pressure to our building was so low that we didn’t have working bathrooms. If this is all part of a planned project it would have been nice to have a heads up!

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