Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights (reader request)

1454 Newton Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1454 Newton Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Walk to Metro, vibrant Columbia Heights, restaurants, nightlife, Target, Best Buy, & more. Brand new kitchen with maple cabinets, granite, stainless appliances, hardwood floors, wash/dry in unit, private patio area and more. Pets allowed on a case by case basis.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,425/Mo.

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  • Are there any windows? I know its a basement, but still.

  • $2,400+ for a windowless basement apartment in Columbia Heights. Sounds about right.

  • I Dont Get It

    Fancy for a jail cell!

  • Especially how many new buildings have opened up, do people find that a little steep for a basement apartment? I have no idea.

    • Yes. The old buildings on 16th would have better deals I would imagine, and the Allegro actually has some pretty cheap options too that are way nicer with amenities/not a windowless basement. I honestly don’t know what a good price for this would be – maybe around $2,000-2,100?

      • But do those have 2brs? It is easy to criticize, but ~$1200 is still not that terrible in this town for someone that doesn’t want to live in a group house or a studio. It seems high to me, but I really don’t know. Also if the place *really* has a private patio (and presumably some windows…) the LL should really post some pictures of them…

        • binpetworth

          I just checked both the Allegro & the building above Pete’s/Metro, and they both had 2-bed, 2-bath above ground units ( with daylight!) that were slightly larger for $2,500-$2,600 a month.

          • Exactly. Even if someone prefers to not live in a large building, those are both significantly better deals due to not being a basement and the amenities/security.

  • WAY to pricey for a basement, especially a basement in that location. I actually like that area a lot, but there are many better options around that stretch of 16th/14th for around that price.

  • Lower the price, include utilities and you won’t have to ask POP to post it for you.

    • To be fair to the owner, it was not (s)he that asked.

      I own a similar but slightly larger 2nd floor condo nearby and am thinking about moving and renting it out. I felt like this one was overpriced but thought I’d gauge opinion on here. Just trying to get a feel for what I should charge.

      Thanks for posting Dan and everyone for your thoughts!

  • The photos aren’t helping — only one shows a window (and only a sliver thereof), and the one showing the hallway makes it look narrow and cluttered.
    I assume the landlord is stuck having to photograph the unit in its currently occupied condition, but choosing better vantage points for the photos might help.

  • Significantly overpriced for what it is. If it had some windows and was a little bigger, maybe.

  • $2,425 for 848 square feet, no windows, and only one bathroom? Pass.

  • Where do you get sunlight and fresh air? Very important for me. I would advise to pass and keep looking.

  • lolol I pay less for a better, bigger place in an older building in Columbia Heights.

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