Two Carjackings between 8 and 8:15pm Last Night – One at Gas Station at Florida and North Cap NE

From MPD:

“On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:15pm two carjacking incidents took place in the Fifth District. The first incident took place in front of a convince store located in 1900 block of 9th Street Northeast. The second carjacking took place at a service station located in the unit block of Florida Avenue Northeast. In both instances the suspect displayed a small black hand gun. In the service station incident the suspect was observed getting out of a silver color Toyota Prius. The first vehicle stolen was a 2008 BMW 328is, black in color , 4 door sedan, DC registration EU2354. The second vehicle was a 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Black ion color, Coupe with Maryland registration 7BN5740.

If you see these vehicles please notify MPD and provide the last location where the vehicle was observed.”

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  • Carjacking is my worst nightmare. Especially when you think that there could be children or pets in the car. Carjacking is also a really stupid crime. Grand theft auto continues to be one of the least lucrative and most penalized crimes. Stolen cars are surprisingly difficult to sell as whole, so the only market for them is a “chop shop”. Even luxury cars only fetch a few hundred dollars because of the high risk associated with dealing in stolen cars and parts. New technology as well as dedicated police units responsible for auto theft, make capture and prosecution a high priority for many urban areas. Since 1992, car jacking is also a federal crime in the United States and maintains some of the highest penalties related to larceny. So at the end of the day a carjacker is facing huge jail time and possible federal conviction for maybe a few hundred dollars if they can get it. Not that criminals are smart.

    • CARJACKING IS INCREDIBLY STUPID. Not because of the penalty or lack of reward. Carjacking is the best way to end up DEAD. Talk to any cop, they will tell you that when attempting to bring down a carjacker, their instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later. Carjackers are presumed to be armed and dangerous and while at the wheel they are an ongoing danger to pedestrians and other motorists. Any cop would rather put a bullet in your chest than risk a high speed pursuit that kills someone else. BE WARNED CARJACKERS.

      • What the HELL are you talking about? Nobody is shooting first and asking questions later. No one wants to put a bullet in anyone. Stick to watching the movies and leave the commentary alone for a while.

  • Talk about crazy, I was at this gas station minutes at about 7:59 and quickly got enough gas to get me to work the next day (it’s cheaper in VA) and hopped in my car. When I was there, I saw 4 cop bikes parked in front of the gas station but no cops in sight. I live a few blocks away from this intersection and only frequent that gas station when I’m in a pinch. It’s scary to think that had I been there a few minutes longer, I could have been the one who was carjacked.

    • Where is it cheaper in VA? I unfortunately spend a lot of time out there and it’s still cheapest near my house in DC.

      • Accountering

        It is cheaper in the hinterlands of VA. They have lower gas tax, and they also don’t have the monopoly that is Joe Mamo. Also cheaper land.
        The difference until you get out of Northern VA is likely only a dime or so. Certainly not worth wasting your time or any extra gas to get there.
        I actually prefer buying gas in DC, as I have no interest in paying gas tax to VA so they can fund some overpass in Roanoke.

        • brookland_rez

          The DC Costco gas is as cheap as gas in Woodbridge, which generally has the cheapest gas in the region. It’s also a good way to not support Joe Mamo.

        • I work near Springfield and have been lucky enough to find some pretty reasonably priced gas stations in the neighborhoods once you get away from 95. It’s always worth it for me to fill up in VA than spend the extra money in the city.

        • The Hess near Union market is usually pretty cheap & comparable to prices in NoVA so that’s my go-to. plus i haven’t been carjacked there… so i got that going for me, which is nice.

  • What’s a “convince store”, is that like Monty Python’s argument clinic?

  • crazy! don’t know if you heard about it but they found the beemer. it was totaled outside of npr at around 5pm today. pretty sure it’s the same bmw here – it was black a 328i and just down the street from that gas station. two young african american girls were in the car and they surrendered to the cops. they were both separately questioned. i saw the whole thing go down. they must’ve been on the run because they crashed into another car on a one way street, i think they were going the wrong way. anyway, i’m glad they caught them. carjacking is so stupid.

    what was even more crazy is that there were tons of cops across the street as well at the same time in the sorsum corda neighborhood. don’t know if it’s all connected!

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