A Miracle No one Hurt After Bricks Fall from St. Ex Building – They’ve Reopened, Enter Through Side Door

14th and T Street, NW

@dcprintchick tweeted us Saturday around 4:30pm:

“@PoPville Huge chunk of brick @ top of St Ex bldg just crashed down. Giant noise; no injuries but beware sidewalk!”


@AbingdonSciGuy also tweeted us yesterday:

“@PoPville I saw (and heard) this earlier… The people below were very lucky.”

I stopped this morning and was told St. Ex has reopened but the front entrance obviously remains cordoned off so enter through the side.

Sunday morning


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  • Hm. Some tuckpointing much needed perhaps….

  • I’m guessing that a structural engineer is in order. Nobody knows whether or not the whole facade could come tumbling down.

  • palisades

    Walked by this probably 30 minutes after it happened. Tons of cops staring at it doing nothing. Went to HH for a couple hours. Walked by it again and even more cops were there staring at it doing nothing. Overheard one even say, and I quote, “Looks like bricks fell on the ground.”

    • What exactly do you expect the police to do? They’re cops, not engineers or masons.

      • I can’t speak for the OP, but I expect them to go do police work, and not stand around with their thumbs up their butts. But that’s just me.

        • Police work? Please elaborate. Again, they aren’t inspectors, engineers, or masons.

          • Maybe what Copwatch means is they should leave the scene and do something productive since they’re not inspectors, engineers, or masons. (?)

          • So, SaraEP, are you an expert on police deployment, or are you yourself engaging in something unproductive on company time? I mean, since you likely aren’t a professional in the field and seem to be doing the functional equivalent of what you and Copwatch are accusing the cops of doing.

          • Accountering

            I think we can all agree that a dozen cops standing there staring at bricks that fell from a building is not the best use of their time. Unless you think it is?

          • ITT: People who are surprised that cops do this.

          • haha wow relax. Seems we hit a nerve. I’m off work on Mondays, but thanks for trying to call me out. Have a great day.

      • palisades

        Anon, I’m trying to think of an elegant way to say you should just stop talking

  • Wondered what was up when it was all blocked off Sunday afternoon when I was shopping on 14th.

  • I bet they came loose in the earthquake of 2011 and then it was a matter of time.

  • If you look at the left of the photo of the missing bricks, it looks as if even more bricks are loose. Someone should get up there pronto and try to stabilize the remaining bricks. My guess is that they’ll fall off any day now.

  • justinbc

    At least with it happening on 14th Street they were likely small bricks.

  • This isn’t the first time bricks have fallen off St Ex’s facade. Anyone else remember when this happened a few years ago? It was on the 14th Street side, I think around one of the windows.

    • Yes! It definitely has happened before and you’re right- on the 14th street side. You would think that they would have properly fixed the issue the first time bricks fell and didn’t kill anyone. Negligence can can take lives.

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