Here’s where the Cat Cafe, Crumbs & Whiskers, is Coming

3211 O Street, NW

Yesterday we noted that Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe had crushed their fundraising kickstarter. Here’s where they’re coming to in Georgetown. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“on O St NW between Wisconsin and Potomac Sts. It’s right across the street from the new vaping place in Georgetown (right next to Kitchen No. 1, the Chinese restaurant.)”

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  • That’s too bad. I guess georgetown makes sense to draw tourists, but it means I’m not likely to get there much. It’s not a neighborhood I visit very often.

    • Allison

      Yeah, and if it’s only tourists/non-locals, doesn’t that reduce the chances that someone will adopt one of the cats? You want locals to enjoy the place so they find a cat they can take home, right?

      • Did you know people (a lot of people) live in and near Georgetown?

        • Yeah, but the housing density Georgetown is not as high as in many other D.C. neighborhoods. And it’s unfortunate that the cat cafe is not near a Metro station.

        • palisades

          People live in Virginia too….and it’s not like you have to buy the cat that instant. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but a TON of people go to georgetown. Try walking down M Street some sunny Saturday afternoon – you’ll want to kill yourself.
          Point being, sorry DCers in far-away places – but I think this place will be just fine.

          • The fact that a ton of people go to Georgetown is — along with the lack of Metro — a big part of the reason why many of us don’t go there. 🙂
            I don’t think anyone’s disputing that lots of people go to Georgetown… just pointing out that much of the foot traffic in Georgetown seems to be from tourists, who might enjoy hanging out with kitties but wouldn’t be candidates for adopting them.

          • A lot of the foot traffic is college students, who are also unlikely to adopt a cat. It’s a shame they didn’t decide to put this in a more family-oriented neighborhood. I think it would do very well in Brookland, Capitol Hill, Anacostia, etc.

          • And ditto to SE’s point about college students.

          • palisades

            Hey no argument from me – I hate going to Georgetown.
            Fun fact: I got my cat junior year of college. Anything is possible 🙂

          • Palisades — True, anything is possible, but for most college students, adopting a cat is unlikely.
            And I feel like I’ve seen too many Craigslist ads from people who got a pet with a roommate/housemate but then when their living circumstances change, they decide they can no longer keep the pet.

    • justinbc

      This is the place that’s appointment based though, right? I can’t imagine many tourists booking this in advance of their trip.

  • Good for them! I’m a little sad though; I never go to Georgetown.
    Maybe I’ll make a list of all the reasons to go, and knock ’em all out at once: Athleta for a swimsuit, the restaurant where my friend tends bar, and now the cat place… what else should I do?

  • Hooray, I work in Georgetown, so I will be able to snuggle cats on my lunch hour, potentially.

    • Same here! I work in the Harbour office buildings so it works out perfect for me.
      Honestly it’s only about a fifteen-minute walk from Foggy Bottom to get to the heart of Georgetown. The commenters doth protest too much.

  • Like others here, I never go to Georgetown and am thus a little disappointed that that’s where the cat cafe will be. Oh well.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Did the Georgetown DMV ever re-open? If so, maybe I’ll go to enjoy some kitty time before or after I renew my license in 2021.

    • palisades

      Yes, and if you look at the cameras online of it, no one is ever in there. Definitely should try going there for your DMV needs.

      • It is a remarkably calm and non-soul-crushing DMV. In line like 20 minutes, done in like 35.

        • Eh, I’ve had better experiences with the SW location. But you really can’t go wrong with any DMV in DC.

  • Allison

    The only time I ever go to Georgetown is if I’m jogging the C&O canal. I guess I could hang out at the cat cafe after a jog.

  • I guess there are plenty of cat-lovers if they think they can afford Georgetown rent.

  • Maybe they’re opening in Georgetown to keep the crowds down. Don’t want to overwhelm the kitties.

  • I went to the kickstarter launch party on Sunday and asked about the location. She said she couldn’t say for sure yet, since an agreement wasn’t formally signed. Any way, she basically said that because of size needed and tons and tons of zoning restrictions, she was basically forced to choose between two locations, one in Georgetown and the other she said was in the middle of nowhere (also not by a metro). But hey, I’m only telling you what she told me so….

    • Thanks. That makes Georgetown a lot more understandable.

    • Agreed. I also think it’s smart insofar as it captures the GW/Georgetown student population who can’t have cats in dorms/apartments.
      Also lol Georgetown is not that hard to get to, you just have to want to go there. I live on the Hill and work in Washington Harbour. You can walk from Foggy Bottom Metro to Georgetown in 15 minutes. From my reading of the comments, people are feeling personally snubbed and offended because it’s not in one of the “hip” parts of town and they’re too cool to be seen rubbing shoulders with students and tourists in Gtown.
      *ducks in anticipation of having virtual tomatoes thrown at head*

      • “From my reading of the comments, people are feeling personally snubbed and offended because it’s not in one of the ‘hip’ parts of town and they’re too cool to be seen rubbing shoulders with students and tourists in Gtown.”
        I don’t think that’s the case. Personally, I get stressed out by the crowded sidewalks in Georgetown. Now that the Foundry (movie theater) is no longer there, I have no reason to go to Georgetown. So I’m not really inclined to take two different Metros and a bus to check out the cat cafe, whereas I would’ve checked it out if it had been in a neighborhood I already frequented.

  • Too far from where most people live.

  • northeazy

    This will become a destination spot. People don’t not go to Toki Underground because there is no metro. I personally don’t understand this concept, but I’m sure lots of Washingtonians will go.

  • Well, not everything can be in Shaw. Georgetown happens to have the highest foot traffic of any neighborhood, by far, in all of DC., and it’s not just tourists but a lot of locals and students as well. Residential population is significantly higher than the District average.

  • tonyr

    And for all those people who claim that the Circulator is a much better option than a streetcar, well the Circulator runs through Georgetown. The G2 isn’t a bad option either, at least for me, and after all that’s what’s important.

    • True, getting to Georgetown is much less of a hassle now that there’s a Circulator and not that odd bus that you to catch on 19th Street. (And of course it was even worse before that odd bus came along.)

    • The 30 buses are pretty handy too. If traffic’s not bad I can go straight from Eastern Market to Georgetown in about an hour.

  • For cat fans who don’t want to trek all the way to Georgetown – you can always come meet & cuddle adorable foster kittens at my home in Columbia Heights! Like beautiful, sociable, friendly and totally good with all creatures – Mallory! (With a silver/gray coat like a baby seal)

  • Sad this is in Georgetown. I was hoping for Capitol Hill : (

  • Will they be serving food and beverages? If so, how are they allowed to pass health inspection with animals present? As I recall from other posts on pop, people can’t even bring their pets to any outdoor cafe at any time because of health codes.

    I’m sure kitties will reduce any rodent presence, but just sayin….

    • There’s been a lot of discussion of this on other posts about the cafe. It’s also addressed on the cafe’s website: “Making food in-house would require complex build-outs and honestly, it would make the space pretty awkward to navigate due to the required double air-locked doors, adjacent storefronts, etc. In order to make the user experience un-frustrating, Crumbs & Whiskers has decided to partner with existing food/beverage companies.”
      There are already cat cafes with the same model in other parts of the country.

      • Thank you for the info. I’m guessing double air locked doors means the food and bev will be served in a completely separate space from where the cats stay. Very different than the kitty cafes in Tokyo, where one pays for time to pet various cats who roam freely throughout the seating areas.

    • Good question. Honestly, this sounds like my own personal nightmare as well as totally disgusting

  • I think a lot of the comments here insinuate that adopting a cat is like an impulse buy. It’s not. The WHS shelters are also kind of in the middle of nowhere and get by fine–this is far closer to downtown than either of them btw. If people want to adopt a cat, they will make the effort to go to one of these places and adopt or have the opportunity to interact with cats to see if they’re ready to adopt.
    The point of the cafe is not to be a shelter–it’s a cafe! The Kickstarter page lays it very nicely IMO–it’s a place to go to play with cats w/o the pressure of commitment, and the cats are happy too! And hey, if you’re interested in adopting, that’s an added bonus!

    • “The point of the cafe is not to be a shelter–it’s a cafe!” Well, originally it sounded as though it was going to serve BOTH purposes. The Georgetown location makes it look as though it’s going to be much more about people paying to play with cats, and less about giving those cats an opportunity to be adopted.

    • Adopting a cat is not (or at least shouldn’t be) an impulse decision. But I suspect accessibility does have an effect on which cats get adopted. And the WHS shelters may be in the middle of nowhere, but (at least for the New York Avenue location) they’re in the middle of nowhere with free parking.

      • You’re right in that the cafe does serve both purposes. However, I don’t think that the purpose is NECESSARILY weighted to the shelter aspect. While the Kickstarter notes that this is a great alternative to cats in cages, the emphasis in both the launch video and pics on the main page is “if you don’t have a cat or can’t get a cat for various reasons, including your fear of commitment, come play with them!” and I think people who DO want to adopt would choose to make their way to the cafe where they can play with the cats in an environment that’s less depressing than a shelter…
        I do agree, you’re making a good argument about accessibility and free parking. I get that. I just don’t think that necessarily applies in this situation. If someone really wants to adopt a cat in the city, I don’t think the fact that they’d have to go to Georgetown to do it would be a dealbreaker. 🙂 I say this as the car-less guardian of two cats I adopted from the WHS through a foster who lived on the opposite side of the city from me. I had to Uber, but a one-time $20 ride to bring home the two cutest cats in the world was totally worth it.
        Georgetown is not the perfect location, but from what the founder of the cafe has said, it was her best and only option given zoning requirements, and I hope it works out for the kitties and cat lovers out there.

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